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By the end of the year, City of Heroes will be no more.

This really is a shock. Sam's been super happy about the upcoming Issue 24 and all the new developments happening. From all accounts, their free-to-play system had been amazing and was making them some money.

I think I'll hop on at some point before they shut down entirely to take one last spin on Ballari and Selene. :-\
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(Note: I'm only being half-serious with the subject line.)

George Lucas Says Han Never Shot First, You Were Just Confused

As it turns out, those who saw that controversial edit as a fundamental betrayal of the character—changing Han Solo from a shrewd, streetwise bad-ass to a guy who got really lucky that Greedo is such a lousy shot; rendering his evolution from amoral antihero to full-blown hero less meaningful, etc. —well, they were just confused all along, because Lucas now says Han never shot first:
The controversy over who shot first, Greedo or Han Solo, in Episode IV, what I did was try to clean up the confusion, but obviously it upset people because they wanted Solo to be a cold-blooded killer, but he actually isn’t. It had been done in all close-ups and it was confusing about who did what to whom. I put a little wider shot in there that made it clear that Greedo is the one who shot first, but everyone wanted to think that Han shot first, because they wanted to think that he actually just gunned him down.

I'm not going to live in a world where Han didn't shoot first, and you can't make me. LALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU, GEORGE
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My mother often reminds me of something her father, my grandfather, used to say about what he learned working as a city magistrate/judge in my hometown. He said there were two kinds of laws: the ones that applied to the poor and the ones that applied to the rich. It's that little nugget of family history that I thought about when I learned the possible reasons behind why Jerry Sandusky went free on bail despite prosecutors' desires.

The judge who released former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky on bail has had ties to his charity.

After Sandusky was charged this month with 40 counts of sexually abusing children, Judge Leslie Dutchcot freed him on $100,000 bail, against the wishes of prosecutors.

A biography of Dutchcot posted on the website of the law firm Goodall & Yurchak lists her as a volunteer for The Second Mile, a program for troubled youths that Sandusky founded.

Quelle surprise. Anyone who has lived in a small town knows having connections to people in power can let you get away with murder (not quite literally, but sometimes...). Guess what Sandusky has by virtue of having ties to Penn State's football team and being the head of a charity organization? Connections. Lots of them.

In this report it's also noted that Sandusky can see an elementary school playground from his backyard. Yeah, totally okay to have him walking around on bail.
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Ladies and gentleman, this woman wants to run for President:

Michele Bachmann thinks America blew it by extending a safety net to millions of Americans under President Johnson’s “Great Society.” Her solution? Model the economy after communist China.

“The ‘Great Society’ has not worked and it’s put us into the modern welfare state,” she said. “If you look at China, they don’t have food stamps. If you look at China, they’re in a very different situation. They save for their own retirement security…They don’t have the modern welfare state and China’s growing. And so what I would do is look at the programs that LBJ gave us with the Great Society and they’d be gone.”


Though there's pretty much no chance she'll win the Republican nomination at this point, the simple fact she's even in consideration for the nomination speaks volumes as to the state of politics in this country. If you have to have it spelled out for you why China is not the sort of country you want your ostensibly democratic country to emulate, you really shouldn't be allowed anywhere near any sort of government building. Period.

I swear one day we're going to discover Michelle Bachman is a creation of the creators/writers behind The Daily Show, and that she's a prank that went horribly, horribly wrong.
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Scalzi fucking nails it:

You know, there’s a part of me who looks at the actions of each of non-raping grown men in the “Pennsylvania State University small-child-allegedly-being-raped-by-a-grown-man-who-is-part-of-the-football-hierarchy” scandal and can understand why those men could rationalize a) not immediately acting in the interests of a small child being raped, b) not immediately going to the police, c) doing only the minimum legal requirements in the situation, d) acting to keep from exposing their organization to a scandal. But here’s the thing: that part of me? The part that understands these actions? That part of me is a fucking coward. And so by their actions — and by their inactions — were these men.

Every bit of new information in this story sickens me just a little more. If ONE adult in any of this had acted as they should have, just ONE, how many children would have been spared vicitimization?
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[TRIGGER WARNINGS apply for this entire post for child sexual abuse/assault.]

I'm reading through the grand jury report on Sandusky (PDF) (well, skipping over the more gruesome parts), and I read this:

Before Victim 1 ceased contact with Sandusky, Sandusky routinely had contact with him at a Clinton County high school where the administration would call Victim 1 out of activity period/study hall in the late afternoon to meet with Sandusky in a conference room. No one monitored these visits. Sandusky assisted the school with coaching varsity football and had unfettered access to the school.


[Steve] Turchetta [an assistant principal at Victim 1's high school] said it was not unusual for him, as assistant principal, to call a Second Mile student out of activity period at the end of the day, at Sandusky's request, to see Sandusky. He knew of several students who were left alone with Sandusky, including Victim 1. [...] Turchetta testified that Sandusky would be "clingy" and even "needy" when a young man broke off the relationship he had established with him and called the behavior "suspicious." [Emphasis Mine]

This was in 2007-2008. Remember, Mike McQueary witnessed Sandusky sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy in the showers--I'm sparing you the grand jury report on that incident, but it's at the link too and it's way worse than the "sexual assault" implies--in March 2002.

McQueary failed to intervene and stop the assault, though he said Sandusky and the boy saw him enter the locker room, according to the report.

Instead, McQueary, then a 28-year-old graduate assistant, went to Paterno with the allegation. Paterno, the report said, alerted athletic director Tim Curley, fulfilling a legal obligation, but did not alert the authorities, shirking a moral one.

This is a different victim from the one I'm reading about in the grand jury report linked above. Five and six years later, Sandusky was still coaching and had "unfettered access" to a high school. That'll give you nightmares.

Back to the grand jury report, I found something even more disturbing. After McQueary reported what he witnessed in the showers in 2002, which according to testimony from Tim Curley, Penn State Athletic Director, was reported to him by McQueary as merely "horsing around" and "inappropriate"--and doesn't that make you wonder who is telling the truth?--here's what action was taken, plus a little extra tidbit about Sandusky's past prior to 2002:

[Gary] Schultz [then-Senior Vice President for Finance and Business at Penn State] testified that he and Curley agreed that Sandusky was to be told not to bring any Second Mile children into the football building and he believed that he and Curley asked "the child protection agency" to look into the matter. Schultz testified that he knew about an investigation of Sandusky that occurred in 1998, that the "child protection agency" had done, and he testified that he believed this same agency was investigating the 2002 report by the graduate assistant [McQueary]. Schultz acknowledged that there were similarities between the 1998 and 2002 allegations, both of which involved minor boys in the football showers with Sandusky behaving in a sexually inappropriate manner. Schultz testified that the 1998 incident was reviewed by the University Police and "the child protection agency" with the blessing of the then-University counsel Wendell Courtney. [...] Schultz confirmed that University President Graham Spanier was apprised in 2002 that a report of an incident involving Sandusky and a child in the showers on campus had been reported by an employee. Shcultz testified that Spanier approved the decision to ban Sandusky from bringing children into the football locker room and the decision to advise The Second Mile of the 2002 incident. [Emphasis Mine]

Right, so in 1998 they were aware of an investigation by the child protection agency and after 2002 the most action taken was to...bar Sandusky from the showers? Victim 1 testified that he was abused in Sandusky's home, so taking away access to the showers did absolutely squat to prevent further abuse. In fact, doing next to nothing seems to be a recurring theme in this entire nightmare.

Although Schultz oversaw the University Police as part of his position, he never reported the 2002 incident to the University Police or other police agency, never sought or reviewed a police report on the 1998 incident and never attempted to learn the identity of the child in the shower in 2002. No one from the University did so. Schultz did not ask the graduate assistant [McQueary] for specifics. No one ever did. Schultz expressed surprise upon learning that the 1998 investigation by University Police produced a lengthy police report. Schultz said there was never any discussion between himself and Curley about turning the 2002 incident over to any police agency.


Department of Public Welfare and Children and Youth Services local and state records were subpoenaed by the Grand Jury; University Police records were also subpoenaed. The records reveal that the 2002 incident was never reported to any officials, in contravention of Pennsylvania law. [Emphasis Mine]

So that entire argument that Paterno/University officials et. al did everything they were supposed to do, that everyone in this case did what they were supposed to do? Complete and utter bullshit. All of it.

And that, dear friends, is the point where I think I need to stop reading this because, quite frankly, it's only 9:30 AM on a Thursday which means it's too early to start drinking.

If this is not an example of a cover-up, then surely this is evidence of extreme incompetence at every fucking level. Victim 1, Victim 2, and their families were failed at every level by the adults they were supposed to trust with their/their children's safety and well-being. Children who may never have been victimized had this been addressed as it should were victimized, horribly so. Nothing was done to stop this. It was more important to protect the university's reputation and to keep the football team from being damaged. The lives of those children were seen as less important than the interests of the football team.

You know, maybe the rules and laws say that Paterno did what he was supposed to do, McQueary too (even though the grand jury report indicates otherwise). But when you do report and you see nothing done (never mind that you actually saw it physically happen in front of you and you did nothing), shouldn't there be a moral obligation to report it to authorities? Why does there have to be a fucking law telling you to do the right thing?

And because Paterno was rightly fired, now students are protesting and think it's unfair that he can't coach another game. Paterno is "disappointed" in his firing. I suppose asking he be disappointed in himself and his failure to report and prevent the abuse of several children is too much to ask.

ETA: Jesus fucking christ. In 2000 a janitor saw Sandusky orally assaulting a boy and...he reported it to janitorial staff. As to who that victim is, he's "Vcitim 8" and his identity is unknown. There are victims tesitfying about abuse as early as 1994.

What the fucking fuck, people? All that's happening is that Paterno and Spanier are getting fired. They aren't being charged. There is no goddamned justice in this world. None.
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Don't Ask Don't Tell was repealed yesterday and it was a Very Good Day(TM).

Warning: Have tissues handy!

First up, a gay soldier comes out to his father and records it live for YouTube.

"Everybody here knows, Dad. And it's all been great. Nobody's giving me any shit about it."

World War II veteran Melvin Dwork, pictured in his old uniform, was discharged from the Navy for being gay. Now his discharge has been changed from "undesirable" to "honorable" as a result of the DADT repeal.

There are several heartwarming pictures there, including a picture from Lt. Gary Ross's wedding (link follows).

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal: Navy Lt. Gary Ross, Partner Dan Swezy Wed As Military's Gay Ban Formally Ends

DUXBURY, Vt. -- Just as the formal repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy took effect, Navy Lt. Gary Ross and his partner were married before a small group of family and friends.

The two men, who'd been together 11 years, decided to marry in Vermont in part because the state is in the Eastern time zone.

That way, they were able to recite their vows at the stroke of midnight - at the first possible moment after the ban ended.

And he wore his dress blues. BLUB!
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I knew Orson Scott Card was homophobic, that's not really news to anyone who has spent any length of time online. However, what did come as something of a shock was learning he had re-written Hamlet as a novella, which on its own isn't anything to get up in arms about. After all, I'm a huge fan of Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, but Stoppard only tried to give us a humorous insight into two of the minor characters of Shakespeare's great tragedy. Card turned Hamlet's father into a gay pedophile.


From William Alexander's review of Hamlet's Father:

Here's the punch line: Old King Hamlet was an inadequate king because he was gay, an evil person because he was gay, and, ultimately, a demonic and ghostly father of lies who convinces young Hamlet to exact imaginary revenge on innocent people. The old king was actually murdered by Horatio, in revenge for molesting him as a young boy—along with Laertes, and Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern, thereby turning all of them gay. We learn that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are now "as fusty and peculiar as an old married couple. I pity the woman who tries to wed her way into that house."

Hamlet is damned for all the needless death he inflicts, and Dead Gay Dad will now do gay things to him for the rest of eternity: "Welcome to Hell, my beautiful son. At last we'll be together as I always longed for us to be."

And that is just the cherry on this particular shit sundae. Subterranean Press, after receiving a multitude of complaints, released a statement and essentially said, "Well, it's shocking this didn't cause such controversy the first time it was published." To that I say, bullshit. By virtue of gaining a wider audience, it was discovered whereas before it might have slipped under the radar by being part of an anthology, or by being printed for audiences more liable to parrot Card's belief of homosexuality as a Big Evil.

I'm only surprised he used a work of Shakespeare, who many theorize was either gay or bisexual, as his particular foil.

A good round up of links can be found the unfunnybusiness community on Journal Fen, including an article from the Guardian.

P.S.: Free speech arguments stop here. Yes, Card can say whatever the hell he wants, but that doesn't mean he's safe from thousands of people calling him out for being an asshole. He's not being arrested for his statements; he is being taken to task. There's a huge difference and if you can't see it, please spare me and others who read this your cluelessness.
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In response to it coming to light that Gamestop asked its employees to remove the vendor code for OnLive in the PC copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution the company issued an apology to customers who pre-ordered the game and to OnLive and Square Enix for being stupid.

Oh, wait, that was what they should have done. Instead they're pulling the PC version of the game from their shelves.

According to an email forwarded to Kotaku from an anonymous source and confirmed via GameStop retail employees, the company instructs employees to remove any retail copies of the PC version of the game to the back room of the store pending recall at a later date. Note that the recall is being performed in agreement with Square Enix, indicating the two companies have been in communication regarding the situation.

Thanks for continuing to ensure that you won't be receiving any of my money, Gamestop.
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Not that you really needed it now, but I have more reason for you to despise Gamestop:


If you purchase your copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution at a retail store, you're supposed to receive a code that allows you to play the game for free using the online gaming service OnLive. It's a neat giveaway, and it certainly gives gamers an incentive to try the service, but a leaked memo seems to show GameStop's fear of digital delivery: employees are allegedly being asked to open every game and remove the coupon.
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In Texas it's apparently just too hard to expect men not to be misogynistic assholes. In fact it's so hard that if you're a woman wanting to attend a Battlefield 3 LAN party at one particular establishment, you're just S.O.L.

A large launch party and LAN for Battlefield 3 is being held in Texas, and women are disallowed from attending in order to protect them from misogynistic insults. While the original text in the FAQ has now been removed, the FAQ declared that women are not invited with the following statement:

Nothing ruins a good LAN party like uncomfortable guests or lots of tension, both of which can result from mixing immature, misogynistic male-gamers with female counterparts. Though we’ve done our best to avoid these situations in years past, we’ve certainly had our share of problems. As a result, we no longer allow women to attend this event.”

After being called out on this behavior on Reddit and on Kotaku, the text was removed and replaced by declaring the event as a ‘gentleman’s retreat’.

I was alerted to this via [community profile] girlgamers where the poster said "The reason seems to be that a girl gamer, and other MALE gamers, complained about some asshole who in conclusion got banned from the LAN party." I can't vouch for the veracity of this statement, but sadly it wouldn't surprise me if this was the case.

By banning women, you aren't solving the problem of sexist language. You're saying it's permissible so long as no woman is around to hear you say it, which it shouldn't be. Here's a hint: Just because nobody hears you saying offensive crap doesn't make it suddenly unoffensive. It's offensive no matter what, and offensive language carries social consequences.

Our findings demonstrate that sexist humor is not simply benign amusement. For men who have sexist attitudes it can create a perceived social norm of tolerance of discrimination against women, and as a result, increase personal tolerance of discrimination against women and even increase willingness to engage in sexist behavior without fears of disapproval.

Again, by banning women and not the language you've only become part of the problem you claim you're trying to address. Congratulations.

Also, I want to repeat something Tami B. said at the first link:

I will say that preventing women from attending gaming events doesn’t solve the problem with misogyny and hate speech towards them. Instead, it puts the blame on the women for even being present, and removes the obligation for men to be decent human beings who respect women gamers. It basically is saying that the organizers either don’t want to put the effort into policing language at their event, or don’t trust the men to be mature and responsible enough to adhere to event policies. [Emphasis added]

And that's the bottom line. Punish women for being women and treat men like children who are incapable of controlling themselves and their mouths. Sound familiar? It should. It's part of Rape Culture 101 and Misogyny 101. Men are animals with no self control and we can't expect any better out of them.

Now you see why only Toph could express my anger appropriately.
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[personal profile] cleolinda posted some just-released pictures from the filming of The Hobbit. I'm not a Tolkien fan, but I am a fan of the movies and the seeing John Watson Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins is making me very happy.

Back to being a dork. Ahem. How long until 2012?
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Tracy Morgan is a pathetic homophobic misogynistic shitstain. Don't believe me? Here are some highlights from his June 3rd stand-up routine in Nashville, Tennessee:

-Mr. Morgan took it upon himself to mention about how he feels all this gay shit was crazy and that women are a gift from God and that “Born this Way” is bullshit, gay is a choice, and the reason he knows this is exactly because “God don’t make no mistakes” (referring to God not making someone gay cause that would be a mistake).

I always find it baffling how on one hand I hear that the Christian god is ultimately unknowable in the sense that we mortals (his supposed children/creations) are not privy to the rhyme or reason for his plans and yet so many are adamant that they know being gay is a choice. That god, who shapes everyone one and has a direct hand in every aspect of our life (i.e. "God never gives us more than we can handle." and "God has a plan for us all."), would never, ever, ever create someone who loves people of the same sex/gender.

-He said that there is no way a woman could love and have sexual desire for another woman, that’s just a woman pretending because she hates a fucking man. He took time to visit the bullshit of this bullying stuff and informed us that the gays needed to quit being pussies and not be whining about something as insignificant as bullying.

In other words all those lesbos just need a good dicking and I'm the man to do it. Why do some men get so angry that lesbians don't want anything to do with a penis? Could it be because men have this sense that they should be entitled to every pussy in their general vicinity? How vain do you have to be to take offense that there are women who have zero interest in you?

Also, the people who say bullying isn't a big deal or that it's insignificant are often the same people who were never bullied themselves. If they claim they were, it basically amounts to "I was called four-eyes once" because they wore glasses. They never had people try to harm them physically, or if they did, it was an isolated incident. They never had to go to school every day in fear of being harmed or harassed. Bullying is not insignificant, and I can definitely say that while my life would never be perfect, many aspects of it would have been a hell of a lot more positive without all the harassment and bullying I was subjected to.

-He mentioned that gay was something kids learn from the media and programming, and that bullied kids should just bust some ass and beat those other little fuckers that bully them, not whine about it. He said if his son that was gay he better come home and talk to him like a man and not [he mimicked a gay, high pitched voice] or he would pull out a knife and stab that little N (one word I refuse to use) to death.

I know how his son feels. While my father never knew I was attracted to women (and my mother still doesn't know either), hearing him make homophobic remarks, outright stating that having a gay child was a horrifying nightmare to him, and disparaging gays and lesbians at every opportunity really harmed our relationship. And it made me terrified of who I was and scared of what he might do if he learned I wasn't 100% straight. It's one of several reasons I've never been in a relationship with another woman despite many attractions and a few crushes. I feared being punished unfairly for being myself and being disowned and tossed out on my ass.

Before you say it, I don't care if his son never hears this routine because of Mr. Morgan is willing to say this shit on stage in front of a crowded theater, he damn well is saying similar shit at home where his son can hear it. Even if he thinks his son isn't in the same room or doesn't hear it, trust me, he is aware of his father's feelings. It doesn't matter if his son is gay or straight, it matters that Mr. Morgan is flat-out saying "I'll only love you if you like girls." It matters that Mr. Morgan is using a public platform to preach hatred and violence against an already oppressed group of people for no other reason than he's afraid of people who are different.

Tracy then said he didn’t fucking care if he pissed off some gays, because if they can take a fucking dick up their ass… they can take a fucking joke.

Here's a clue: If your so-called jokes invoke the same rhetoric as people who advocate violence against glbtq or any oppressed minority and it's not satire, it's not a joke. You are on the same level as Fred Phelps and other homophobic asswipes. People aren't laughing, they're applauding and nodding their heads in agreement. You are telling them it's okay to kill someone because they are gay.

And before anyone goes "But what about free speech?" Sure, Morgan's got free speech, but the catch is so do I and so does every other American. He has every right to get up on stage and be an utter tool; however, everyone else has every right to respond and explain why he's being an utter tool, why his "jokes" are ultimately harmful, and basically tell him he's a horrible person who deserves the shaming he's getting.

Blah, blah, blah, yeah he's apologized, blah. Here's the line that gets to me: "I’m not a hateful person and don’t condone any kind of violence against others." Except when he does, like he did on June 3.
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[Trigger Warnings like whoa all up in this post. Rape, sexual assault, medical abuse...]

What the fuck is wrong with the world and why does it hate women so goddamned much?

Egyptian general admits 'virginity checks' conducted on protesters

Oh, just you wait, it gets so much "better."

Again, major Trigger Warnings. )
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Posting this to get my mind off tonight's events in WoW.

(Hat-tip [livejournal.com profile] demonicgerbil)

Bill Would Ban Parents from Having Sex at Home While Getting Divorced

BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) - A new bill on Beacon Hill would ban parents from engaging in sexual relationships within the home until their divorces are final.

Wrentham Selectman Robert Leclair says the bill is meant to prevent domestic violence and shield children while the divorce is underway.

How banning adults from engaging in consensual sex is preventing domestic violence, I don't know.

Also not said is how this would ever be enforced. Cameras in the bedroom? Pfft, I pity how unimaginative a sex life is if you think you can only have sex if there's a bed. Lie detectors every time you go to court? Gynecological exams?

Leclair, who reportedly has gone through a bitter divorce himself, is the former president of Fathers United for Equal Justice, which disbanded in the 1990s.

And suddenly it becomes clear to me: A Men's Right Advocate. Gotta punish those sluts who get away and take the kids with them.

Also, I'm so glad that bedroom activities are seen as important as rebuilding the economy, saving education, etc.
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[12:26] <JadeNSC> Huh, a new Wii system is coming in 2012.
[12:27] <Mokura> o_O
[12:27] <JadeNSC> http://www.cnn.com/2011/TECH/gaming.gadgets/05/13/wii.2.steinberg/index.html?eref=mrss_igoogle_cnn
[12:29] <JadeNSC> "We can only speculate for now about the Wii 2's possible features, which are said to include high-definition 1080p graphics, more computing muscle than the PlayStation 3 and a controller with a touchscreen built into it." O_O A controller with a built-in touch screen.
[12:29] <JadeNSC> Dude, they put a DS in your Wii so you can...I'm not caffeinated enough to come up with anything.

In other news, if you're in the market for car insurance, give Geico a look. I know, I know, but I had to deal with them today and I can't express enough how friendly, helpful, and kind they were to me in setting up a new policy and answering my questions for an embarrassing situation. Plus, my new rate is way lower than what I had with my former insurance company. Much more affordable, which is very important right now for obvious reasons, and I can make quick changes to my policy online when necessary.

Overall a quick, painless process save for a paper-cut on my thumb, which is totally not Gieco's fault. My printer is getting the blame for that one for not loading paper properly to print up my new card.
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Dear Mike Rowe,

I've never let it be a secret that I have a huge crush on you, like so many of your fans. From the fact that you faked your way into the Baltimore Opera to your awesome, funny, and insightful Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs, there aren't many bad things I can say about you. Honestly, I thought there weren't any other reasons for me to love you, but today you went and proved me wrong.

Today you testified before the United States Senate about the importance of skilled labor to our infrastructure. You also used your testimony as a way to promote your new project with Discovery channel, Discover Your Skills, "a new multimedia public affairs campaign designed to address the growing decline in US skilled labor expertise." To top it off, your op-ed piece in Politico is nothing short of fantastic as well as humorous and completely "you" in tone.

As the daughter of a blue collar worker, I appreciate what you're doing and the way you're using your celebrity to improve the world around you. Keep up the good work.

Happy to be writing a positive open letter to a star for once,

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I understand that Osama Bin Laden's death was necessary, that there's no way we could exactly bring him to justice via the American court system or some other form of justice recognized worldwide. He was responsible for the worst attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor and that's not a crime anyone should be expected to forgive. I do believe tonight has at least lessened much of the fear we've lived under for a decade and I will not condemn my country's actions.

And yet I can't help but be appalled at the thought of people gathering in DC after the president's speech waving American flags and chanting "USA" over and over again like we won some sort of competition. This isn't team America winning a gold medal at the olympics. The taking of another human life isn't something I will ever greet with glee.

I mourn the lives we lost almost ten years ago. I mourn the blood that's been spilled since that day, both that of our military men and women, our allies, and the innocent civilains overseas whose homelands are now torn apart by war with no certainty of what their future may hold. My only hope is that this death is the one that will prevent more deaths, that it ultimately serves as a catalyst for healing. I pray an end to war is in sight. I pray that more lives are not taken in response for the taking of this life. I pray for an end to the vicious cycle of violence that started long before September 11, 2001.

I pray for peace.
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Last November, over on the Feathermoon Realm, Everbloom decided grinding to level 85 was just way too easy and had the idea of earning XP solely from gathering Professions.

And zie did it.

Playing on the US RP server Feathermoon, this player achieved what most thought impossible (while still maintaining one’s sanity): grinding through 85 grueling levels via gathering Professions alone. Think it’s all a hoax? The proof is in the profile pudding—Everbloom’s character profile plainly shows that he/she/it has reached the level cap without killing a single enemy. But what’s this? One completed quest?! Not exactly—this was an unfortunate misstep, where a quest was completed simply by opening a letter from an NPC (which Blizzard couldn’t redact). Nonetheless, this is an imposing achievement, especially considering that the character was created around last November.

I'm sitting here trying to fathom the sheer tedium of sneaking around, avoiding enemies, and running away from fights with my only reward being the paltry XP offered to me by my little flower gathering. Doing all that and reaching level 85 in only about five months? Are you kidding me?

On the other hand, I suppose if any race and class were going to be a flower loving pacifistic hippie, it'd be a Night Elf druid.

I will never be this awesome at WoW. Never.

ETA: It would help if I included a link to the quoted article. Yeah, so, it was there all this time. >.>
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LiveJournal is under a DDOS attack, the second within a week's time. That's why LJ is being such a pain in the ass to load, if it loads at all. (I'm posting this from Dreamdwidth as always.)

No telling when this will be over, and the last time I looked at LJ's status page it still said March 30 and not April 4, but that might have changed.

Do not quote me on this, but I think the original DDOS attack originated from Russia and it's political in origin. If this is true, I'm hardly surprised given the controversy surrounding SUP and all of the concerns raised when they first bought LiveJournal.

ETA: According to [personal profile] foxfirefey, the attack is indeed politically motivated.

"Poor LJ! Evidence points to the DDoS being retaliation for hosting the blog of a Russian anti-corruption advocate. This isn't the first time this has happened. I support them in this and hope they pull through soon."

Anyway, I should make a list of websites to play on when LJ is down. I suppose I could visit the World's End Tavern forums on WoW's website.

On second thought, maybe not.


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