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Wrathful and Unrepentant Jade ([personal profile] jadedmusings) wrote2013-11-27 10:02 am
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First Snow of the Winter

Usually by now we've had several inches as early as October, but after a very mild summer and then autumn, the snow stayed at bay until today.

And guess who left Thanksgiving shopping until the last minute and has to go out later today in that? Yep, me, though it's not entirely my fault. I asked about a week ago for the menu so I'd know if it was a traditional meal with all the fixings or if I should make something smaller, but Sam's mom didn't get back to me until yesterday. Yesterday was spent tending to my poor sore tailbone after I slipped down our steps. I'm OK today, just tender.

Anyway, I'm hoping the snow will have thinned out some of the last-minute shopping crowd and I take comfort in knowing the things I need to buy aren't exactly very popular Thanksgiving items so chances are great that I'll find everything without a fuss.