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First, the good: Kiddo is officially out of school for the holidays. Hooray!

The ranting: Started sneezing this morning and have been having random sneezing fits throughout the day. Usually this is a sign that I am headed for a head cold, right when I don't need it. Not only is Mom coming up here Sunday and we have to clean the house, I'm also supposed to be meeting Sam's maternal grandparents for the first time. Great first impression, huh? "Hi, nice to meet you. Pardon me while I blow my nose and try not to cough all over you and the food."

Oh, and did I mention I'm making my mother's semi-famous corn and string bean casserole, my grandmother's no-bake pumpkin pie, and candied yams? I really, really, really hope the sneezing has been some sort of fluke.

And I'm just grumpy after dealing with jerks in LFR (hey, asshats, rp is not "gay," though it is pretty damned fabulous) in WoW and then having guildies forget to invite me to the second half of Dragon Soul. I'll probably run it by myself tomorrow and just hope I don't have to deal with too many jerks. Didn't help that the first part of it I lagged horribly because, apparently, even when a download is capped, WoW doesn't like ANYTHING to be using bandwidth. (Strangely enough, it's fine with someone running another MMO--Sam was playing CoH--but downloads? To paraphrase Little John from BBC's Robin Hood "Downloads it does not like!")

Anyway, I bought two new books, found some Nag Champa incense at the Asheville Mall today (I've been out for months), and some lavender oil on the cheap. Santa, however, was a no go. Kiddo didn't really want to go because he reasoned he'd already sent Santa an email and got a response, so why repeat what the man already knows? (That, and I suspect he's been feeling more and more self conscious about talking to strangers lately.) We were going to insist he do it anyway, but $21 was the cheapest picture package and that plus the probably half-hour to hour wait in line was so not going to be worth it.

Also, the kiddo got Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz today (seasonally appropriate, I know), which I'm eager to read to him because, holy cow, nostalgia like whoa. I used to own all three and read them over and over and over. The first time my third grade teacher read "The Thing" to us, it terrified me so much I had to get Mom to reassure me that night. And then...I wanted more.

Date: 2011-12-21 01:53 pm (UTC)
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Okay, so last night we did Baradin Hold, right? There's a new boss as of 4.3 that drops both current i-level PvE gear and Cataclysmic-level PvP gear. It was Jarrand, Navaho, and I were on heals, Synaes and Decayedman doing dps, and we pugged two tanks and three dps.

Neither of the tanks could hold aggro or kite to save their lives. We were running all over the place trying to keep people up. Jarrand and I were general raid healing as fast as our fingers could click, I was in all PvP gear because my PvE healing gear is LOL at best, and we're sucking up so much damage because people cannot stay out of the boss' kill-radius on one of her spin-in-a-circle-kill-everything-inside attacks that I'm basically healing on imaginary mana for the last third of the fight. (Thank the gods for Word of Glory and its glyph, I'll tell you that right now.) We hit the enrage timer and half the raid dies, but we still down her.

Afterwards, as we're sitting there waiting for the healers -- ALL the healers -- to get mana back, one of the tanks suddenly goes: "OH SHIT CAT'S ON FIRE GOTTA GO!" and drops group.

Then I got the chance to tell Jarrand and Synaes about that thread on WoW Ladies the other day about goofiest AFK excuses. It was...special.


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