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Wrathful and Unrepentant Jade ([personal profile] jadedmusings) wrote2012-02-06 03:06 pm
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Did my son just troll me?

I nearly died of laughter today, and here's why. To set the scene, the kiddo came home from school and I looked through his binder to see what homework was, if there was anything extra we needed to do, etc. He came over to stand next to me while I was looking over one sheet (just a sheet he did in school, nothing really important), and here's what happened:

* Jade looks over worksheet, not suspecting anything.

Kiddo: "Flip it over." *reaches over and flips sheet.*

* Jade dies of laughter.

Suddenly! A wild Sam appears! Unable to speak through her tears of laughter, Jade hands the sheet over to Sam, who promptly sputters and gives Kiddo a hug.

If you don't get it, you've never read a rage comic. Sam links me the odd geeky and hilarious ones (that are SFW and kiddo-friendly). Guess who is sometimes reading over my shoulder?

Yes, I'm a bad parent, but I think my son's artistic potential is really coming through here.