Sep. 5th, 2012

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"I have seen first hand that being president doesn't change who you are. It reveals who you are." - Michelle Obama, 2012 Democratic National Convention

If you've got 25 minutes, watch Michelle Obama's speech from last night's DNC, though be warned you might feel the need to cheer and/or want to keep a tissue handy.

That is one hell of a speech.
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There's a blue post answering lore questions up! I've got some comments.

Q: Is there truly an Old God underneath the Tirisfal Glade?
A: Nope! There’s something incredibly unsettling there, but it’s not an Old God. It isn’t recommended to go digging through the Glades, though.

*casts a brief glance in Steadfast's direction for no particular reason*

The Whispering Forest is located in Tirisfal Glade, which is also the location of a pretty awesome Easter Egg in the game. My theory (and others) has been that these faerie dragons are healing the land from the Plague because surely something so lovely is good, right? What if this beautiful scene has another purpose, like strengthening a cage, keeping an evil force asleep, or is being carried out unaware of whatever evil might be sleeping underneath the glade? It does make one wonder, doesn't it?

Q: In Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Maiev Shadowsong mentions the Night Elves wiping out various races in the past. Was this just bluster, or have they actually engaged in genocidal campaigns?

A: Maiev may not be the most balanced individual on Azeroth, but she does understand the value of intimidating her enemies. The night elves have never completely wiped out a species, though they have engaged in brutal and efficient campaigns of total war that have shattered their enemies’ civilizations, such as the War of the Satyr, in which they completely decimated any semblance of central leadership for the satyrs, forcing them to live in small sects to this day.

I can't help but let out a small, sarcastic comment of "But the Alliance are the good guys!" No, the Night Elves are xenophobic assholes who only really associate with other races out of survival and necessity rather than a true desire to live in peace. Over simplification, perhaps, but neither faction has any true goodie two-shoes.

Q: How did the blood elven fel eye glint become so widespread? The Warcraft Encyclopedia suggests that Rommath only taught the blood elves of Azeroth about how to siphon arcane magic, as most of the populace would likely be “horrified” if they knew the true extent of Kael’s dealings with Illidan.

A: The situation regarding blood elf eyes is, in fact, extremely similar to that of the green skin of orcs: just being around heavy use of fel magic turned the eyes of the blood elves green. You could be the most pious of priests or most outdoorsy of Farstriders, chances are, if you were a high elf in Quel’Thalas or Outland following the Third War, you were around fel energies, and your eyes would turn green. Like the orcs’ skin color, such an effect would take a very long time to wear off. Fel magic works a bit like radiation in this sense; it permeates the area and seeps into anything in the vicinity. Anything near a source of fel magic shows signs of slight corruption, it just so happens that high elves and orcs manifest it in a very visual way.

In other words, if you play a blood elf who is not a high elf (which makes you as being with the Alliance anyway) or a death knight, you have fel-green eyes. Unless you were some sort of elven John Travolta and lived part of your life in a bubble.

There is one thing I have a question about, and it's this response to a question about Cenarius getting along with orcs: "Despite no longer having warlocks in their ranks, the orcs of Thrall’s Horde still carried within them the unmistakable mark of the Burning Legion upon their very souls up until the moment that Grom Hellscream defeated Mannoroth."

This confuses me. Did he mean in reference to defeating the Burning Legion, or does he mean even now there's no warlocks in their ranks? From my understanding Thrall didn't outlaw warlocks the same way the Alliance did (and even now the Alliance has warlocks in their ranks too, just they practice in secret in the basement of the Slaughtered Lamb in Stormwind). They're still allowed to practice in Orgimmar, but he put them underground in the Cleft of Shadow out of sight and, presumably, out of mind. Are there no warlock NPCs with power in the Horde any longer? Doesn't seem likely given that you can see a warlock in the middle of Murder Row with one of his demons out in Silvermoon, and in Razor Hill and Stonard there's warlocks hanging out in the open with demons in full view.

Yeah, I'm probably misunderstanding what he meant.

Edit: Unrelated, but what the hell did I just read? I mean, I get it, just...wat. Also, my sarcastic response is, "Silly, Matt. She's a woman, We all know she couldn't rule, not unless she had a husband like big, strong Malfurion to steal her spotlight."

And on the subject of warchiefs for the Horde, while I love Baine Bloodhoof, I'd rather see Vol'jin be the new Warchief. I admit, I have loved Vol'jin ever since I played the troll opening quest-line and saw him essentially tell Garrosh in so many words, "If it weren't for Thrall, I'd kill you. As it is, when you fuck up, I'm going to be there to end you." Yes, fangirl, table of one here.

I'd say Sylvanas should be a contender, but Blizz fucked that up all to hell because, you know, we can't have any woman demonstrate a capability to wield power responsibly, can we? Especially not a Horde leader.


Sep. 5th, 2012 08:52 pm
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After playing around inside the house and bouncing around all evening, kiddo came in to tell me around 7:30 he wasn't feeling well, so I sent him to the bath. After the bath, he told me he was going to lie down and rest long before his 9:00 PM bed time, and not five minutes later, I hear the sounds of retching. All over his bedsheets.

Gross bodily function discussion under here. )
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No, we haven't entered Bizarro World (I think). Just people on my side of the political fence being idiots.

South Carolina, look, I love y'all and will, no matter how much I never want to live in you again, always consider you my homestate. I'll always especially support (most) Democrats in the state because I remember what it was like to always be the single dot of blue in a sea of red. However, we need to have a little talk here.

South Carolina newspaper The State reported [South Caorlina Democratic Party Chair Dick] Harpootlian made a quip Wednesday morning comparing his state’s Republican governor to Hitler’s wife.

On Gov. Nikki Haley participating in daily news briefings in a basement studio at the NASCAR Hall of Fame: “She was down in the bunker a la Eva Braun.”

Fact: Haley is a horrible governor with horrible policies, and has said some reprehensible shit, fairly recently even.

Also Fact: She's not like Eva Braun or a Nazi. I mean, granted, I don't know her husband, but I'm pretty sure I'd have heard if the husband of a governor in the next state over where I still have family was behaving like Adolph Hitler.

Also, Also, A Fact: Harpootlian needs to apologize. He's going to, right?

“Hell no. What am I apologizing for?” he told CNN. He said Haley was “feigning” being offended by the comment.

I don’t even know if Eva Braun was a Nazi or not, but I know she dated one,” Harpootlian said. “I wasn’t trying to insinuate that Nikki was a Nazi. I was saying that she was hanging out in an insular bunker in Charlotte when she won’t give access to the press here in South Carolina.”

History, asshole, do you know it? You know about that bunker Braun was in? Yeah, she was in it with Adolph Hitler, the leader of the mother fucking Nazi party. She committed suicide with Hitler after getting married so they wouldn't have to face allied forces together. You invoke the name of ADOLPH FUCKING HITLER and act surprised when people bring up the word Nazi? ARE YOU FOR REAL? NO, REALLY, ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Dude, I know education in South Carolina is lacking, but this is inexcusable. Furthermore, you make Haley look good, which is kind of the opposite of what you should be doing. Hell, I'm sitting her siding with her and saying she has every right to be offended. That's a whole other level of what the fuck for this liberal.

Leave the Godwinning to the Internet, please.


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