Nov. 18th, 2011


Nov. 18th, 2011 04:44 pm
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I ate a six-inch sub from Subway, my first bit of food in the last 48 hours aside from a couple of cookies and a bread roll yesterday. It's staying down, but I feel queasy and generally "un-good." Our attempt at eating was after Sam and I spent all day in bed sleeping and whining about how horrible we felt.

The kiddo is complaining of a stomachache, and where he's normally ravenous after school (they have lunch at 11:00 AM, so by 2:30, he's ready for at least a snack), he barely touched his food. He has bags under his eyes and has been sitting in one spot looking pitiful, and for a Friday afternoon, that's decidedly out of character.

I purchased some ginger ale, and there's saltines in the pantry. I think we are all three couch bound for the weekend. I already backed out of raiding tonight, warning I'll probably be out for the whole weekend, which sucks, but...*sigh* I can't do the team any good like this. Besides, by the time nine o'clock rolls around, if I'm not already in bed, I will be soon after.

So if I'm on WoW this weekend, it'll be for Savitry probably tomorrow afternoon, but I'm doubting I'll even feel up to mindless questing in Deepholm.


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