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Right now I'm having an issue with IRC I've never had before. Suddenly I can't paste links or text into IRC, even after completely reinstalling the program. So when my super tech savvy friends failed to figure it out, and Google search yielded nothing helpful, I decided to hop into #help and ask for help as it is supposed to be for general help with IRC problems.

Here's what happened (note the not-so-subtle nick change that was meant to insult me):

<JadeNSC> Hi, I'm having a rather strange issue with copy+paste. I can't seem to get IRC to let me paste text or links tonight, even after reinstalling.
<Redneck> Oh
<Redneck> I need...
<JadeNSC> I can't do ctrl+v or right clicking > paste. It does absolutely nothing, like I haven't typed at all.
<Redneck> The post has just arrived and in it a very nice surprise, the discovery that Jacques Seguela, one-time adviser to President Mitterrand, now close confidant of President and Madame Sarkozy (indeed he intoduced them), and something of a legend in French political communications, has dedicated his latest book to little old moi. With apologies for the missing accents here and in the French bits of the long posting which follows – the dedi
* Redneck (webchat@S010614feb5c6169a.ok.shawcable.net) has left #help
<JadeNSC> ...right.
* Flambe is now known as Flambe|zzz
<JadeNSC> So has anyone heard of this happening/know what might be causing it?
* Zacam is now known as FREDsaysURAMoron
* FREDsaysURAMoron is now known as Zacam
<JadeNSC> All right then, back to more Google

Oh, silly me thinking I could ask for help with a technical issue in a channel specifically designed for help. Yeah, if I wanted to be called names for asking an innocent question, I'd go back to LFR in WoW.

If anyone reading this knows anything about IRC and copy+pasting, please let me know. Thanks.
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[16:04] <@JadeNSC> Craaaaap August 28 is when 5.0 hits.
[16:05] <@NinjaWeazel> Ok
[16:05] <@NinjaWeazel> thats liek two weeks
[16:05] <@JadeNSC> ;-; I know.
[16:05] * @JadeNSC hugs her precious rotations.
[16:05] <@JadeNSC> I have to start looking up shit about new talent system and stuff, and making notes. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
[16:07] <@NinjaWeazel> http://i.imgur.com/fsX97.gif
[16:07] <@JadeNSC> :P
[16:07] <@JadeNSC> You're so supportive.
[16:08] <@NinjaWeazel> Oh my bad here http://gifrific.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/LeBron-James-Smallest-Violin-Gif.gif
[16:08] <@NinjaWeazel> ¬_¬
[16:15] <@JadeNSC> Jerk.

See, if my boyfriend played WoW instead of that other MMO, he'd be far more sympathetic and understand the aggravation of getting geared and re-learning how to play four different classes.
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Apparently Espernet is experiencing a DDoS attack. Did the server get sold to the Russians?

So, uh, hope nobody had any plans for any FFRPG or D&D tonight!
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So Jade, what did you get up to before going to bed tonight?

I'm glad you asked, Voice-In-My-Head. I'll share my adventures via my log from IRC.

[00:38] <JadeNSC> ....so apparently I can watch lot of videos of cats mating on You Tube. What. the. FUCK.
[00:39] <Mokura> hahahah what
[00:39] <JadeNSC> I just...WHY DO YOU WANT TO SHARE THIS?
[00:39] <Mokura> it's youtube
[00:39] <@Sideiron> people love cats.
[00:39] <@Sideiron> people love fucking.
[00:39] <@Sideiron> therefore....
[00:39] <JadeNSC> I was watching a fail blog video and clicked on a link of a cat witha silly meow and in the sidebar there was...oh god...
[00:39] <Mokura> goddammit so much sam, I nearly choked
[00:40] <JadeNSC> I don't think that many people enjoy fucking cats.
[00:40] <@Sideiron> bwahaha
[00:40] * Quits: Howell (Dax@cpe-67-10-117-173.gt.res.rr.com) (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[00:42] <JadeNSC> "I always video my animals when breeding them, for evidence (date and all included)...but I never put on Youtube ofc, it's just in case anyone would start raising the question wether or not you mated the wrong animals (say a stray cat found on the street) with your purebred and cheating the buyers. It's even more common in dog breeding, and sad also since people DO cheat with the parent animals sometimes...for profit, ofc."
[00:42] <JadeNSC> The More You Know (TM)
[00:42] <JadeNSC> ...yeah, I hate myself.
[00:42] <JadeNSC> A LOT.
[00:43] <Mokura> hahahahah
[00:43] <Mokura> god bless the internets
[00:46] <JadeNSC> Now all I need to do is look up Bonobos and my night is complete.

Seriously, there are so many videos of cats mating. Big cats, little cats, gay cats (no, really), cats and dogs... And the sick thing is, I know some of those videos aren't up there because the people are breeders and wanted to show proof. *shudder*
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me: I'm writing, or trying to. Writing for a City of Heroes character to give myself a break from WoW.
me: Now stuck on trying to think of the name for a pale yellow color.
me: ...and google provides me with links about stool and urine coloring....
me: I'll go with pastel yellow. hehe

Seriously, do a search for "pale yellow color," and on the first page you'll get stool followed by urine color. If I ever need to figure out what color I should look for in my bodily excretions, I know what to Google for first.

And the character I'm writing for is Selene. Not sure I'll post it here or not, but it is fun even if it's going incredibly slow.
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WARNING: The following is NSFW or child friendly. Please do not watch if you are in a place where your employer can see you/your child can be traumatized by an arm turning into a phallic tentacle and sucking the life out of a woman through her vagina.

No, this isn't a product of Japan. The animators are French (or at least have French names). And in spite of how, ah, disturbing and graphic it is, there's no nudity at least, just nothing is really left up to the imagination.

[11:32] <Doman> allegory for the loss of innocence that comes with teenage promiscuity
[11:32] <Doman> it's all a heavyhanded message encouraging abstinence
[11:34] <JadeNSC> lol yeah.
[11:34] <JadeNSC> Like every 1980s horror movie *ever.*
[11:35] <JadeNSC> There's a reason Scream said, "Don't have sex, do drugs, or drink alcohol." Best example is in the original Friday the 13th when Kevin Bacon gets skewered from beneath his bunk after banging one chick.

The music, at least, is pretty neat.
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Elisha linked me to a YouTube video of the current beta testing for the new Titan Weapon power set in CoH.

And then this happened:

[10:27] <JadeNSC> ....so I can make Cloud?
[10:27] <Doctor_Gerbil> [10:23] <Doctor_Gerbil> I am so making a Cloud Strife knock-off with a silly name like Cumulonimbus Troubles
[10:27] <Doctor_Gerbil> [10:23] <Doctor_Gerbil> (Cumulonimbus is latin for 'don't wear suede')

Nah, we aren't Final Fantasy nerds at all. Also, after hanging around together for about five or six years, we totally don't occasionally inhabit each other's head spaces. That'd just be silly.

*settles in to read up on some Astrophysics filed away in here*

In other CoH news, Sam and I went trick-or-treating last night and I am kicking myself for not copy+pasting one funny bit of conversation between (the original) NinjaWeazel and Ballari, but here's a basic run-down of what happened.

* NinjaWeazel gets a treat and is rewarded a Crey Security costume.
NinjaWeazel: (Being his old flirty self despite knowing and respecting Ballari's orientation.) "Heeeeey, wanna get frisked?" *wink, wink*
* Ballari, roughly at the same moment, gets a Freakshow Stunner costume and puts it on.
NinjaWeazel: "...on second thought, no.
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So, Jade, how's your first week as a guild officer going?

I'm so glad you asked imaginary person I've never met. Take a gander at this log:

15:12:12 [Folami]: Because I'm stupid, does anywone remember which forum has the vent infot on it?

15:12:47 [Sulzin]: Good question

15:12:54 [Sulzin]: But, you don't need to go to the forums to find it.

15:12:59 [Tygor]: should be in guild windonw

15:13:07 [Sulzin]: Under Info

15:13:08 [Tygor]: info tab

15:13:18 [Folami]: ...oh yeah. ty ^_^;

15:15:05 [Angellis]: hello fasters

15:15:18 [Folami]: crap having vent issues.

15:15:23 [Tygor]: hi ya

15:15:32 [Folami]: Screwed up when logging into a nother channel and now can't get back into steadfast.
15:15:45 [Tygor]: Sent you some leather Angellis, will send more when I get it

15:16:00 [Tygor]: you gotta remember you password

15:16:24 [Folami]: Crap...what one did I give Darren? lol

15:16:39 [Tygor]: Tygorishawt

15:16:44 [Tygor]: teasing

15:16:49 [Folami]: I didn't know you then. :(

15:17:17 [Folami]: ...oh that scared me. Someone has a singing sunflower.

15:18:39 [Folami]: Great, so I'll have to pester someone to tell me my password.

15:18:49 [Tygor]: cupcakes

15:19:59 [Tygor]: lordvoldemort

15:20:01 [Folami]: First week as officer and already showing soooo much confidence.

15:20:09 [Folami]: ...competence

15:20:11 [Folami]: SEE?

I did remember my password after a minute or two, but only after someone was helping me get a new one set up. My password worked and the crisis was averted. My ego, however, may never recover.
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[23:55] <@JadeNSC> http://www.toplessrobot.com/2011/07/avatar_the_legend_of_the_biggest_damn_dog_and_to_a.php The sound you just heard was a fangirlish squee.
[23:57] <N_X[Semi-AFK]> Yeah, sorry about that. I couldn't resist squeeing there. I'll try to hold it in next time.
[23:57] <@JadeNSC> lol

Hat-tip to [personal profile] nagaina for the link.
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This is how you know we're in love.

[00:52] <@JadeNSC> That reminds me. When does Incubus's new album come out?
[00:52] <@JadeNSC> Or is it already out and I'm out of the loop?
[00:52] <@NinjaWeazel> Not out yet I dont think.
[00:52] <@NinjaWeazel> I am not sure when it is supposed to drop.
[00:52] <@JadeNSC> And Evanescence has a new one coming out this October. (And I totally didn't almost type Cocktober.)
[00:53] <@NinjaWeazel> rofl. Well it IS my birthmonth.
[00:53] <@JadeNSC> No, that's Jerktober.
[00:53] <@NinjaWeazel> :D

Oh yes, we talk like this in real-life too. And he totally had this coming for saying I was "such a girl" when a spider scared me the other day. :(
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[02:27] <@NinjaWeazel> also damn I am the man. I remembered how to spell ululation off the top of my head
[02:28] <@JadeNSC> lol
[02:28] <@JadeNSC> Neeeerd.

The sad thing is this made me equal parts "<3" and slightly turned on. Yes, this is a common occurrence online and off. Wait'll he moves in next month.
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[12:26] <JadeNSC> Huh, a new Wii system is coming in 2012.
[12:27] <Mokura> o_O
[12:27] <JadeNSC> http://www.cnn.com/2011/TECH/gaming.gadgets/05/13/wii.2.steinberg/index.html?eref=mrss_igoogle_cnn
[12:29] <JadeNSC> "We can only speculate for now about the Wii 2's possible features, which are said to include high-definition 1080p graphics, more computing muscle than the PlayStation 3 and a controller with a touchscreen built into it." O_O A controller with a built-in touch screen.
[12:29] <JadeNSC> Dude, they put a DS in your Wii so you can...I'm not caffeinated enough to come up with anything.

In other news, if you're in the market for car insurance, give Geico a look. I know, I know, but I had to deal with them today and I can't express enough how friendly, helpful, and kind they were to me in setting up a new policy and answering my questions for an embarrassing situation. Plus, my new rate is way lower than what I had with my former insurance company. Much more affordable, which is very important right now for obvious reasons, and I can make quick changes to my policy online when necessary.

Overall a quick, painless process save for a paper-cut on my thumb, which is totally not Gieco's fault. My printer is getting the blame for that one for not loading paper properly to print up my new card.
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Sam and I are having a "debate" (read: a not-very-serious discussion) about the spirit behind giving gifts on Valentine's versus Christmas.

[21:22] <@NinjaWeazel> Christmas has about as much to do with Jesus as Valentines day does with st valentine. maybe even less! Shit at least we know where Valentine is buried.
[21:22] <@JadeNSC> Blasphemy! Jesus is a zombie!
[21:22] <@JadeNSC> There is no body.

And yeah, I still feel like shit. I suspect this will be much of the norm until I A) manage to get sleep (tonight, I hope because omfg insomnia sucks), and B) when February is over and I can get away from all these horrible associations I have with the month.
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[16:22] <@JadeNSC> In other news: http://kezarthur.livejournal.com/77464.html The next generation of sorts to that vampire/werewolf smut series I enjoyed so much. >.>
[16:23] <@JadeNSC> Except now it'll be...um... offspring of werewolf clone/ancient race mistaken for angels hybrid...
[16:23] <@JadeNSC> Oh and her mom is an actual psychic.
[16:23] <@NinjaWeazel> ...
[16:24] <@NinjaWeazel> I am going to assume you are laughing at this as hard as I am, just for the record.
[16:24] <@JadeNSC> It's complicated. And with the Riley Jensen series over.
[16:24] <@JadeNSC> I am! But I am no less looking forward to seeing what Risa grows up to be!
[16:24] <@JadeNSC> (Look, I KNOW, but the series was entertaining and hot!)
[16:24] * @NinjaWeazel totally over here all *judgemental stare*.
[16:25] <@JadeNSC> In the Riley jensen series, Risa is a toddler with some pretty seriously frightening abilities.
[16:25] <@JadeNSC> .02
[16:26] <@JadeNSC> ^Sasha put her head on my keyboard and added her two cents.
[16:26] <@JadeNSC> lol
[16:26] <@JadeNSC> (Seriously, that was her!)
[16:26] <@NinjaWeazel> becasue she is apparently part omg what ROFL
[16:26] <@NinjaWeazel> there shoudl have been a hyphen after part, as that caught me mid-sentence
[16:26] <@JadeNSC> Aww she's being all "I'm so sad"
[16:27] <@JadeNSC> 30+260
[16:27] <@NinjaWeazel> 290
[16:27] <@JadeNSC> lol And now she's doing math.
[16:28] <@NinjaWeazel> oh Sasha
[16:29] <@JadeNSC> lol I asked her if she wanted to go outside and she seriously paused to look out the window over my head before doing that whiny yip thing.
[16:30] <@NinjaWeazel> rofl
[16:30] <@NinjaWeazel> "lemme check and see if it sucks... OK!"

Next time I do a "review" of a book or movie, I should include Sasha reaction shots, yes? No?
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So, I'm, like, fifty pages from finally finishing To Reign in Hell by Steven Brust. I took it over to Sam's with the intention of reading it while I did laundry, but that didn't happen. Anyway, after I got home, I logged on to IRC per usual and was chatting with Sam when I realized it was gone.

[20:01:42] <@JadeNSC> Aw hell, I think I left TO Reign in Hell there. >.<
[20:03:25] <@JadeNSC> http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1439150141/trashybooks-20 ...look at that author list. O_o WANT. BADLY.
[20:07:29] * @Saylin snuggles. "Yeah, its on the table."
[20:07:52] <@Saylin> think of it as a chance to start a new Dresden book. >_>
[20:09:07] <@JadeNSC> I knew you were gonna say that.
[20:09:12] <@JadeNSC> I just KNEW it. >:E
[20:09:18] <@Saylin> <3
[20:09:32] <@JadeNSC> But anyway, did you see what i linked?
[20:09:36] <@JadeNSC> Gaiman, Butcher...
[20:09:51] <@Saylin> yeah.
[20:10:02] <@Saylin> one of the stories in Side Stories [Note: He means the new Side Jobs book.] is in there. >_>
[20:10:20] <@JadeNSC> Dude, I have like nine books to read before I can get there. :(
[20:10:35] <@Saylin> then I guess you better get crackin'! :d
[20:10:37] <@Saylin> :D
[20:13:31] <@JadeNSC> You know that squinty-eyed look? You're getting that so hard right now.
[20:15:05] <@Saylin> you know that one-sided shit-eating grin? yeah its right here.
[20:15:37] <@JadeNSC> You're such a jerk.


Oct. 31st, 2010 02:04 am
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[02:01:41] <JadeNSC> Okay, so far Pandora has advertised Trojan Fire & Ice condoms at me and now the background is an ad for NuvaRing.
[02:01:48] <JadeNSC> You think someone's trying to tell me something?

Yes, I'm up very late. I have a lot on my mind. Going to bed soon, though.
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[12:34:37] <@Demonic_Gerbil> ...I apprently wrote a review article about the evidence for excess soft photons in hadronic decays of the Z^0 boson.
[12:34:43] <@Demonic_Gerbil> I don't remember writing this >.>;
[12:35:07] <JadeNSC> lol
[12:35:33] <JadeNSC> Damnit, what is wrong with me today? I read boson as "bossom." I was all, "lol you wrote physics porn..."
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So, I decided to make City of Heroes versions of the Syntyche sisters. I only ever really role-played Clotho, but all three sisters (named after the Fates of Greek mythology) were very well developed in my head. First, I made Clotho a hero, and she came out looking pretty nice. Next, I made Atropos a villain, and she too came out looking pretty awesome (the eyepatch for her really made the whole costume, I think). Yesterday, I made Lachesis a Praetorian, and, um, well, apparently I decided to throw all caution into the wind and made a pretty skimpy costume for her. The results have been pretty lulzy.

Case in point (log modified from CoH chat log):

<Elisha> I have come to stare at ass
<Elisha> >.>
<Jade> lol
<Elisha> <.<
<Jade> I'm on a mission if you wanna join. :p
<Jade> Okay, mission over. lol
<Elisha> Holy crap your ass blew my graphics card up and made me have to hard reboot and I didn't even see it o_o
<Jade> rofl I'm telling you, she's too hot for CoH!
<Elisha> I definately need to see it now, just so I can be blinded
<Jade> What's really funny is that last night, on our fisrt mission together with Lachesis, Sam's display drivers crashed. >.>
<Elisha> >.> I'm going to Nova Praetoria to gawk >.> Don't go anywhere :p
<Jade> lol OKay. By the way, I'm so posting this to LJ.
<Elisha> ...Yeah that red makes those buns hawt >.>
<Elisha> How is that even street legal? <.<
<Jade> I know, right?

Lachesis has caused two graphics-related crashes in two separate computers now. NCsoft might have to come out with a special edition of City of Heroes: Going Rogue called Too Hot for Praetoria!

Pictures under the cut. )
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Sam and I were talking about my last post and, as usual, hilarity ensued:

[00:22:37] <@JadeNSC> That thing just...ugh. Why is it always, "lol mah peen make me do bad things"?
[00:23:59] <@NinjaWeazel> its awesome having a scapegoat for everything
[00:24:11] <@JadeNSC> Must be. :( I never get to blame shit on my vagina.
[00:24:25] <@JadeNSC> But if a guy rapes me, he gets to use my vagina and his penis as an excuse.
[00:24:40] <@JadeNSC> Also other people tell me my vagina makes me weak. :(
[00:25:14] <@JadeNSC> But nobody expects....THE CLITORIS
[00:25:19] <@JadeNSC> >.>
[00:25:28] <@NinjaWeazel> its not that we dont expect it, we just cant find it. :(
[00:25:38] * @JadeNSC rolls.
[00:25:57] <@JadeNSC> Okay, I was on the fence about posting this, but that seals it.
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Sometimes, being in #returners can creep me the fuck out.

[17:46:36] <Creepster> I recently went to Uni. Lots of promiscuous girls.
[17:46:36] <Bystander> Rock on.
[17:46:36] <Creepster> With large breasts and low tops.
[17:46:36] <Asshat> Ah, I remember my Uni days
[17:46:42] <Asshat> Sadly, does not appear to extend to grad school, or at least I can't easily hit on the undergrads <_<
[17:46:42] <Bystander> Technically, I'm still in them. But it's community college, so not too great on those choices.
[17:46:42] <Bystander2> what did morgan say about seeming stereotypical?
[17:46:42] <Creepster> If I go back to Uni I have the problem that I'll be too old to sleep with my peers :/
[17:46:42] <Creepster> Which totally sucks.

Where, oh where do I begin? First is the presumption that if a woman (because if they're old enough to be in college/university, they're adults) has large breasts and wears low-cut tops, she's promiscuous. It couldn't just be that she happens to like wearing low-cut tops or that, as I know all too well as a woman with larger-than-average breasts, tops look differently on you than they do on the rack/on a woman with a different body. No, she is a dirty whore who jumps on any penis within her immediate vicinity (except the penis of the man posting).

Secondly is the person in a position of authority over undergrads (a teaching assistant) complaining that he can't hit on his students. Yes, because those sorts of relationships don't have the potential for abuse.

Thirdly we have the complaint that he can't have sex with his fellow students because he's now older, which is somewhat reasonable I guess, though most students in college are considered adults legally. However, I find it troubling he's more concerned about how it would look to sleep with his "peers," rather than focusing on his education.

All of this under a minute of time. And the sad thing is I could post even more.


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