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What's the fun of playing a fantasy game if you can't indulge in a bit of ridiculous dress-up now and then? The robes were obviously designed with the male gaze, but I felt like being audacious because, well, I always feel a bit outrageous on Folami because I rock the Warlock like whoa. Plus, as much as I've loved the designs in MoP, I'm getting sick of looking at it. So, anyway, here you go, this is quite possibly the most ridiculous transmog:

Told you it was classy.

For information on what I used, I posted a list on my RP-specific Tumblr. [WARNING: That tumblr is very NSFW though this specific entry is fine. Be warned if you go looking through it.]
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So a friend paid for the artist and WoW-Player SegoLily to make a couple of portraits for me of my role-play toons. First, I picked Wynfor, my worgen hunter, in his human form of course.

He's got a sort of playful grin, a hint at his love of mischief and teasing (something he's slowly gaining back after finding twu luv, awww). She managed to make him look older, like I wanted since he's in his thirties and has spent a lot of time outdoors getting the good old sun damage.

The second pick was a no-brainer for me. Folami. I wanted hers to be like a portrait that'd be hanging up in the Mournlight estate, and I have to say it came out so beautifully.

I'm so impressed with how lovely she turned out to be, and it's so nice to have an actual picture reference for her now. Given the length of her hair, this is post-Ulduar adventure, and she's once again whole in her mind and more sure of herself and her power.

Edit: She's wearing Black Embersilk Gown in case people were curious about the dress.

Just...wow, thanks to Seranthe of WrA and Segolily for the amazing artwork. I'm beyond touched and blown away tonight.
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So when I'm not raiding with Steadfast, I've been playing around on Wyrmrest Accord, Alliance side with a Draenei Paladin. It's been a bit of fun and I've even made use of some roleplay add-ons and given her a little bit of a story (WrA is an RP server). I'd been worried my interest in WoW was seriously waning, but honestly, taking a little break from Horde-side action and away from the guild has helped me. Last night I hung out in Steadfast and ran through a couple of instances with returning and new members who needed some VP and possible drops from Hour of Twilight instances, and I truly believe I felt like doing that because I've been able to re-experience the game in a different way.

Of course, Aridhana is only level 20, and though I am running her in Protection and might dabble a bit in some dungeon finder action as a tank, Folami will remain my main and I will continue to raid with Steadfast (assuming there are no drama llama explosions). I am keeping an eye out for an RP guild on WrA, though I'm not hunting seriously. Nothing super involved, but I do hope to find some casual roleplay guild, or at least a couple of people interested in laid-back roleplay. And hopefully there's a group who won't hold it against me that I make my main home Horde side on another server. ;)

This isn't to say I won't RP with Steadfast. I just need a break from Folami and Horde lore. Also, most times when I log on Folami, my focus is on running instances and talking about raid stuff, and when I'm thinking about DPS and going over boss fight mechanics, I tend to lose sight of the character. Plus, real life has presented me with some ugly choices and (I think) I can handle raiding with Folami, but I can't do both raiding and roleplay with her. If regular rp nights were to resume, I would be in Steadfast four or five days per week, and all I'd get to play is Folami (unless I found time to come up with a new character who I would then feel compelled to level up, and then I might not feel like running Folami through dungeons to get much-needed gold and VP, and then the stress starts to pile up...yes, I am the sort of person to put that sort of pressure on myself). I need breaks during the week. I need time to either play on another server or visit CoH to punch all the things in the face.

So, that's where I'm at for the moment. It might change at some point.
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How to know you're writing WoW smut: The term "digitigrade" is used to describe a character's legs.

In other news, it's been a long ass time since I wrote any femslash. It feels nice now that I've actually got it working. I hope to have it finished in a day or two and it'll be filed under "Even more than you wanted to know about Folami." It takes place pre-Steadfast (post-WoTLK but pre-Cata), and honestly it's just an excuse for smut, but I'm declaring it personal canon.
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Dear RP Friend,

Damnit, I'm supposed to be focusing on writing for Selene, not theory crafting about Folami and her backstory/future possible character development. Furthermore, I shouldn't be feeling a desire to start reading up on Lore as it relates to demons and their history with high elves.

Stop providing me with such fascinating unbelievably geeky conversation!



P.S.: I do, however, appreciate the distraction from this whole Sandusky/Paterno/PSU bullshit.

...why do I feel like there's going to be a huge-ass post coming about my theories and ideas, plus a good bit of philosophical rambling on the nature of good versus evil and what those terms actually mean.
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Title: A Dangerous Yet Fruitless Endeavor
Fandom: Pairings: World of Warcraft
Prompt: N/A
Warnings: None.
Rating: PG-13 (Adult situations, allusions to sex.)
Word Count: 1,188
Summary: Overcome with grief and frustration at being unable to prevent Yarrow's abduction and then unable to find any clues as to his whereabouts, Folami takes matters into her own hand and charges into Deatholme.
Notes: Right, so this writing will accomplish absolutely nothing. Still, it begged to be written even if Folami's efforts are going to be fruitless. And when she fails, she is going to be pretty much well over the deep-end and probably going into hiding to beat herself up thoroughly. And that's not considering who else might be watching. Also, memories trapped in soulstones idea shamelessy taken from Nagaina. (Yes, I'm well aware of how much it sucks.)

At Thalassian Pass she brought her mount to a halt, the dreadsteed vanishing into thin air before the warlock's feet touched the ground. A strong wind flowed through the gate making her cloak billow out behind her as she searched for a hiding place. She'd chosen this place not because she knew it would be significant to the others—she didn't—but because it seemed the most logical place for such a thing to go.

She stopped behind an overturned wagon, its wood warped and rotting. )
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• I've finally chosen a night for a "free" RP event for Steadfast. Given that the Hallow's End world even starts tomorrow, I'm doing a masquerade ball. I'm a bit nervous about hosting this and hoping I can come up with something to at least get the ball rolling (pun unintentional yet no less hilarious), something that'll keep people interested and entertained. I've planned for three hours, though I expect that people will be coming and going. (That reminds me, I need to make a note of that on the announcement.) There's going to be a costume contest and we're coming up with in-game prizes to hand out.

• I am running on two hours of sleep right now. I couldn't take a nap because I had to pick up the kiddo at 11:30 and I have to leave here in about 45 minutes to get back to the school for a meeting with the kiddo's teacher at 1:20. I'm anxious about it, partly because I'm tired and partly because I'm worried there's going to be a need for me to once more emphasize that the kiddo can handle his workload. (Sam will be there, so that makes me feel a little better at least.)

• Due the aforementioned insomnia, I haven't trusted myself to try and write today. I do have questions for you, Solivar, but I might not be able to post them until later this afternoon. I can tell you I'm stealing the memories-in-a-soulstone idea for something Fol is doing.

• After the teacher meeting, we're all going out for a cheap lunch and then grocery shopping. During that I'm going to pick out a meal for Sam's birthday, though I still haven't the faintest idea what I'm going to cook for him. Bah, I took him out for a nice dinner Thursday. :p

• A pair of jeans I purchased last year around my birthday that were snug-fitting-but-not-too-tight have gone into the realm of, "Holy crap, I can put them on and off while they're still buttoned! O_o" So, yeah, I thought I was losing weight, and I know how I did it too. Not eating well due to stress. So, I guess it's kind of a double-edge sword thing. Good and bad, but really, I'm not eating a lot because I don't feel like it and I don't really feel any different, just annoyed that this wonderful pair of jeans is now sagging in the butt. (Dad's genes at work. The first place I gain or lose weight is my butt that somehow still manages to be rather round despite the way it seems to shrink.)

• Time to go wake the sleeping bear AKA Sam since we have to hit the road soon. More later unless I pass out this afternoon.
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I figure I better compile notes since I'm going to be out most of the day doing birthday stuff with Sam.

What Folami is doing:

• Going to Deatholme. She believes this is the best possible way to discover Kalavrin's--and subsequently Yarrow's--location. Her theory is that with everything that happened in Deatholme, the rituals involved (Yarrow has told her some of it), Solivar and Yarrow aren't the only ones to leave "pieces" of themselves behind. She knows Kalvarin's essence likely lurks on those grounds and if she can collect it or at least get in contact with it, she'll be able to get his attention. (A story is coming.)

• She also blames herself for Yarrow's abduction. After all, she was right freaking there in the Highlands! She was able to sense the strange energy when she took a few seconds to look a little deeper, something she's convinced herself she should have been doing all along instead of treating Hammerfall like a spa retreat where she got to be free of the horror for a few days. She should have been looking over her shoulder and because she wasn't, Yarrow might die.

More bullet-points under here. )
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Title: Meanwhile, in Hammerfall... (Part 2)
Fandom; Pairings: World of Warcraft
Prompt: N/A
Warnings: Folami being a scary, scary warlock.
Rating: PG (Implied threats of violence.)
Word Count: 1,188
Summary: Folami doesn't take kindly to an Alliance troop disrupting her meditation.
Notes: Subtle hints here and there related to Folami's personal plot and development, but nothing really important. I just wanted to write something a little humorous and a little dark since I haven't written anything in approximately forever. As for her being powerful, well Arathi is around a level 30ish zone, so I figured it would be appropriate for her to be able to thoroughly scare the crap out of one Alliance soldier. Part one of this is on the forums and if anyone really wants to read it, I can post it here.

The lovely thing about the Highlands was the abundance of open spaces provided where one could go to be alone and remain relatively undisturbed. Despite her anxiety at separation from her friends and worries over their well-being, Folami couldn't help but enjoy the ample opportunities to meditate under the autumn sun. She'd forgotten what it was like to have a consistent schedule with time devoted solely to her own needs. In fact, her only problem had been the random Alliance troop patrolling through the area. Zaruk had been kind enough to give her a basic idea of when and where the patrols roamed, and the times she knew she'd been spotted she'd been left alone as she had done nothing outwardly aggressive. As with the local wildlife, if she left them alone, they stayed away. But like the Horde, the Alliance was not a monolith and there was the occasional soldier with a chip on his shoulder wanting to prove his skill and loyalty to his superiors, hoping to one day be remembered as a hero.

Folami sensed him long before he posed any threat to her. )
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• I finished Moon Called by Patricia Briggs yesterday. All I can say is that it was a huge disappointment. The entire plot was so damned unrealistic and unbelievable--seriously, if you want to arrange it so someone kills your father (because he's too dangerous to remain a werewolf) so you don't have to, there are much easier ways to do it than creating a vast conspiracy that involves drugs designed to take down werewolves, putting two packs in danger, and results in the deaths of how many innocents? I can stomach a lot of bullshit in my paranormal books, but there's a difference between "overly fantastic" and "completely fucking moronic." And I've already talked about the "Me alpha male, you woman" crap that irked me. Sorry, Mercy Thompson, but I'll not be visiting your world again, which is a shame because I actually like Zee. I just fear the book featuring him will involve an even more ridiculous and far-fetched plot.

From WoW Insider: Patch 4.3 will finally lift the soulbound restriction on Chaos Orbs, allowing players to freely trade them and roll on them at the end of heroic instances. - Halle-fucking-lujah! I can't tell you how frustrating it was to have a couple of orbs sitting in my bank unused when I wanted a Blacksmith to craft me a new dagger and I had to wait for him to gather the orbs from instances. Also, making Embersilk gowns will get infinitely easier if anyone wants Folami to tailor them one. Oh and Dreamcloths so I can make Illusionary Bags.

• I've not been writing, well, apart from a short little thing I wrote for Folami since she's not with the rp group at the moment for her own safety. (Instead, I finally got to bring her father, Salih, into the plot.) Going to kick my own ass into writing a thing for Salih to offer a little backstory that happens right before Steadfast came to the Ghostlands. Also, Pasha writing. I'm itching to get something accomplished there. Also, another Kalecgos/Arygos scene has been percolating around in my head. Selene/Ballari too. Let's see if my muses will actually work.

• Sam's birthday is coming up (October 17). I'm trying to convince him to arrange it so he has that day off from work since the kiddo has only a half-day that day, which of course is apparently also Parent's Day. This means that instead of heading down to Asheville as soon as the kiddo gets out of school at 11:30, I had to make an appointment to meet with his teacher at either 1:00 or 1:20. If I explain it to her, I'm sure she'll be okay with making it a short meeting. Besides, he has an IEP meeting coming up and she'll have to be involved with that, so...yeah. If there's anything major (and as far as I know we've addressed the reading comprehension issue and he's acing all his tests now), it'll be discussed at length there too.

• I like bullet points.
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Dear Coren Direbrew pug I just ran with:

Right, because it usually takes less than 30 seconds to down Direbrew, I'm used to being first or second DPS when all is said and done, particularly when I pop my Doomguard. If the fight was more like a raid boss, my DPS would probably drop a little bit after the Doomguard expires. Even so, I'm compelled to wonder what happened here:

Please tell me I'm wrong and didn't just witness two people dying on Coren freakin' Direbrew. Even when I'm first DPS (again, mostly thanks to Doomguard, though it's still not too shabby when it's just Metamorphosis and Demon Soul), I'm still only doing about 20% of the damage over all. I just did 50% of the overall damage this encounter and the next highest DPS was 8k???

Sure, we still succeeded, but what the hell happened here?


One confused and surprised Demo Warlock
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This is a picture sans headpiece to show you what Folami looked like prior to raiding tonight. Before a terrible tragedy in which she had her face set on fire and eaten off! Don't believe me? Click, if you dare.

'OH GOD WHAT IS ON MY FACE??? ...oh, it's just me.' )
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Today, after a long, long grind taking, I think, about a month total, I recruited the last of the three groups you have to recurit for the Molten Front.

And that means....NEW MOUNT!!!! EEEeeeeee!

The flames make it go faster! )
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What happens when Jade is too tired to quest/run instances and yet not tired enough to go rest?

Easy Achievement Hunting! I also hit a couple of rare monsters in Outland thanks to _NPCScan, so I'll be able to get that Outland rare monster achievement at some point too.

Folami the Explorer makes a nice title. :)

ETA: At some point I want to pester the guild to get a group together to go hunt down the Whale Shark.
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I'll either be a little spammy today or this will be the last until tonight. I can't decide.

I'm not totally consumed by thinking about Dad. I've also been checking out new music and discovered, via a Supernatural fanvid of all things, a new artist I'm digging. And as usual, new music tends to fire up the creative centers of my brain and this song in particular fits Folami at the moment (and could be used for Pasha at points too).


Won't you let me give you a hand
I have an extra I'm not using
Won't you let me lighten your load
I mean after all your legs are shaking

And I can understand
All I need is your hand
Oh won't you take the fall
It is me after all

Won't you let me match your stride
I can slow down if you want to
We can handle it side by side
What do you say girl don't you want to

Read more... )
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Unfortunately, with LJ still down (seriously, now I'm annoyed by it) I can't use my scrapbook and so you'll have to click for the picture I uploaded to twitpic. I'll fix it later, I promise.

Now there's so much I can do in WoW with Folami and I don't know where to start!
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Time to think about Folami's personality and general character (pardon the pun).

Folami is immature and childish at times. As I said, her life has not been a happy one, and given her father's well-intentioned cruelty, her mother's fall to addiction, and several other events in her life, she's developed a sense of entitlement. In her mind, she's paid her dues ten fold and the world at large owes her and owes her big. Yes, believing that life is a fair exchange of bad events for good is a childish sort of belief, but remember, Folami is only 63, which is just considered adulthood for Blood Elves. She's like a college student who has left home for the first time and is learning the real definition of self-support. She'll get hit with the universe's version of a clue-by-four soon enough.

Folami is NOT a good person. I said yesterday Folami is not given to acts of altruism, and this is true. She's an extremely selfish person and nearly always puts herself first (one of the exceptions being when Keldris was having his throat sliced open right in front of her). I believe, if pushed really hard that at this moment, she could potentially be encouraged to do things that would put everyone else in jeopardy. (Not saying she would, mind, it depends on a few things, mostly including what package whatever damaging factor is wrapped in and also depends somewhat on the status of her relationships with her new friends.) However, "not good" doesn't equal evil. Though a fair number of her ideas and beliefs may have fundamental flaws, she ultimately does believe in healing Azeroth and she does want to see her fellow Sin'dorei restored to their former glory, albeit with quite a bit more humility and a whole lot less snobbery. (Look, laugh all you want, I already said she was naive and childish.)

I'm fond of bullet points. )
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I should preference this with the statement that this is not a list of grievances or even complaining, nor should it be viewed as any sort of request for anything. It's directed at myself and it's me collecting my thoughts via bullet-points, run-on sentences, and rambling about the current state of my character. Last night I realized Folami is ready to walk away (if she physically can), though as the player I enjoy the role-play, it's hard to stay if the character is saying, "I have no place in this." I don't want to quit role-play obviously, and the plot is extremely interesting and engaging, so it falls to me to put my thoughts to text and see what comes out.

So last night's role-play was interesting in a lot of ways, but it also hilighted a few issues I've got with Folami's involvement in the plot. This isn't to say I haven't had fun or that the plot isn't interesting, just that I need to give Folami reasons for sticking with it (reasons that amount to more than "Something is going to eat my soul if I don't.").

Bullet points and bad sentence structure ahead. )
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Very short (679 words) scene written at the behest of Solivar following Thursday night's Call of Cthulu Tavern Night. It's been posted to the guild's rp forums, but I wanted to share it here too.

You couldn’t save them. You cannot even save yourself.

Folami woke already sitting up in bed, her hand on her chest. Her breath came in short gasps and her body shivered despite the warm spring night. Terrified, her eyes darted around the room, each shadow seemingly causing her heart to leap a little higher in her chest.

Just a dream, it was just a... )
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Title: Reunion
Fandom; Pairings: World of Warcraft; OCs (duh), mention of one NPC (Torian)
Prompt: #250 - Starry Night
Warnings: Parental angst.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,810
Summary: After receiving a strongly worded invitation, Folami returns to Sunstrider Isle to visit her father after a two-year separation. She learns that not only has a lot changed in her absence, her father is also aware of her current activities.
Notes: This is my first prompt in many months. I hope I'll be able to resume doing the weekly prompts now that my life seems to be settling down and my muses have returned.

Orgrimmar stank, literally and figuratively. The hot desert sun combined with a population for whom baths were few and far between made for a particularly nauseating bouquet of odors, especially to the delicate senses of a blood elf. Robes became implements of torture in the suffocating heat, making even the thinnest of fabrics seem like the wearer’s own personal oven. Then there was the orc soldiers’ unique way of creating camaraderie among those who swore allegiance with the Horde by making teasing remarks to those they deemed as being from weaker races.

Yet Folami was feeling almost wistful for the great Horde city as she walked the familiar pathways leading to her childhood home in Sunstrider Isle. )


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