Sep. 12th, 2013

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First of all, sorry for the quiet. Lots of things have been happening, which I'll get into later. I just haven't been in a mood to share some stuff as of late, mostly because I fear people getting sick of my whining. I'm still here, still reading everyday, just never sure what to say or do. Everyone here is all right for the most part; the only big thing is that I need to see a doctor soon about some physical matters, but so far there's been other matters standing in the way such as the kiddo needing glasses now (we knew it was likely to happen--he made it to fourth grade whereas I had to get them in the third grade) and other assorted real life stuff. The good news on that front is that he got some awesome and stylish frames that only enhance his cuteness. I keep telling him how lucky he is to have the option of wire frames instead of the ugly plastic monstrosities I had to choose from.

Anyway, let's move onto WoW stuff. I have some thoughts regarding Lor'themar and Sylvanas and 5.4 (it'll all be put under a cut, don't worry). I'm still raiding and Tuesday we hit the new Siege of Orgrimmar raid and we've managed to get down the first four bosses (the first wing) on normal mode. It's pretty great, except for the part where I'm still side-eyeing how the hell [spoiler] is still fucking alive at this point, but that's a different rant and has nothing to do with this.

Lor'themar you canny bastard you. [Here there be spoilers.] )


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