jadedmusings: (ATLA - Aang c'mon!)
Wrathful and Unrepentant Jade ([personal profile] jadedmusings) wrote2013-03-26 01:00 pm

I'm Alive

Just haven't had much to say that's interesting, or I've been rather down on myself and figure everyone is sick of my whining.

Anyway, have a photo of early Spring in the mountains as seen from my back porch just a few minutes ago:

Someone set our calendars back to the snow we should have had in December. Kiddo had no school yesterday or today, and as a result they've tacked on a day to the end of the year to make up for it, but the good news is he'll still get his Spring break next week.

"Look at me! I'm a good dog! I'm sitting for a pic--SQUIRREL!"

"OK, false alarm. there was no squirrel. You can take a picture now."

Yes, that's exactly how it happened.