Dec. 12th, 2011


Dec. 12th, 2011 05:33 pm
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We stopped by the bank today so I could deposit my monthly check. The usual teller wasn't working at the window and the one who handled the check apparently didn't see the kiddo in the back seat. As we pulled away, kiddo noticed the absence of his standard sucker and/or stickers, so he got a little upset and a little whiny.

Jade: (teasing) "Don't cry!"

Kiddo: (wipes at eyes) "I'm NOT crying!"

Jade: "Well, you look upset."

Kiddo: "I'm NOT upset!" (pout)

Sam: "Then quit being such a grumpy face."

Kiddo: "I'm NOT being a grumpy face!" (pause for a couple of seconds) "Well, maybe a little."

*All three of us burst into laughter for the next five minutes.*

ETA: And not five minutes ago:

* Kiddo decides to finish up an art project he didn't finish in school today. He doesn't tell me this involves glue and I figured it was just coloring.

* Jade is writing this entry.

Kiddo: "Oh no!" (shyly in that oh-so-familiar "Something bad has happened" voice every mother knows) "Um, Mom. I used too much glue."

* Jade turns around, sees a white puddle of glue on her coffee table.

Jade: "No, sweetie, you didn't use too much glue. You used half the bottle, that's a bit more than too much."

Fortunately, it was contained to the table and didn't get on the carpet. Also, it was relatively easy to clean up and we saved the cut out he was trying to put glue on. To be fair, it was a standard glue bottle and since he only really uses glue sticks at school, he forgot that you don't take the entire top off, just unscrew the orange part to open it.


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