Aug. 20th, 2012

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So Kiddo wound up sleeping all afternoon, waking up briefly around 8pm and falling promptly back to sleep about an hour and a half later after keeping down some dry toast and a sandwich. Sunday, he started off a bit sluggish, but finished off strong and was pulling random toys out of his closet. Off to school today for him.

Meanwhile, I've got stomach trouble and am starting to feel some mild nausea. As usual, if someone so much as says the words, "Stomach bug" within my vicinity, I catch it. Then again, it might just stay with me feeling oogy, but we'll see.
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So a friend paid for the artist and WoW-Player SegoLily to make a couple of portraits for me of my role-play toons. First, I picked Wynfor, my worgen hunter, in his human form of course.

He's got a sort of playful grin, a hint at his love of mischief and teasing (something he's slowly gaining back after finding twu luv, awww). She managed to make him look older, like I wanted since he's in his thirties and has spent a lot of time outdoors getting the good old sun damage.

The second pick was a no-brainer for me. Folami. I wanted hers to be like a portrait that'd be hanging up in the Mournlight estate, and I have to say it came out so beautifully.

I'm so impressed with how lovely she turned out to be, and it's so nice to have an actual picture reference for her now. Given the length of her hair, this is post-Ulduar adventure, and she's once again whole in her mind and more sure of herself and her power.

Edit: She's wearing Black Embersilk Gown in case people were curious about the dress., thanks to Seranthe of WrA and Segolily for the amazing artwork. I'm beyond touched and blown away tonight.


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