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So, I'm writing, or at least trying to. I've been wanting to write since...well, I always want to write, but I've been letting real life wear me down. I'm fighting real life right now and doing my best to write something, even if it's naughty slash involving an RP character of mine.

And then today, I encountered an issue with my laptop's keyboard.

You think I should call tech support about this?

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Today in things that only happen to me before a boss pull in Firelands:

Jack hopped in through the open window (he gets to use it like a cat door in warmer weather) and went under my chair. I happened to look down and saw he deposited a dead mouse.

Jade: (On vent.) "Um, sorry guys, I need a minute to clean up the dead mouse my cat just brought me."
Jack: (Sashays off to his chair, nose in the air.) YOU'RE WELCOME!

When I had a chance a few minutes later, I gave him some catnip, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

At least he didn't bring it to me while I was lying in bed this time,* and at least he wasn't like Gwen and left it on the dining room table.** Still, his timing could have been better.

As for the raid, don't ask me. I don't want to get into it.

* = True story. It was shortly after we brought Jack home from the cat rescue. One night I was sitting in bed on the laptop and Jack jumped on the bed and plopped a big dead mouse right there next to me on the comforter. That was the moment I knew he was happy to have a home.

** = Also a true story. This one not as funny because Gwen had partially disemboweled the mouse and left the top half on the table for us. I guess she thought the entire mouse was more than we deserved.
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I didn't really do this last year, but I thought this year I'd offer lots of picture spam from our Christmas weekend. This will be divided into two posts, the first primarily dealing with Santa and the kiddo with a special appearance from Jack. Next post will be pictures of some wonderful gifts Sam and I received from his parents and sisters.

First up, the Santa swag.

Unwrapping Presents = SRS BSNS

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Warning: The following image may cause cavities or inspire a sudden desire to snuggle fluffy animals.

A rainy day means that rather than go outside for their morning "patrols," Sasha and Jack stay inside and hang out where it's dry. For Jack, this means the couch (where Sasha isn't allowed given her propensity for occasionally finding mud puddles to play in) since he can maximize his human cuddling. Normally he curls up next to my left side or, if Sam is on his laptop, stretches out over Sam's chest (being taller than me, he has more space for Jack to fit), but today he chose to stretch out on the cushion next to me and when I had to get up, I turned and saw this:

What's really cute about it is that Jack hates belly petting, but of course I couldn't resist all that fluffy belly. It annoyed him but all he did was roll slightly to one side so I'd stop and then stretch out again. He remained unmoving as I got up to grab the camera.

January 13, 2012, will be two years since I adopted Jack and brought him home from the cat rescue. I was able to get him right away (after I filled out an application and they spoke to my vet) rather than needing to wait for them to neuter and chip him. He'd been adopted once before and brought back, probably because he was a, um, boisterous boy kitty who liked to pounce and play. He's still boisterous and will tip over the trash can to get to his empty cans of wet food as there might still be some morsels left behind he didn't get the first time, but he's also become one of the cuddliest and sweetest kitties I've ever had.
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Jack has this habit of knocking over the trash can, usually to get at his empty cans of cat food to make absolutely sure I have given him every tiny molecule of wet food. Yes, he's a cat. No, he's not so much of a cat that tipping over garbage can for scraps is beneath him. (This only serves as further proof he was a dog in his previous life, especially considering he chases other dogs off the property and acts like he's king of the castle.)

Apparently, he and Sasha have developed a system. Or maybe Sasha's just think she's clever. Whatever it is, whenever Jack has knocked over the trash can, Sasha has come to believe she won't be the one to get in trouble if she helps herself to the garbage. It's already knocked over and she can't help it if the food is right there. Jack was naughty first and that's all that should count, right?

Sasha never goes into the trash or knocks it over. She waits for Jack to do it and only then will she try to get at the food. Jack will at least keep the garbage contained to the kitchen, but Sasha--if I'm not home to pick up the can right away--will take her food to go and bring it into the living room or my bedroom.

But she's still not the one who knocked it over so she shouldn't be fussed at, okay? *sigh*

Other things Jack has apparently taught Sasha despite being younger by several months: How to pounce like a cat. Sam's witnessed this too. Sasha will lie down in the grass like a cat does prior to pouncing on some prey. She might even wiggle her butt a little bit before she leaps to pounce on Jack, who then promptly rolls onto his side to patiently wait while Sasha nuzzles his belly and chin. Yes, my fifty-pound Chow-mix pounces on our ten-plus pound kitty and the kitty loves it. They also groom each other. No joke.

My pets are weird.

...and now I have to go pick up the trash can again. Someone's getting put outside for a bit.
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I've mentioned before that Prissy is a tiny cat, the size of some kittens. I've also mentioned that one of Prissy's favorite things to do is come and curl up on my chest (or Sam's when he's here). She's small enough that it's not a big deal for her to do so, and it's endearing. The only time it's a problem is when she insists on sitting up and bathing herself, which in turn obstructs my view.

Jack, bless his little heart </Southern accent>, likes to cuddle on occasion too, and since Prissy can get on our chests without a problem, he sees absolutely no reason why he can't enjoy the Provider(s) of Food the same way. Jack is about twice Prissy's size and, thanks to his need to devour the dry food, he's a little pudgy. Factor in his long hair and...well, just look:

Yes, that's me lost in orange fur (and yes I do look like crap...well, what you can see of me). I took it today with my laptop's crappy built-in webcam when Jack decided once again to try and take a nap on my chest. He nuzzled my head and purred as loud as he could, but in the end my need to breathe won and he had to settle for cuddling next to me on the couch.

Really, he's a sweet cat and I have to give him points for trying so hard to make it work for him.
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I have a cat on my chest (Prissy)* and one stretched out behind my head on the back of the couch (Jack). I have this paranoia that I'm about to become the victim of some sort of cat-related plot.

If I disappear suddenly, you'll know why.

* = Prissy is about eight pounds soaking wet and is the size of some kittens, so it's not problem for her to curl up on my chest while I'm on the laptop. The problem is that lately Jack has come to the conclusion that he should be able to do the same. He's about twice the size of Prissy with long, fluffy hair. About the best he can manage is to stretch out the top half of his torso across my body. This often leads to hands falling asleep and/or mouthfuls of fluffy orange fur when he tries to fit all of his body in one spot.
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Two funny things from today:

The first is walking outside this afternoon and finding a herd of goats in my front yard. Turns out my landlords' goat herd has a leader who likes to lead the herd to places they ought not go, and today that included going up the mountain, down around to a trailer down the driveway, and then back up to my yard. The Great Pyrenese dog, Trixie, apparently lets this goat lead, but she does the job of keeping the herd together and making sure no other animals bother them.

And then there was Jack.

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Usually, Jack and Prissy ignore one another, or Jack "attacks" Prissy to try and get her to play with him since he's still a very young kitty (only about 1.5 years compared to Prissy's 16/17 years), but over Thanksgiving Break, they called a temporary peace in order to share in a box I had sitting on the table. Oddly enough, Jack was in it first and Prissy approached him with this "Move over" glare, and thus I grabbed the camera.

I'd forgotten about it until today when a cutesy post elsewhere reminded me of it. I thought I'd share.
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I think either I had a ghostly visitor last night or Jack can jump rather high.

I was sleeping peacefully, having fallen asleep pretty early last night. Suddenly, the overhead light popped on and the strings you pull down to turn the light and/or fan off and on were swinging wildly and clanging together noisly. Jack was at the foot of my bed looking up at the light, and I heard Sasha scratching at the door wanting to be let back in (she'd asked to go out before I fell asleep; this was about three hours later).

Now, my bed is pretty high up all things considered, and I'd guess there's about two-and-a-half-foot gap between the mattress and the strings. Why Jack would leap for them, I have no clue. Maybe he heard Sasha scratching at the door and I wasn't waking up fast enough to his liking to let her in. Or maybe he was trying to play around.

Or maybe it wasn't him. All I know is that I did turn off that light and that the strings didn't swing themselves like that after the light being turned on, something caused it. This house is very quiet at night, so the noise is something I remember clearly after I woke up.
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The cats tonight:

I call it "Jack in the Box."

You may all groan now. ^_^
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A few minutes ago, Jack strolled in through the cat door proudly carrying something large in his mouth. I saw fluttering out the corner of my eye and I freaked out thinking he was bringing in a small mammal. (Allow me to pause here to mention that once he brought me a dead mouse as a present...in my bed.)

Well, I finally cornered Jack and discovered it was not a mammal but an insect. A huge moth to be exact.

(For size reference, that's a college-ruled sheet of notebook paper.)

I immediately tried to rescue the moth (and take the above picture), which proved to be no easy task as Jack was disappointed I'd take his toy away from him and Sasha, who has been the Bug Eradicator(TM) since she was a few months old, decided she'd try and eat the moth too. Both she and Jack gave me pitiful and confused looks as I pushed them away and tried to capture the moth. (Okay, Jack was more glaring than confused.)

I did manage to get it outside, but unfortunately it can't fly anymore and can only flutter around on the ground. Even though I freed it, Jack went back outside through the cat door and carried the poor moth back into the house to bat around some more.

Never a dull moment here.
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<Jack> "im in ur laundreh baskits keepin u from doin ur chores."
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I went to bed early (for me) last night so I could play some on the PS2. When I was done with that, I went to the bathroom to do the pre-sleep thing, and this is what greeted me (pardon the quality, it was taken with my camera phone):

Jade: "Jack, what are you doing?"
Jack: "i wuz sleepin" *purr, purr, PURR*
Jade: *sighs and removes one kitten from sink so she can brush her teeth*

What's really hilarious is that particular faucet has a tendency to drip, so his rear end was wet when he got out, and he seemed confused by this.
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I am convinced that the new kitten Jack was a dog in a past life. He is obssessed with the little plastic balls with the bells in them. When I brought some home from Wal-Mart the other day, he could hear them in the bag and he was practically begging me to get them out. Today, I picked one up in front of him and held it up the way you would do for a dog who loves to play fetch. He just about went nuts until I rolled it across the floor so he could chase after it. He will even pick them up with his mouth and carry them to wherever he wants to go. He's playing with one right now and will probably be at it for a long time going from one end of the house to the other.

In less than a week he has come to act like he runs the household. He's already used to the dogs and has even allowed them to sniff him some, and he hasn't hissed at them in a couple of days. As for Prissy, he ignores her in favor of playing, and she hisses at him if he comes within a few feet of her, though she has gotten more relaxed than the first day he was here.

Jack is an extremely sweet kitten. He loves to be picked up, and he'll reach out and paw at my face or neck (with his claws retracted so as not to scratch me), almost like he wants to give me a hug. He's very cuddly, playful, and a very good tempered cat. When he's not playing, he's a very mellow cat and sort of stretches out on his side. For being only eight months old he's already mastered getting underneath my feet and rubbing up against my legs while I'm trying to walk. I suspect his plans for world domination will come to fruition soon enough.

His first night here, he slept next to the kiddo, even placing a paw over him while he slept. It was adorable, and he's very gentle when he's playing. For a kitten I was expecting to have a few scratches and nips by now, but the only time I've had a claw get me is when he got startled by one of the dogs while I was holding him. He seems to instinctively know when playing with me not to bite too hard or dig his claws into me. Not that I'm complaining, mind, just that I'm surprised.

Anytime I get up to tend to something, or even just to go to the bathroom, Jack will pop up from wherever he's been and follow me around. He's not very "talkative," but when he does "speak" he has the most pathetic mew I have ever heard. It's not very loud and he makes it sound as though he's on the brink of death. When I pick him up, or he's cuddling with me while I pet him, he purrs very loudly, and he'll close his eyes and look like he's smiling.

I'm having a hard time understanding why it was he was returned the first time he was adopted. About the only thing I can figure is that they had another cat that he may have harassed, and that sort of thing takes time to sort out between the cats as they figure out the pecking order. Oh well, their loss, our gain.

All right, there's other life stuff I should write about, and I probably will before the night is over. In the meantime, I have ordered Jack to cease being so devastatingly cute. He's not listening.
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Everyone, say hello to Jack! (I apologize for the poor quality of these pictures. I'll get better ones after he's had a chance to settle in.)

Jack is an eight-month old kitten who I adopted from the local animal advocacy group. They run a thrift store in town and all proceeds go toward the animal shelter and their low-cost spay and neuter program. Jack was apparently adopted once before and later returned (possibly because he is a somewhat feisty kitty, though not in a bad way to me), and when I took the kiddo in yesterday to see the two cats, he also fell in love. So, after filling out an application, a glowing recommendation from my vet, and paying an adoption fee, Jack came home to live with us today.

Prissy is currently sulking (as she did when Gwen came to live here), but when they first met, Jack sniffed her and then walked off elsewhere to explore. However, when the dogs were allowed back inside, Jack did not respond too well. Once Sasha and Penny got over the fact there was a new cat in here, they ignored Jack in favor of eating and laying on their beds. Jack wouldn't leave the hallway until they went back outside, but he did at least calm down. I suspect after a couple of days, he'll learn that these two dogs don't bother cats and will leave him alone as much as he wants to be left alone. I do think, however, that there may be a confrontation with the cat in the bathroom mirror, who Jack thinks looks suspiciously like him and he doesn't like it.

He is absolutely adorable. Anytime I get up to do anything, he immediately runs over to follow me and then rubs against my legs. The kiddo has already warmed up to him, and even told me he wanted to keep the name Jack (it's the name he got from the animal shelter). Tomorrow I'm going to buy some jingly balls for Jack since that was his favorite toy at the shelter, and so he'll have more things to keep him occupied.

Aww, he just came over and pawed at my leg so I would pet him. ^_^ I think he's going to make a good cat, and an excellent companion for the kiddo too.


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