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I probably shouldn't post this. I'm sleep deprived, stressed out, and after a week of events that included the death of a beloved family pet (Ginger) and learning that my son's school is shutting down after this year (which makes moving all the more imperative), I'll admit my perspective is more than a little skewed. However, most of what I'm putting here has been brewing for months now. Oh well.

Dear people I game with:

I don't want to talk about Triumph. Ever. I might occasionally mention it here, but in general it doesn't feel me with warm fuzzies to remember that only one or two people ever cared that I left and that I couldn't get back in to the game when I re-applied recently. My only consolation is that I was slightly better than She Who Shall Not Be Named, and that's not all that much of a consolation all things considered. I especially don't want to be PMed to discuss the activities of someone who was accepted over me. Please, as stupid as it is, it really stings to be reminded of these things. No, I don't regret quitting as a GM, but I do feel hurt that I was told my character sheet was fine and made to feel hopeful about my chances of getting in only to be passed over.

Also, I rejoined Mechanika because, to be blunt, I have no other games and it gives me something to do, but after only two sessions I realize I should have stayed gone. My Paladin is great for rp, but in battle she's constanly outshone, and then last night we got another Warrior job joining the campaign and it's played by someone I have a not-so-good history with. That means save for the GM and two players, that entire campaign is full of people I really can't stand. That's actually kind of an accomplishment considering the list of people who I can't stand enough to game with is really short. Most everyone else I've enjoyed or can at least tolerate. Coming back to the battle thing, with a Fighter joining the ranks created by someone who knows how to work the system to be a damage tank, I think it's best I leave. And no, kicking that person out won't make me stay. At all. If anything it'll just make me feel even worse and more depressed than I already do. Sometimes things just don't work out and this is one of those times.

Of course, with 1601 floundering right out of the starting gate, this pretty much means that I've got nothing going on in the Returners/FFRPG community. Feeling left out of so much while my boyfriend is always invited to join things and has something going on nearly every single night leaves me less motivated to GM my own campaign. It was easier to GM when the work I was putting into it was being off-set by all the fun I was having getting to be a player. With my life as stressful as it is, it makes it harder to do the GM work when I've got no outlet to rp elsewhere. Sure, Ivalice is making a comeback, but it's been since February since I played Nevena regularly and it'll be another two or three weeks before I can maybe play her regularly again. Forgive me if after everything I don't feel inclined to hang my hopes on a maybe. (And please understand, Justin, this isn't a shot at you. It's really not my intention. I'm in a bad spot right now and just saying how I feel.)

Maybe if I got invited to anything anymore (and I don't mean through Sam -- I mean people actually talking to me, personally, and inviting me or telling me something is happening), or maybe if I hadn't apparently developed this reputation of being some horrible monster that people can't even talk to. I'm sorry that two years ago I was going through a lot of shit that I didn't bring up publicly save for the odd moment or two. There's been so much going on since then and I'm sorry that I am not the most open person when it comes to talking about my feelings with more than two or three people.

This week I've given serious consideration to bowing out and only sticking around IRC to be able to talk to Sam and two or three other people who are friends. I know Sam says he wants to game with me, but considering our track record with characters in the same campaign... *sighs* Yeah. And I do realize most of this is my fault, OK? So no need to start posting about how people are afraid to talk to me. I've heard it more than once and I fucking get it, all right?

On the plus side, if I leave I can throw some energy into writing and reading.

Just venting here,

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Why do I think of Mory? Oh right, because there's only one solution to getting out of a situation, and it's one that's so clear to her, the person who designed everything. Even if the players come up with something else, it's wrong because it's not what she had planned.

(By the way, Darths and Droids is a great comic. You should be reading it.)
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Okay, so I was feeling pretty shitty, but not so shitty that I can't enjoy some schadenfreude. This came up during a discussion about all the ways in which previous guild games have failed. FFRPG Monster Hunters has only been going for maybe a month now, and already they're chugging along on the SS Failboat.

[00:31:26] <Anonymous> And ... uh ... FFMH [FFRPG Monster Hunters]... well ... okay so the head GM designed monsters specifically so his wife's character would be good against them.
[00:31:27] <Anonymous> And told us.
[00:32:27] <JadeNSC> ...are you serious?
[00:32:34] <JadeNSC> Saan really has been stupid.
[00:32:37] <Anonymous> Yeah.
[00:32:40] <Anonymous> I almost quit right then.
[00:32:43] <JadeNSC> (And can I quote you? >.> I'll hide your name.)
[00:32:53] <Anonymous> Oh, yeah.
[00:32:59] <Anonymous> He told the whole channel.
[00:33:08] <Anonymous> It's common knowledge.
[00:33:23] <Anonymous> It's also common knowledge he FAILED.
[00:33:29] <Anonymous> Which is amusing.
[00:33:48] <Anonymous> Because he designed the monsters against his wife's character ... if she had leveled in BigMo's session.
[00:33:57] <Anonymous> But BigMo canceled due to lack of players.
[00:34:05] <Anonymous> So she didn't have the spell.
[00:34:12] <Anonymous> Made me laugh.

At least my instincts to stay away from this campaign were right on the money. (They were right about Triumph too, but I told them to shut up that day and that I wore the important decision-making pants. Someday I'll learn to listen better.)
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I just want to write up a tiny medium-sized rant/explanation of something regarding FFRPG. Please, feel free to skip/ignore.

The Divination trait does not grant you clairavoyance, omnipotency, or omnisciency. If you take the Divination trait, your character does not suddenly become Miss Cleo, nor does your character gain 24/7 access to the Akashic records. What Divination does is - combined the use of Key Points(KP) - give you vague clues about the immediate future. How vague depends on how many KP you part with, and even if you have a GM who will give you a crystal clear vision of some future event, it doesn't mean your character gets to have all the answers. It really doesn't mean your character can learn about other characters just by being their presence.

Here, let's break it down by looking at what's written in the PDF:

Effect: The character can foresee tiny fragments of the future or inklings of a destiny yet to come. How the character derives this knowledge varies from person to person; some may use Tarot cards or palmistry, others swear by smoke and tea leaves, and others still see the future through natural talents alone.

-1 Point (Spontaneous): By spending 1 Point, the character can obtain a vague vision of the not-too-distant future – either pertaining to themselves, another character, or the party as a whole. While accurate, this vision is open-ended enough to allow a number of interpretations.

-3 Point (Spontaneous): By spending 3 Points, the character can obtain a clear and unmistakable vision of the not-too-distant future – either pertaining to themselves, another character, or the party as a whole. This vision is lucid enough that there is no doubt as to what is happening, but still given without context. [Emphasis added]

See the parts I put in bold there? That means, even with the three-point version, you are not going to know everything. You will never be able to "see forever," or be able to learn Character Y's deepest, darkest secrets (and speaking from experience, you probably don't want to know what Character Y does in hir downtime). You can, on occasion, be able to inform the party of something that may or may not happen in the very near future, and sometimes you can get a fairly exact vision of it. However, it requires that you spend KP, which means you don't get to do that voodoo that you do on a whim.

There is no ability that allows a player to be truly psychic, and why would you want to be? If your character can have a crystal clear vision of the future and/or know everything there is to know about PCs and NPCs, where's the fun in uncovering plot, or having any sort of character development? Maybe there is a GM out there who doesn't mind hir players knowing what's in store for them, but I think I'd become rather bored playing in a campaign when I know how a major plot element is going to turn out. As a GM myself, I have fun throwing curveballs and springing surprises on my PCs.

You can probably have a lot of fun making a character whose catchphrase is "Call me now!" and you can even have hir be eccentric and just plain weird. I, personally, could have a lot of fun coming up with silly prophecies or making dire predictions for my comrades (think Miss Sybill Trelawney from Harry Potter), and I could put my own spin on events to say "See, I totally called it!" With the Divination trait, I could actually be right on the rare occasion - just enough to keep my fellow party members on their toes and freak them out. Or, I could be a charlatan who uses various tactics to make myself appear psychic though really all I'm doing is making educated/informed guesses. Of course, the first time I get caught going through a fellow PCs personal stuff to get clues about hir, I'll probably have to fight hard to keep my character from getting the crap beat out of hir. I could still use Divination to, again, know something on the odd occasion that's scarily accurate (and probably make the pissed-off PCs more inclined to keep my con-artist character around). And maybe you can have the real deal, but accept that you aren't going to be allowed to learn the secrets of the cosmos, and that your psychic abilities are never going to be exactly earth-shattering. If nothing else, it keeps the plot interesting, fun, and it keeps you from ticking off your fellow players because you spoil everything/have to know their secrets.

I bring this up because I have encountered, on more than one occasion, players who thought that merely taking the Divination trait granted their PCs psychic abilities. It does, but only when spending KP and certainly not to the degree I've seen some try to claim. It's especially frustrating when a player takes the Divination trait without understanding what the word "vague" means, and then complains that a GM didn't provide enough information. Nowhere in there does it say that a vision granted by Divination must be helpful to the party. It'd be nice if they all were, but it's not a requirement. It pays to think carefully before asking a GM for a specific vision of the future. The more direct and exacting your question is, the better your results will be; however, bear in mind a GM can always deny you the right to use any trait regardless of how much KP you're willing to use.

So, please, don't take the Divination trait expecting to be Doc Manhattan. Really, some secrets/surprises are better left unkown.
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When a GM says no to a request, the proper response is not to accuse the GM(s) of stifling your creativity and to pout because you can't do one thing. The proper response is to either accept the answer or politely ask, "What can I do instead to acheive my goal?"

If you claim that the other players dislike you/your character, then you should work toward uncovering why this is and address the issues. You should not spend a session telling another character snidely, "You go play while we do all the work," nor should you speak OOC and tell other players, "Hey, I can do more damage than that/I would have dodged that hit!" This does not exactly endear you to everyone. Furthermore, you will be laughed at when you then say, "The other players are provoking me." You haven't a leg to stand on.

If your character is a pretty-pretty princess and acts accordingly, the other characters who you treat as being beneath you will come to resent you. If you spend a session inserting yourself in the other characters' actions, or make a point of always asking "What about me?" everytime the spotlight is off of you for more than five seconds, people will get annoyed and call you out on your special snowflake syndrome.

If you are a GM and introduce a new character, take care not to hand that character everything she asks for. Do NOT make her out to be more awesome than the established characters. Do NOT give her fame and fortune without some sort of massive penalty. Give us a reason why she should be in the party other than the OOC reason, "Look, I found a new player!"

If you are a player new to the system, for the love of whatever deity you believe in READ THE FUCKING RULEBOOK. If after a month of sitting on a character, you haven't done so much as purchased armor/finished calculating stats, there is a problem. If after a month, you don't know how to do something as simple as going up one level, there is a problem. Asking a question to clarify something is fine. Having someone hold your hand and literally do every single step for you is not. The problem is not with us, it's with you.

Oh there's so much more I'll get into later, but this is a short list of the things that have happened in the past five days to aggravate the hell out of me.
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I think only two or three people might get this, but I still found it funny:

<Hjre> "Hi, miss healer lady. Mind giving me some pointers?"
<Clotho> "Don't get involved with married men."
<Hjre> "...okay..."

(Hjre = Newbie_X for those not in Triumph.)
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Dear fellow gamers,

You say your character isn't vital to the plot and that nothing happens for you. Well, I have this novel idea, it's called roleplay. I know, it's crazy, but hear me out. You have to do more than show up for the session. You have to interact with the other PCs and the occasional NPC. It is from these interactions that individual plots are formed and/or the overall plot is affected.

Of course, if I were to be honest I would say that all of us are just cogs in the wheel right now as we're all just going around from town to town warning leaders about the coming war. That doesn't leave a whole lot of room for individuality save for, shockingly, the interactions between characters.

In short, if you want more action, do more than just react to events. Help shape those events by your roleplay, and put some effort into it. It might help the poor GM too.

Apathetically Yours,

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There a couple of things bothering me right now when it comes to FFRPG and, specifically, Triumph player submissions.

First of all, RTFM. At level one, the highest rank you can have in any skill, language, or lore is 50%. It's right there in Chapter 2, you know, the one entitled "Character Creation." It's in a section labled "Skills" right after the "Combat Statistics" section. It would make sense that if you're creating a character that you would read this chapter especially. When I read your sheet and see that you have 70% in a skill at level one, I'm not going to bother reading anything else on your sheet. Why should I? You obviously didn't feel the need to read the whole rulebook.

Secondly, if you have to ask "Does my character fit the setting?" the answer is likely going to be no. It's most certainly no if your character is some sort of zombie or lich (yes, this actually happened). When a setting is provided and the GMs/devs have put time and effort into providing a world map with descriptions of regions, cities, and towns, it would behoove you to take advantage of the information provided. If you still have question about the appropriateness of your concept, then ask a GM so you can save both your time and our time. It's better to look like a fool in front of one of us than to demonstrate your foolishness for everyone who reads the wiki and to be told "Hell no" by nine people.

Thirdly, if you want to stab shit/beat the shit out of bad guys, then please take a fucking Warrior job. White Mages, Bards, and especially Chemists are support jobs. Support means you help the party, whether it be by healing Hit Points or buffing. Your primary function is to aid your fellow players. Yes, White Mages have a few offensive spells, but by and large their spells are for healing and buffing. Chemists get that awesome Mix ability at Level 34, but that is the only ability they get that is not support. Bards get a couple of neat offensive abilities, but their true awesomeness lies in their ability to buff the hell out of the party (especially at end-game - I speak from experience). I do think it's silly to give a WHM Two Weapons, and I hate seeing a Chemist with twinked out MAG at level freaking one.

Yes, I know I may be a minority in this as a GM, but my experience has solidified my position on this matter. In a small campaign, the party is static for the most part. Players can adjust to having someone play a healplz job as something else. However, in a campaign like Triumph, when the party changes every session, players come to expect that a healplz will act as support. Again, speaking from experience here, nothing is more annoying than watching your Sword Master go into SoS and seeing the WHM blast enemies instead of heal you because his awesomely tweaked out MAG lets him blast Aeraga. Remember, those with a Warrior job in the party usually can't do much else but beat things senseless. If you're there both healing and taking away from their killing spotlight, player resentment builds up quickly. If the bulk of you abilities center around healing, then take that as a big clue as to what others will expect from you when you play. Honestly, no one is going to be surprised if you say you prefer beatstick jobs over healplz. Plenty of us feel that way, and I say that as someone who got burned out on playing a WHM.

To sum up: For the love of deity, THINK before you submit your sheet.
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FFRPG players, listen up because I'm only going to say this once:

Paladin =/= Healplz

Yes, yes, I know, Healing Wind is T: Party healing, BUT it's not meant to be a constant source of healing unless you have no other choice. Plus, when some members have 400 - 500 Hit Points and are getting sent into SoS, healing for 130 is only going to be a temp solution.

Furthermore, when playing a Chemist and facing enemies that are Undead and likely Auto-Zombie, the first thing you do is lob a tonic or a potion at them to see if it hurts them. If it does, you repeat the process with Hi-Potions or Hyper Potions until the things are dead. You don't spend the battle showing off your uber skills with your twinked out MAG while your party members go in and out of SoS when you finally figure, "Hey, I better do some healing."

The ONLY excuse for you not testing a healing item on the enemy within the first two rounds would be that you HAD NONE.

If you want to be a damage whore, take a Warrior job or a Mage job that's designed with damage in mind. Do not take a job expressly designed for support just because they get one awesome ability at level 34 and is the only ability that's not support oriented that they get. If you don't want the responsibility of healplz, don't fucking take the job.

Fuck you very much,

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Remora, check out what you missed! Elisha, nope, this wasn't about goats. :(

I've already stated that if people who are not devs/GMs are not reigned in, I will walk. I won't take this bullshit happening everytime someone has a minor nitpick over language. Really, this was fucking ridiculous. Yes, I'm annoyed.

Only relevant if you're in Returners community or know much of anything about FFRPG 3rd edition. )


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