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As my previous entry was about how lucky I've been in a computer game, this entry demonstrates my luck doesn't necessarily extend to real life.

Way back in 2002, I purchased a Buddha statue from a local metaphysical shop (no longer in business, but those of you from Columbia, SC, might remember Joyful Alternative). I've never been a Buddhist, but for spiritual reasons I love the statues as I also feel just a smidge of, well, peacefulness when I look at one. I know it sounds a bit silly, but for someone with anxiety issues, this little bit of peace is nice to obtain from something so simple.

Anyway, today I was doing some overdue dusting on the shelves where all my Buddhas sit, including the one I've had for a decade. I set it on a chair I had nearby and dusted like I normally do. Today, however, I also had to bring the vacuum cleaner over to suck up some cobwebs I saw in the corner near the ceiling and some dust bunnies under the shelves where the vacuum doesn't normally go.

Somehow, I'm not sure how, I knocked Buddha off the chair and directly onto my foot. This statue weighs about three to five pounds. Miracle of miracles I did not turn the air blue with a string of choice words, but there was some whimpering an moaning while I was picturing myself in the ER with a nurse asking, "Now, how did you break your foot?" and wondering the sort of stares I was going to get when I responded, "Buddha fell on it."

So far there's no swelling. I can feel a little knot and I think tomorrow my foot is going to be quite colorful. It was a bit sore to walk on when I went out to meet the bus with the kiddo, but that was more to do with my shoes putting pressure on it than anything else.

As for my Buddha statue, he lost his head. Literally. Fortunately we had some gorilla glue, and when I last checked his head seems to be firmly reattached. I was worried because I love this statue, and there isn't a whole lot I've managed to hold onto from that time in my life apart from the emotional baggage that is my life.

And then the school called to inform me that the kiddo was getting out early due to another waterline bust. This time at the middle school. The bright side is at least homework is done early today.
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