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Title: "Memories" (Aridhana's Journal: Entry #1)
Fandom; Pairings: World of Warcraft; Aridhana/Ilona (OFC/OFC)
Contents: Allusions to sex, hints of homophobia.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,155
Summary: Aridhana purchases a journal and writes to her lost beloved.
Notes: First time I have written in weeks, and of course the muse strikes hardest when there's a new character. My hope is I can go back and finish the original fiction I was working on before real life interrupted me. However, it still feels good to produce something. This piece can also be found at my new in-character blog over on WyrmrestAccord.net.

Dearest Ilona,

I purchased a journal today. It would surprise you to see me seated beneath the shade of a tree long enough to fill a blank page with my words. Of the two of us, you were the one who longed to chronicle our adventures while I was content to focus on what was ahead of us rather than behind. Even now I am writing to you instead of recording the events of my life as I would with a traditional journal. I suppose it is a reflection of my lingering desire to share my life with you. It helps to pretend, if only for the briefest of moments, that I could write to you as lovers separated by long distances would.

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Title: "Last Dance"
Fandom; Pairings: Original (Aria universe); Selene/Mykolas (M/F)
Prompt: Public display of affection (One of my January [community profile] origfic_bingo prompts. The other four will be posted soon even though I'm late. :P)
Contents: Sexual situations, strong allusions to sex.
Rating: R
Word Count: 836
Summary: The is the first and last dance they'll share in public.
Notes: Banged this out this morning because of a niggling idea that would not leave. Apologies for glaring errors I may have missed in my impaired state (I have a head cold). One, I love to dabble in the present tense for short scenes like this. Two, I don't think I've ever employed song lyrics before, and it's not something I'll make a habit of, but this was just too intergral to the scene in my head that I wanted to include some. The song is "Slow, Love, Slow" by Nightwish from their 2011 album Imaginaerum, and it's not the sort of song you might expect to come from a Finnish symphonic metal band.

Nightwish - "Slow, Love, Slow" (Lyrics)

His timing is perfect. He waits until the precise moment when the last song is slowly fading into the next before I realize the music is taking on a slow, sensual beat. I feel the press of his body at my back, his left hand on my stomach to hold me tight against him. The familiarity with which he touches me sets me on edge until I recognize the scent of his cologne. I feel the warmth of his breath on my ear and hear his voice.

You owe me a dance... )
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I've been writing...or trying to do something that closely resembles writing. I've not been terribly successful. Between real life stress and a sudden inability to be able to type more than 100 words or so in a sitting, this year has been exceedingly difficult. However, last night I realized I'd challenged myself way too hard by trying to do something overly complicated for [community profile] origfic_bingo. I made the decision to scale back and just do a simple one-line Bingo and not focus on lengthy stories that link together.

Naturally, I decided to write a little smut. (Who here is really surprised by this?) I thought I'd share a little snippet of what I managed to produce last night, and then I hope by Tuesday to have five little stories to post. (Not all of them will be erotica, okay?)

First, just a little background and some a lot of rambling:

Rambling about consent issues, power dynamics/kink. )

Sorry for so much rambling and over-thinking. It's just something my brain had to pick apart.

And the NSFW exerpt. Not terribly explicit, but also not exactly vague. Warnings for dubious consent. )
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pile of books with quill on top with text inkingitout write 75000 words in 2012

Challenge yourself to write 75000 words in 2012!

[community profile] inkingitout [community profile] inkingitout [community profile] inkingitout

Sign ups now open!

My goal for the year is 85,000 words, but more than just a simple word count I'm challenging myself to write at least five times per week, even if I only churn out 100 words in a sitting. I want to write at least three short stories, one of which I might try to get printed. Obviously, I will work on the Pasha novel.

Because I want to keep with the times, I've made a tumblr to help keep track of when I write (and how much I write, though that's secondary). You can find it (and/or follow it if you have a tumblr) at Five Times Per Week. When I post, it'll also update my Twitter feed, @jadedisnc. I promise I won't spam.
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How to know you're writing WoW smut: The term "digitigrade" is used to describe a character's legs.

In other news, it's been a long ass time since I wrote any femslash. It feels nice now that I've actually got it working. I hope to have it finished in a day or two and it'll be filed under "Even more than you wanted to know about Folami." It takes place pre-Steadfast (post-WoTLK but pre-Cata), and honestly it's just an excuse for smut, but I'm declaring it personal canon.
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Title: Mourn
Fandom; Pairings: World of Warcraft; Savitry/Andor Duskmoon (OFC/OMC)
Prompt: #278 - Rapid Eye Movement
Warnings: Angst, allusions to sex, more angst, and did I mention angst?
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 969
Summary: Savitry confronts the uncomfortable truths of existence among the living.
Notes: I'm back after far, far too long. Life reared its ugly head and my muses have been difficult to rein in. I hope I'm getting my groove back now.

For the living, the word dream was synonymous with hope. Hope for the future, for love, for peace. The dead can only remember what it was to live, to have a heart beating in their chests, to feel the sun warm their skin. The dead did not dream, they mourned. In sleep, the remains of their lives were thrown in stark relief against the reality of an existence among the still living. Perhaps this, Savitry thought, was why so many of her un-dead brethren chose to forgo sleep. That it wasn’t an act vital to their continued survival was a convenient, polite excuse to quell the unease of the living around them. It wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t wholly true either.

Our acceptance among them is already imperiled by the very nature of our creation. We are evil, unnatural things to them, and perhaps they are right in that. Only our curious sense of self-preservation keeps us from admitting the truth: We resent the living.

The speech replayed in her mind as it had a thousand times since her hard won freedom from Arthas. )
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Dear RP Friend,

Damnit, I'm supposed to be focusing on writing for Selene, not theory crafting about Folami and her backstory/future possible character development. Furthermore, I shouldn't be feeling a desire to start reading up on Lore as it relates to demons and their history with high elves.

Stop providing me with such fascinating unbelievably geeky conversation!



P.S.: I do, however, appreciate the distraction from this whole Sandusky/Paterno/PSU bullshit.

...why do I feel like there's going to be a huge-ass post coming about my theories and ideas, plus a good bit of philosophical rambling on the nature of good versus evil and what those terms actually mean.
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Tonight is the night of my first free roleplay event as Bard. To say I'm anxious about how well this will play out is an understatement. I didn't get to do a lot of things I wanted to do due to stress plus my right shoulder flaring up the other day. However, the kiddo has no homework today which frees up some time that I can plan stuff.

Anyway, this is what I've posted to the forums to get everyone on the same page as to what's going on. If you're curious as to what's so special about the Whispering Forest, here is an explanation. I only hope it happens while we're there, though it's still a lovely place if it doesn't.

On the day of Steadfast's first annual* masquerade ball, the guild hall is bustling with activity. Heat emanates from the kitchen as every available cooking surface that's not dedicated to the preparation of the regular daily meals is used to create many of the seasonal feasts and treats for the party. Despite the head chef's occasional sniping at any staff unfortunate enough to get in his way, the general mood both in and out of the kitchen is positive. Everyone is eager for a night of tricks and treats, spooks and goblins...well, more goblins than usual.

Upstairs in the lab, an alchemist falls victim to the first prank of the day. Some devilish person has switched the labels on two rather important vials and instead of making a wart-removing tonic, the poor alchemist's beaker begins overflowing with dozens and dozens of tiny spiders which scuttle about the lab and out into the hall. Mixed in with the screams of those who are decidedly not fans of arachnids are howls of laughter from more than a few witnesses. No one takes responsibility for the prank, though quite a few admire the execution.

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me: I'm writing, or trying to. Writing for a City of Heroes character to give myself a break from WoW.
me: Now stuck on trying to think of the name for a pale yellow color.
me: ...and google provides me with links about stool and urine coloring....
me: I'll go with pastel yellow. hehe

Seriously, do a search for "pale yellow color," and on the first page you'll get stool followed by urine color. If I ever need to figure out what color I should look for in my bodily excretions, I know what to Google for first.

And the character I'm writing for is Selene. Not sure I'll post it here or not, but it is fun even if it's going incredibly slow.
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Title: Meanwhile, in Hammerfall... (Part 2)
Fandom; Pairings: World of Warcraft
Prompt: N/A
Warnings: Folami being a scary, scary warlock.
Rating: PG (Implied threats of violence.)
Word Count: 1,188
Summary: Folami doesn't take kindly to an Alliance troop disrupting her meditation.
Notes: Subtle hints here and there related to Folami's personal plot and development, but nothing really important. I just wanted to write something a little humorous and a little dark since I haven't written anything in approximately forever. As for her being powerful, well Arathi is around a level 30ish zone, so I figured it would be appropriate for her to be able to thoroughly scare the crap out of one Alliance soldier. Part one of this is on the forums and if anyone really wants to read it, I can post it here.

The lovely thing about the Highlands was the abundance of open spaces provided where one could go to be alone and remain relatively undisturbed. Despite her anxiety at separation from her friends and worries over their well-being, Folami couldn't help but enjoy the ample opportunities to meditate under the autumn sun. She'd forgotten what it was like to have a consistent schedule with time devoted solely to her own needs. In fact, her only problem had been the random Alliance troop patrolling through the area. Zaruk had been kind enough to give her a basic idea of when and where the patrols roamed, and the times she knew she'd been spotted she'd been left alone as she had done nothing outwardly aggressive. As with the local wildlife, if she left them alone, they stayed away. But like the Horde, the Alliance was not a monolith and there was the occasional soldier with a chip on his shoulder wanting to prove his skill and loyalty to his superiors, hoping to one day be remembered as a hero.

Folami sensed him long before he posed any threat to her. )
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• I finished Moon Called by Patricia Briggs yesterday. All I can say is that it was a huge disappointment. The entire plot was so damned unrealistic and unbelievable--seriously, if you want to arrange it so someone kills your father (because he's too dangerous to remain a werewolf) so you don't have to, there are much easier ways to do it than creating a vast conspiracy that involves drugs designed to take down werewolves, putting two packs in danger, and results in the deaths of how many innocents? I can stomach a lot of bullshit in my paranormal books, but there's a difference between "overly fantastic" and "completely fucking moronic." And I've already talked about the "Me alpha male, you woman" crap that irked me. Sorry, Mercy Thompson, but I'll not be visiting your world again, which is a shame because I actually like Zee. I just fear the book featuring him will involve an even more ridiculous and far-fetched plot.

From WoW Insider: Patch 4.3 will finally lift the soulbound restriction on Chaos Orbs, allowing players to freely trade them and roll on them at the end of heroic instances. - Halle-fucking-lujah! I can't tell you how frustrating it was to have a couple of orbs sitting in my bank unused when I wanted a Blacksmith to craft me a new dagger and I had to wait for him to gather the orbs from instances. Also, making Embersilk gowns will get infinitely easier if anyone wants Folami to tailor them one. Oh and Dreamcloths so I can make Illusionary Bags.

• I've not been writing, well, apart from a short little thing I wrote for Folami since she's not with the rp group at the moment for her own safety. (Instead, I finally got to bring her father, Salih, into the plot.) Going to kick my own ass into writing a thing for Salih to offer a little backstory that happens right before Steadfast came to the Ghostlands. Also, Pasha writing. I'm itching to get something accomplished there. Also, another Kalecgos/Arygos scene has been percolating around in my head. Selene/Ballari too. Let's see if my muses will actually work.

• Sam's birthday is coming up (October 17). I'm trying to convince him to arrange it so he has that day off from work since the kiddo has only a half-day that day, which of course is apparently also Parent's Day. This means that instead of heading down to Asheville as soon as the kiddo gets out of school at 11:30, I had to make an appointment to meet with his teacher at either 1:00 or 1:20. If I explain it to her, I'm sure she'll be okay with making it a short meeting. Besides, he has an IEP meeting coming up and she'll have to be involved with that, so...yeah. If there's anything major (and as far as I know we've addressed the reading comprehension issue and he's acing all his tests now), it'll be discussed at length there too.

• I like bullet points.
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This is just a draft of something I'm working on for a toon on City of Heroes. I'd love to rp with her, but we'll see if I can ever break into any rp group on Virtue rather than having it be a pipe dream.

It needs work and cleaning up and I'm mostly posting it here to see how it reads to me.

A work in progress. CoH character. )
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• Finally finished Ghost Story yesterday. Was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it and how much it managed not to piss me off. Had a couple of issues with it, which I may or may not get into later, but overall I say it was worth the money and time to read it.

• I got my first "Kudos" on one of the stories I have up on Archive of Our Own. Naturally, it's the one with the most hits so far, and, of course, it's my Kalecgos/Arygos story. I have another idea for them brewing in my head, just need to work out the kinks (heh, pun!) and figure out when it happens. I also have one for Savitry, though that'll be all about the angst rather than containing any happy fun times.

• Not much else to report for the moment.
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I think I've forgotten to mention I'm on Archive of Our Own (AO3) now, but what I have over there has been posted here already albeit filtered, and there's only three fics up right now. (All WoW-related, though there might be some Xena stuff soon. Why are you looking at me like that?)

Anyway my most recent post is that Arygos/Kalecgos slash I posted last night and while my other two stories have two and five hits, this one already has eight hits in roughly 24 hours. Why is this amusing? Because my G-rated fix has only two hits and my Explicit-rated M/F fic has five. Both of them have been up for over one week.

So apparently slash with dubious consent gets noticed and read far more quickly. As if there were any question about it, but it's still hilarious to me. Alas no kudos have been left, but at least they're being clicked?
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Sore and tired. I've slept like crap the last two nights, and last night I couldn't fall asleep due to doing something to my left shoulder/arm that had it feeling sore. It's a little better today, but the muscles are still tight. Going to take some IBprofen after I post this as much as I don't want to. My dreams didn't help.

Anyway, beeing listening to Garbage again (please, no bad puns!), and this song is begging me to write slash, but I can't decide on who gets it (okay, maybe just one pun). I'm going to perhaps be doing a little reading on some WoW lore sites. (And yes, I'm a sucker for tragic sorts of love and angst. Oh, angst is always good.) If anyone wants to see anything specific, or is feeling silly, just leave a comment. It'd certainly cheer me up.

"Nobody Loves You"

Watching the days slip by so fast
Knowing our fate has long been cast
Working our fingers to the bone
Cause nobody loves you when you're gone

Coughing up feeling just for you
To find something real to hold on to
But there is a hole inside my heart
Where all of my love comes pouring out.

You know you'll always be my man
But grab yourself sweetness where you can
Cause sooner or later we're going to die
Left to the dogs under the sky

I cracked a piece of broken glass

Coughing up feeling just for you
To find something real to hold on to
But there is a hole inside my heart
Where waves of my love come tumbling out.

You say that all the good is gone
That I have forgotten who I am
Free as a bird, Wild as the wind
But somehow I cannot let you in
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I don't really read a lot of romance (the exception being Keri Arthur who deals with paranormal romance, and I hated her stand alone book Destiny Kills), at least not in the vein of the Happily Ever After (HEA) sort, but I do read many books with romantic themes mixed in with the plot. I also read fanfiction and erotic stories online (sometimes both at once, heh), and one particular theme I'm occasionally drawn to is "the first time." I don't necessarily mean the first time a character ever kisses or has sex, in fact usually it's more a couple's first time sharing a kiss or making love.

But I have to say when I do read about a character's first time, there is one thing I absolutely hate and it's The Clueless Virgin.

Cut for sex talk. )


Jul. 16th, 2011 06:10 pm
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Dear Writer's Block,

Please go away. You're not welcome here.

No love,

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In case you can't tell by now, I love to indulge in a bit of writing now and again. I like it so much that I want to get better at it and, while I don't have any lofty expectations of being the next Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, I wouldn't mind having a published story or novel under my belt before I'm 50, though if I'm still writing just for fun then and still loving it, I'll take it too.

However, the thing I'm realizing is that I only ever post my stuff here confined to my LJ or DW where it's a very small audience. Considering the content of some of my writing, I feel exceedingly uncomfortable posting it publicly since my f-lists contain a diverse range of people. Yes, I know about the age restriction options provided by both LJ and DW, but I kind of want my writing and political ranting/personal life stuff separate. Plus, I want (some of) my writing to be seen by those who really want to see it, who would give constructive criticism and stroke my ego while worshipping at the altar of my creativity. And there are people out there who would love to read my works, but who probably wouldn't care about my day-to-day life. And more people who don't care for the social network aspect to LJ and DW.

Theoretically, I could make a new journal only for writing, but I've tried that before and it was more of a hassle than it was worth and it still wouldn't solve my issue of how to put myself out there to a much wider audience. I use LJ and DW primarily for connecting with others and have never really gotten heavily involved in the various fandoms and writing communities. I guess I'm looking for suggestions for writing-oriented communities on LJ/DW and websites that meet the following criteria:

• Allows adult-oriented material AKA erotica AKA smut.
• Is progressive in nature.
• Is kink friendly. (And this includes content with dubious consent and non-consent. I don't plan to write any of the latter, but I don't mind the former.)
• Permits both original works and fanfiction. (Most of my stuff is original, but more and more I've been wanting to dip my toes into the fanfiction pool so I'd like both. Also, some of my OCs are from video game settings such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy.)
• Has some quality control in place and doesn't just let anybody with a keyboard post there.
• Isn't full of people who love to tear others down for shits and giggles. I admit it, I'm thin-skinned about pretty much everything about myself, but I'd like to work on this with regard to writing critiques. I just can't do it if it's not part of a group that's overall supportive and nice. Trials by fire actively discourage me and trigger my anxiety.

I'd prefer to avoid Fanfiction.net or Adultfanfiction.net for what may or may not be obvious reasons. I know about Archive of Our Own, but there is a waiting list for invite codes and I'm not sure that currently I would have much that could be posted there or that I'd be a good fit for that crowd. Literotica is out of the question. Don't even joke.

Don't worry, I'll keep posting things here, and there's still the filtered smut if people want to see it. I just think it'd be good for me to have a place where the focus is just on my writing and isn't a post of some hot slash followed by one about my pets' antics. That might make it easier for people to comment on the writing, too.
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Oxford Comma Dropped By University of Oxford


The University of Oxford Writing and Style Guide has decided that writers should, “as a general rule,” avoid using the Oxford comma.

Well, as an aspiring writer (I can hear you giggling) I say to the Oxford comma that I'm never going to give you up, I'm never going to let you down, and I'll never run around and desert you. Or, as I said on Twitter:

You can have my Oxford comma when you pry it from my cold, dead, and stiff fingers!


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