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No. Just, no.

Y'all, can we not? Look, I know where this particular path of "humor" leads, and really, I'd rather we not try to compare the mana bomb dropped on Theramore in a fantasy video game to Enola Gay and Little Boy, mmkay?

Unless, of course, The Daily Blink (I've no idea which of its two creators runs their Twitter) was intending to start a serious discussion on cultural appropriation and how horrific it would be if Blizzard was intending to draw a comparison between Theramore and Hiroshima/Nagasaki. (Hey, hey, leave me to my delusions, all right.)

For the record, I don't believe this is Blizzard's intent, and if it was, holy hell there is not enough booze for me to unpack all the shit wrong with that. Pandaria has enough problematic elements without that thrown into the mix.
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Christmas The Theramore scenario is coming early to US servers. The scenario will go live this afternoon, though I'm not sure what time specifically.

If you want to take part, you must be max level (85) with a minimum item level of 353. (Yeah, yeah, I had heard you'd only need to be level 85 at first too, then they "clarified" what that meant.) Theramore will become phased and only those who have seen the event will see the aftermath of the city's destruction. However, on 9/25 (the day Mists launches), the requirements for the scenario will change to level 90 (new max level) and ilevel of 425, plus post-mana bomb Theramore will appear destroyed for everyone regardless of whether or not they've run the scenario, but I expect most of us will be running around as pandas by then. It will be repeatable.

You can queue for the scenario via the random dungeon finder under the shiny new Scenarios tab. It only requires three people, so if you queue with your friends, remember it's not like a regular instance where you need five people. As to how it'll work, well, I've been avoiding too many spoilers, so I'm a little in the dark on the finer details.

Now let's just hope this nausea I've been experiencing all morning does not blossom into a full-fledged stomach bug. Plus, I have writing for Folami I want to finish. Argh!
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Here's what Blizz said initially about the Theramore event:

Your ticket to ride is your level. If you don't have anyone to go into the Scenario with, we can provide people to group with via the queue.

See that? Level. Not ilevel, just level. If you're max level, you ought to be able to go.

Then there's now this:

I just went back to verify this further to make sure I wasn't giving incorrect information. (Sorry for the confusion folks.) There is also an item level that goes with it. At level 85 Theramore's Fall is set to item level 353. At level 90 the item level is currently set for 425.

Whoops! Sorry we got your hopes up all you non-PvErs and PvPers. Unless you're willing to spend gold at the AH and/or come up with the mats to make your own gear, you're SoL.

Look, fellows, in WoW there's plenty of stuff some of my friends have accepted they'll never see. Current end-game content like the dungeons and raids are among them. Other events will be beyond their ability to see. Blizzard put out a book about Theramore and have been pimping this event left and right. They've made it out to be this awesome thing you don't want to miss when it goes live.

And then they limit who can participate.

Anyone who has run an end-level dungeon or an LFR can tell you that ilevel isn't necessarily an indication of ability to play the game or that you won't need to be carried by more capable players. Hell, I've seen players who have half a clue as to how to gear and glyph who somehow manage to perform way, way below expectations. What does it take away from you, the player, if this event that alters the course of lore and has an impact on Alliance and Horde alike is available to all 85 players? We get our raids, our dungeons, and gods know what else we'll get in MoP.

I'm not complaining for me. I've got three raid-geared toons who can go on it, and a fourth if I get off my lazy butt and gear her (but learning ret pally scares me). I'm complaining for some RP pals who really wanted to see this and now they can't. There's not enough time for them to grind for the rep gear, or to farm the mats/troll the AH for the gear and that's if they're on a server with a decent AH. Also, I'm complaining for the players in the forum thread who admit they have disabilities that make it difficult or impossible for them to do the end-game content and gear up as easily as those without disabilities.

I wouldn't mind so much if they'd initially clarified what they meant by "your level is your ticket to ride." My friend and I have been planning for this for a while and now she can't go and I feel like shit because I can. (Technically, she can go on one of her two max level toons, but with it being like a random dungeon finder, she doesn't want to be carried or deal with the potential headache of jerks who'll talk trash.)

Fucking hell, I'm sick of this attitude of, "Baaaaw, the casuals might get to play," and "I got mine." I worked my ass off to get to raids and I take pride in my ability to play the game on multiple classes. But I can sympathize with those who can't or who have no desire to do these things and who still love the game as much as I do. And when MoP hits, I'll be quickly gearing up for the newest dungeons and raids, and I'll get to run them while my friend won't.

Not everyone can play the game like I do, or like others do. They're still players and they still deserve a chance to participate in something that's supposed to be really fucking awesome.
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Anyone know anything about Michael Stackpole, specifically his ability to write a tie-in novel? He might be the one writing the Vol'jin novel as he was announced to have been working on a new WoW novel back in July.

If you do know anything about him, do you feel yay, meh, or "OH FUCK NO" about his writing? He's got ties to Star Wars and Battletech, so that gives me a little hope. I'd really like to see Vol'jin's novel not be written by Knaak, and while Golden is better, it'd still be nice to see some fresh(er) talent take a chance.
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Okay now that I'm done (mostly) squeeing about Vol'jin getting his own book, there's a couple of other questions and answers I spotted that are of interest to me.

Are we going to get more Old God lore in Mists?

I'll tackle the lore part of your question, about the Old Gods.

Obviously the Old Gods have had a major impact all over the world. They aren't directly pulling any strings in Pandaria, however, you can still feel the cold grip of their influence, many thousands of years later. If you're interested in the lore, you owe it to yourself to reach exalted with the Klaxxi faction to learn a little more about their origins.

And they aren't providing tabards for reputation gains for Pandaria factions, so you can't run dungeons for rep like you could in Cata. So, my approximate reaction to this is, "Fuuuuuck, now I have to do the rep grind and dailies." Who wants to join me?

Are Koltira Deathweaver and Sylvanas Windrunner showing up in Mists of Pandaria?

Sylvanas will DEFINITELY play a role in the Alliance and Horde conflict. We might not catch up with her until one of the later patches. We've been debating on whether or not we catch up with Koltira now or later... The guy's in bad straights.[sic]

Oh..my... This is going to suck, isn't it? It's going to make me bang my head against a wall, I just bet.
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So, Blizz did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit today for World of Warcraft. You may or may not have heard a girlish squeal when I checked out Wowhead's coverage of the questions.

How many novels are planned to be released over this expansion?

I'm glad you enjoyed the novel! Golden is a fantastic author who works very closely with us to do justice to the franchise.

If you're getting psyched about the storyline, I think you'll love the next novel which focuses on Vol'jin. Have you played the troll 1-10 intro experience? Vol'jin flat-out tells Garrosh he doesn't trust him and he'll stab him in the back the moment he sees an opportunity. The novel carries his story forward and really meshes in with the events of patch 5.1.

One of our ongoing goals is to make sure that the games and novels compliment each other, and that major lore events don't happen in the novels without some kind of representation in-game. This is a huge challenge for us!! But I think we're getting better at it.



Please, please, please don't let it be Knaack writing it. Golden is better than him. Pleeeeease don't fuck this up. D:

Of course, even if it's Knaack, I'll be buying the damn book because he's my favorite racial leader for one of my favorite races. I'm that much of a fangirl.
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Apparently, I belong to the Horde.

See, after quitting my Alliance guild, I had trouble finding reasons to play my hunter. I wanted to play a hunter, but I didn't want to go Alliance side to play him. So, after talking it over with my RP partner, we decided to faction change.

My first night as a troll, my friend and I ran Sethekk Halls, and we got to Anzu she told me, "Take it."

Thus began my luckiest four nights in WoW to date. )

And I have a standing deal with my friend to keep her company on as many runs of Sethekk and Magister's Terrace as it takes to get her the two mounts. It's the least I can do for her as she's stuck by me through guild drama, a faction change that altered our paired characters, and lets me vent to her quite a bit. Maybe this lucky streak of mine will rub off on her now.
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I finished Tides of War today. It was slightly better than Twilight of the Aspects, but only marginally so.

Sigh. [Here there be spoilers.] )
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Drama Mamas made a list called "40 Things You Should Never Say In Game." Most are all right, but I've got a quibble with a few.

"No, really, guys – it's my MOM calling." Same story. If you really can't miss your call from Mom, you really shouldn't be logged in to a group activity.

Hey, guess what? My mother calls any damn time she wants. I can't plan around it. And if I tell her to only call between X and Y hours or say I'll call her back in ten minutes, she gets upset and it causes drama. People I raid with or run instances with have never taken an issue to this, especially if it's a guild and I explain my mother's medical issues.

If my grown-ass nearly 32 year-old self can't plan around parental phone calls, I sure as hell won't begrudge Random Player C for saying, "Oh, my mother's calling. BRB 2 min."

"Baby woke up, AFK BRB!" I know. We wish you had more time to play, too. Still, don't group unless you have someone else around to take point duty with the kids.

As a formerly single mother: FUCK. YOU. Some of us players don't have someone around, or if we do, they're only around at hours we can't play. Some couple work swing shifts, or have dynamic schedules where they can't really do anything consistently. Hell, I have someone around to help me tend to my no-longer-an-infant child, and still sometimes I have to say, "BRB kid aggro." Just last night, we had someone say, "Baby woke up and was looking for mommy," in the middle of a raid right before a boss pull. And you know what? Nobody said anything and we were all cool about it. Know why? Because we're reasonable human being and most of us have been there.

Being parents doesn't mean we can't play, and I know more than one WoW Mother who mastered holding the baby in her lap while playing. And I remember how lonely it was to be a single mom and not have anyone around at night. Having a game like WoW would have been a tremendous help back then, and it is I'll never forget how awesome my IRC and FFRPG friends were to me, and how much having that little bit of socialization helped me not to feel as lonely or isolated. And none of them ever said boo about me needing the occasional AFK.

"Dude, I'm busy. You have to stop whispering me now." OK, you might actually end up needing this line for a particularly persistent pest. But try this first: "The stuff I run with this character now makes it really hard to chat when I'm playing. Sorry, gotta run ..."

No, just no. I'm a nice person, but most people on my friends list look to see where I'm at before whispering me. And sometimes, there are people who won't be nice, who don't understand how boundaries work. I'm tired that being blunt over text is seen as some gigantic social faux pas, especially when it comes to women. Yes, I know this wasn't directed at solely women, but don't tell me they don't often get, "Well, geeze, you don't have to be such a bitch about it." In real life too, we establish boundaries and we're horrible people for doing so. I don't have to be nice if someone is interfering with something I'm doing. I've yet to lose any friends over it when I've had to be blunt, and I do follow it up with a, "Hey, sorry about that, but I was being swarmed by murlocs."

Invariably, however, I usually get a, "Oh man, sorry, didn't see you were in [Instance/Raid]. Have fun!"

"Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me, maybe..." No playing music into Vent. No maybe about it.

Says the group who never got to share an awesome Journey moment in raid before.

Just a lonely girl, livin' in a lonely world...

"We don't have to worry about rules. Drama never happens in our guild." /facepalm Simple rules like "No harrassment" and "Keep it PG-13" will help if drama does happen. Better to be prepared.

Simple rules won't prevent that. Rules that clearly outline what harassment is, what hate speech is, and a clear procedure for what steps are taken to address infractions. If you just say "No harassment," some asshole will say, "I didn't know that constituted harassment." And if you say, "You can't do X," you need to be able to know what to do when someone does do X. I can't stress how much this is a must if you plan to have a guild larger than just you and a few close friends.

You know what I didn't see on the list that should be? "Dude, I'm so baked right now." This happened to me the other night after a couple of deaths and one wipe thanks to the tank being stoned in an Hour of Twilight instance. But no, someone tending to their child is more aggravating and evil than someone doing illicit substances that alter their ability to play the game.

(And hey, I don't care if you smoke a bowl, but for fuck's sake, don't do that and leave me with a huge repair bill because you can't take a second to move out of the fucking fire.)
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I plan to read it while camping Magria/Ankha/Ban'tholos in Hyjal.

Yes, I'm going to be totally torturing myself twice over. I'm a masochist.

EDIT: I meant TIDES OF WAR, though I wouldn't mind a book all about the Throne of Tides instance.
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So, someone from Steadfast contacted me. This was a good thing, yes, and I maybe be a bit teary-eyed after our conversation and some letters in my in-game mailbox on Folami. We exchanged battletags and if Steadfast ever needs a hand, she knows they can reach out to me if I'm available.

Vent under here. )

Yeah, yeah, I'm whiny. Move along, nothing to see here.
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There's a blue post answering lore questions up! I've got some comments.

Q: Is there truly an Old God underneath the Tirisfal Glade?
A: Nope! There’s something incredibly unsettling there, but it’s not an Old God. It isn’t recommended to go digging through the Glades, though.

*casts a brief glance in Steadfast's direction for no particular reason*

The Whispering Forest is located in Tirisfal Glade, which is also the location of a pretty awesome Easter Egg in the game. My theory (and others) has been that these faerie dragons are healing the land from the Plague because surely something so lovely is good, right? What if this beautiful scene has another purpose, like strengthening a cage, keeping an evil force asleep, or is being carried out unaware of whatever evil might be sleeping underneath the glade? It does make one wonder, doesn't it?

Q: In Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Maiev Shadowsong mentions the Night Elves wiping out various races in the past. Was this just bluster, or have they actually engaged in genocidal campaigns?

A: Maiev may not be the most balanced individual on Azeroth, but she does understand the value of intimidating her enemies. The night elves have never completely wiped out a species, though they have engaged in brutal and efficient campaigns of total war that have shattered their enemies’ civilizations, such as the War of the Satyr, in which they completely decimated any semblance of central leadership for the satyrs, forcing them to live in small sects to this day.

I can't help but let out a small, sarcastic comment of "But the Alliance are the good guys!" No, the Night Elves are xenophobic assholes who only really associate with other races out of survival and necessity rather than a true desire to live in peace. Over simplification, perhaps, but neither faction has any true goodie two-shoes.

Q: How did the blood elven fel eye glint become so widespread? The Warcraft Encyclopedia suggests that Rommath only taught the blood elves of Azeroth about how to siphon arcane magic, as most of the populace would likely be “horrified” if they knew the true extent of Kael’s dealings with Illidan.

A: The situation regarding blood elf eyes is, in fact, extremely similar to that of the green skin of orcs: just being around heavy use of fel magic turned the eyes of the blood elves green. You could be the most pious of priests or most outdoorsy of Farstriders, chances are, if you were a high elf in Quel’Thalas or Outland following the Third War, you were around fel energies, and your eyes would turn green. Like the orcs’ skin color, such an effect would take a very long time to wear off. Fel magic works a bit like radiation in this sense; it permeates the area and seeps into anything in the vicinity. Anything near a source of fel magic shows signs of slight corruption, it just so happens that high elves and orcs manifest it in a very visual way.

In other words, if you play a blood elf who is not a high elf (which makes you as being with the Alliance anyway) or a death knight, you have fel-green eyes. Unless you were some sort of elven John Travolta and lived part of your life in a bubble.

There is one thing I have a question about, and it's this response to a question about Cenarius getting along with orcs: "Despite no longer having warlocks in their ranks, the orcs of Thrall’s Horde still carried within them the unmistakable mark of the Burning Legion upon their very souls up until the moment that Grom Hellscream defeated Mannoroth."

This confuses me. Did he mean in reference to defeating the Burning Legion, or does he mean even now there's no warlocks in their ranks? From my understanding Thrall didn't outlaw warlocks the same way the Alliance did (and even now the Alliance has warlocks in their ranks too, just they practice in secret in the basement of the Slaughtered Lamb in Stormwind). They're still allowed to practice in Orgimmar, but he put them underground in the Cleft of Shadow out of sight and, presumably, out of mind. Are there no warlock NPCs with power in the Horde any longer? Doesn't seem likely given that you can see a warlock in the middle of Murder Row with one of his demons out in Silvermoon, and in Razor Hill and Stonard there's warlocks hanging out in the open with demons in full view.

Yeah, I'm probably misunderstanding what he meant.

Edit: Unrelated, but what the hell did I just read? I mean, I get it, just...wat. Also, my sarcastic response is, "Silly, Matt. She's a woman, We all know she couldn't rule, not unless she had a husband like big, strong Malfurion to steal her spotlight."

And on the subject of warchiefs for the Horde, while I love Baine Bloodhoof, I'd rather see Vol'jin be the new Warchief. I admit, I have loved Vol'jin ever since I played the troll opening quest-line and saw him essentially tell Garrosh in so many words, "If it weren't for Thrall, I'd kill you. As it is, when you fuck up, I'm going to be there to end you." Yes, fangirl, table of one here.

I'd say Sylvanas should be a contender, but Blizz fucked that up all to hell because, you know, we can't have any woman demonstrate a capability to wield power responsibly, can we? Especially not a Horde leader.
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I feel compelled to read Tides of War, the newest WoW book which focuses on Jaina Proudmoore and details what happens to Theramore. From the perspective a mostly-Horde RP'er, the snippets I've been catching here and there are of major interest to me, especially some of Garrosh's actions in the book. Lore-wise, it'd be nice to have a reference at hand so I know some of what's happened and is about to happen, especially as it'll impact my RP.

But I remember how much I hated Twilight of the Aspects, which wasn't that horrible compared to other books I've read, but that's like saying having my wisdom teeth taken out was a little less bad than when I had my tonsilectomy. And then I read the sample chapter on Amazon.

Ugh, the writing is terrible, even to the point where I swear we had two different perspectives in the same paragraph. But some (likely masochistic) part of me is thinking I should read it because, omg, the RP and the lore and all the wonderful things I can use for Folami (who has never been overly fond of Garrosh to start with).

...but it looks so bad.
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Alternate title for this post: "No Kael'Thas, you can't have your balls back."

So because I am incapable of reading the in-game calendar and ascertaining the proper time for raid, I missed out on Dragon Soul this afternoon. I think I'm going to be stuck pugging until MoP gets here and everyone's getting leveled and geared for the new content. However, with the free time tonight, I tried out Affliction Spec, and I have to say...I might be raiding in Affliction spec this expansion. And instead of the soul shards floating about my head, I used Glyph of Verdant Spheres to make them green balls.

At least until Warlocks get some loving attention from the nerf bat (because I know it's coming).

It's interesting not using a pet. I took Grimoire of Sacrifice, which means every twenty minutes I summon a demon and kill it to boost my spell power for twenty minutes. Well, boost certain Affliction-spec related spells. It's awesome.
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"You guys ready to raid?"

"We only have 37 people online."

"Oh. Guess we'll try again tomorrow."

And with that one little part, Wowcrendor illustrated why I never could have raided in Vanilla WoW.
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Yo dog, we heard you like stag mounts, so we put a stag on your stag so you can mount while you mount and another mount on your mount, and another...

(Click on the image to see more screenshots.)

They're calling it "Stagstacking." Not sure what server this was on, but I am so wishing I had a druid right now.
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To say yesterday did not go as planned is a little like saying there's a little water in the Pacific Ocean. In short, my grand plan to spend my evening learning everything about everything in WoW wound up with me logging into Folami, spending an hour to reconfigure her UI and the working add-ons (which sadly did not include Reforgenator), and running a single instance. This is what happens after I spend a day doing laundry and getting home at 8:30 instead of the 6:00 or 6:30 I was expecting.

For Demonology Warlocks, a lot has changed. Our rotation is now incredibly simplified, if a little awkward. Fumbling as I was (seriously fumbling) and not using my cooldowns properly, I still was pumping out some impressive numbers, even on trash where my DPS was usually lacking a little. Also, while my Demonic Fury is building, I get purple horns. I was not expecting this, and Mumble conversation got interesting when I said between pulls, "Are those horns on my head?!"

My nerf bat senses are tingling for Warlocks in future MoP patches. Because, wow, once I learn how to play it, I think I'm going to be really making everything burn.

I both like and hate it. My rotation was, as someone on WoW Insider noted, a bit clunky. Now it's easier (once I get the old muscle memory to working), and there's only one DoT to keep track of rather than three/four (two in Metamorphosis), but I fear it's going to be too easy and I might get bored soon. We'll see after Sunday (I'm hopefully raiding with Folami).

Shamans seem very much the same, just no totems. Well, there are totems, just no more putting four down at once. I've only been playing a shaman for not quite two months, but my healing rotation and DPS rotation seems very much the same. I suppose I'll see the difference when I actually take her through a spin in the dungeon finder later.

One thing I definitely hate: Mana. Intellect no longer affects mana pool, and at level 85, I have a flat 100k mana on all my casters/mana users. Folami will be making use of Life Tap regularly rather than the emergency situations that usually warranted it (this has been the hardest to adjust to), and on my Resto spec in shaman, I'l have to try to use Lightning Bolt more for the Telluluric Current benefits that rebuilds mana.

Oh, and I still haven't made it on to Wynfor yet, but reading Noxxic Gaming last night and making notes about hunters, I may or may not have started to cackle manaically when I got to Readiness. It all looks very, very sexy. Also, Beast Mastery is going to be the spec of choice for raiders in MoP, I think, or at least just as good as Survival.
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A post for the WoW Players and friends who live under a rock and somehow missed all the freak outs about 5.0.

I felt the video was appropriate given most of us will be staring dumbly at our screens this afternoon trying to work out the changes.

• WoW Insider has a pretty decent list of popular add-ons and whether they're ready for patch 5.0. Poking around Curse seemed to show that MyRolePlay is updated and ready for the patch as well. (And the RP servers all heaved a collective sigh of relief.) My favorite Reforgenator looks like it might be ready? I hope so because doing the math on Wynfor is going to be a pain (hunters have to worry about Expertise now).

Noxxic is already updated with class guides for everyone, both for PvE and PvP. The Warlock section (specifically Demo) matches everything else I've been reading about. Hunters will see Beast Mastery becoming the favored DPS spec for PvE, or at least a good alternative to Survival spec. This means I'll be blue-side on Wynfor camping for some spirit beasts in the coming weeks, though right now it remains to be seen if I'll ever get a chance to raid Alliance side or not. Still, it'd be nice to have the opportunity to use him for more than RP.

• The Theramore world event won't go live until a couple of weeks before Mists launches, which is both a little disappointing and a relief because while I was really eager to see how this was going to play out, I also want to have a chance to familiarize myself with all the changes. Edit: Theramore event will open September 18 for all level 85s, and once Mists hits a week later, it'll turn into a level 90 event. You and two friends will team up to help out your respective faction (and if you decide to go solo, looks like you'll get two NPC assistants?). I predict overloaded servers, tons of bugs, and loads of whining. I'm psychic like that.

• I announced this on my IC Tumblr account, but my dwarf shaman is now a tauren shaman. Thamina will be re-rolled as a dwarf shaman, but she'll see mostly RP use. I've enjoyed my time Alliance-side, but Horde is where I belong, and I've found a new guild for Folami and the newly named Manisha. I've been running some instances and chatting over Mumble with them, and they're all really nice and amazing. Her main spec is Resto and her ilevel is 373, so if anyone needs a heals at some point, I'm available.

• There is going to be some sections of Azeroth that will now be cross-realm. It's going to be gradually phased in, and I'm not sure which servers are getting this first, but the idea is that the lower populated areas of Azeroth will be shared by servers of the same type (i.e. a PvP server can run around the area with players from another PvP server). As an RPer I am envisioning cross-realm role-play events. This would be great for the lower population servers, or RP servers where the RP scene is flagging. It also means Folami will have some opportunities to actually "see" her fiance face-to-face. (Despite being on a new server, Yarrow is too much a part of her story to be dropped off.) This feature will be in low-population areas only, so sadly we can't form a raid group comprised of several servers to go launch an attack on Stormwind.

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm working on my little notebook I purchased with three sections, one each for my Warlock, Hunter, and Shaman notes for 5.0 and MoP. Wait, doesn't everyone keep a notebook of notes on how to play their class(es) complete with stats and reforging notes?
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So I'm listening to The Smoking Gamer's special "But Wait, There's Lore" episode concerning Jaina Proudmoore and her new book and the upcoming events in the game. Referencing an interview by Blizz Planet with Christie Golden, Pride mentions that Jaina's had a few partners (and that she's "gone around the block a few times, har har!" Ow, sprained my eyes from rolling them so hard. Let's ignore that one of those partners was just a friend, really.), and Golden says something like they needed a romance for Jaina in the book. I guess to make it more compelling?

Why isn't Jaina being a bad ass mage not compelling enough? Why does she have to always be paired off with Thrall/Kael'Thas/[Spoiler]? And what the fuck is so bad if Jaina's been either unlucky in love, or just a chick who wants to have boyfriends but doesn't want to settle down because, you know, she's busy running a fucking kingdom and being a one bad-ass motherfucking mage?

WHY DOES JAINA, A WOMAN WITH HER OWN FUCKING CITY, NEED ANYONE? You know what's reasonable to me? Jaina going, "You know what? You're really nice and all that, and I really dig your hair, but see, [Spoiler] just risked being named a traitor to the Horde to tell me my home's about to get fucked up by Garrosh, so I'm going to focus on saving my people instead of romance."

Given who Jaina's been paired off with, I'm betting she's going the way of Tyrande Whisperwind with her treatment. You know, how powerful Priestess of Elune is out shined by her husband Malfurion. Then again, maybe she could end up like Sylvanas's characterizations, but that'd make her evil.
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Sometimes I get the feeling the writers on WoW: Insider are just talking out of their asses. Or maybe it's more a question of, "Shit, I have to think of something to write!" and they enter World of Warcraft into a Google search and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button.

Also, the Drama Mamas give terrible advice.


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