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...but then there was an "Around Azeroth" post on WoWInsider that just made me facepalm.

"Reading Tides of War just really drives home how awful of a role the Horde player has in this scenario: we are actually mentioned in passing in the book. We're part of canon now, but in a very terrible way -- at least if you're Horde. So, Jaina, while it's too little too late: I am sorry."

Except for the part where Baine and Vol'jin are both going, "Heeey, this isn't a good idea," even before they know about the bomb (which they only know about after the fact). And then Baine pulls his people back to Thunder Bluff and Vol'jin is obviously quietly waiting for an opportunity to safely rise up as the Echo Isles are rather vulnerable to an assault from Orgrimmar. As for Sylvanas and Lor'Themar, they apparently think so highly of the operation that they don't even show up and instead send their best two people (who are then murdered by Garrosh's Kor'Kron)*.

So yeah, the Theramore event had the backing of the entire Horde, except for where it didn't, and there was more than just the leaders and NPCs who were horrified by this. All my toons, even Folami who was looking forward to war, are horrified by this.

WAY TO FUCKING GO, BLIZZARD! Your scenario was so terrible as to make it look like the Horde is full of nothing but unthinking monsters and neglected to include even the tiniest bit of canon that would have established what happened in that very book you want us to read to understand WTF is happening here. And now I have to deal with all this "Bawwww, I want to change sides," and, "I'm faction changing!" because no one wants to be the bad guys, which while understandable is also annoying because, hey guys, remember when the Alliance used Theramore to send troops into Kalimdor to slaughter Camp Taurajo? Yeah, remember that? We don't hold the monopoly on pointless slaughter.

* = And I sincerely hope that while the mana bomb is of blood elf design, that Lor'Themar didn't know about it. The goblins "improved" upon the bomb's design, so I fear that if Lor'Themar pulls a Kael'Thas later on, as we will apparently be hearing from the blood elves in a future patch, I might legit have to drive to Irvine and deliver Gibbs-style headslaps to everyone on the writing team.
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