Sep. 5th, 2012 08:52 pm
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After playing around inside the house and bouncing around all evening, kiddo came in to tell me around 7:30 he wasn't feeling well, so I sent him to the bath. After the bath, he told me he was going to lie down and rest long before his 9:00 PM bed time, and not five minutes later, I hear the sounds of retching. All over his bedsheets.

So, it was back to the bath with him while I cleaned off the mattress and prepped a basket for him to puke in if he gets sick again. He went to the bathroom and, of course, he's got diarrhea too, so it's a stomach virus. Hooray.

No school tomorrow, and just today I was thinking, "Hey, he's gone a whole month without even trying to get out of school. We're doing great!"

This is what I get for thinking.

Anyway, no more WoW tonight. Moved to the couch so I can keep an ear out for him. He's on my bed since his mattress had to be cleaned off and needs to dry too after soaking through the sheets. Yes, I'm dumb and didn't have a mattress cover, but it's somewhat of an odd-sized mattress. He's got a bucket next to him lined with a garbage bag in case he gets sick again. No fever at least.
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