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I didn't really do this last year, but I thought this year I'd offer lots of picture spam from our Christmas weekend. This will be divided into two posts, the first primarily dealing with Santa and the kiddo with a special appearance from Jack. Next post will be pictures of some wonderful gifts Sam and I received from his parents and sisters.

First up, the Santa swag.

Unwrapping Presents = SRS BSNS

Lately, the kiddo has a "camera smile" and his regular smile. His camera smile is somewhat goofy, but he likes to do it anyway. Here is his next to his new stash from Santa, which included a yo-yo, a baton that makes funny noises, and a flash light (that goes with another gift Santa brought). The wrapped presents follow.

The kiddo received two new Wii games. Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario. For the first one, he didn't understand that I wanted both him and the game in the shot. For the second one, I said, "Put it under your chin." Silly kiddo.

He also got a tent which we can use for indoor camp outs and outdoor camp outs (when the weather warms up, obviously).

And then there was the Spongebob Tub o' Games which included checkers, Go Fish, Crazy Eights. I forgot to edit the picture where he posed with the tub unopened, but really, you don't need to see it to enjoy this next set of pictures full of fluffy orange cuteness.

You know what they say...

You get them a toy and they only want to play with the box.


Catnip. It's a hell of a drug.


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