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This year for his spelling assignments, the kiddo only has to pick one activity from a list and do it each week. (However, after September, if he makes 85 or better on the previous week's spelling test--and I feel compelled to add he's never scored lower than an 88 on a spelling test--he won't have to do any activity so long as he keeps testing well. Of course, being the mean mother I am, I will still make him take practice tests to be sure he's keeping up regardless of if he has to do it or not.) So, today, I'm looking over the list of activities and I see one that lets him write the letter of each word in a different color.

"Aha," I said, "this is quick, easy, and fun. He'll be done in no time."

That was about half an hour ago. Little did I know my son is an artiste and is carefully picking out the markers before he spells each word so he can make sure he has the prettiest spelling list in the world. Consider me rather chagrined, though I guess I do appreciate the opportunity to catch up on some blogs and see what news is happening. He's dilligently working and not getting distracted, so I'm not going to sweat it if it takes him a bit longer. If he were just doing it in pencil, I know he'd be finished quickly.

Oh, and by the way, we did math first, and he just sailed right through it like he never had summer break. The only place where he needed help was wording a response to one question asking what was wrong with an example number line. I questioned him first, and he knew the answer, but, per his disorder, he needed a little assistance making a coherent answer.

After this, it's reading. Last week he picked up Bunnicula, and we practiced retelling the story as we went along. It's a bit helpful when it's a chapter book as each chapter gives us something to practice recapping and retelling. This is his weakest area, but one he's determined to work through.
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