Feb. 8th, 2013 09:36 am
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So we spent nearly two weeks without a car due to the truck being in the shop and then being told the bill was a staggering $720. Ouch doesn't begin to cover it, especially since this coincided with the kiddo's ninth birthday on Superbowl Sunday. Financially, we're okay, just a little tighter than intended and the kiddo was happy to wait until we can actually, you know, drive somewhere and pick up his presents.

We got the truck back Monday, which thankfully we could do easily as there was no school due to all the snow we got over the weekend. Unfortunately due to missing several days this past month to snow, the county determined they would have Saturday school on the ninth to start making up for the missed days. Also, this is the week the kiddo started after-school tutoring for Math on Wednesdays, which will also help erase any unexcused absences. This Wednesday was also the one day we could see friends of the family visiting from out of town. The kiddo had homework on top of the after-school tutoring, so by the time we had dinner and were talking with everyone, he was tired and grumpy, and decided that he'd pick that night to be switch places with his once-in-a-blue-moon bratty self. I was embarrassed to say the least because this was the first time I was introducing him to this part of the social circle. None of this helped my anxiety and stress, and I withdrew for the evening, and it was noticed by family, which only added to my guilt and my old issues of, "Why must I be an introvert? Other people are social all the time and do just fine!"

Even with all of this, we figured since Saturday school is only half a day, we could take Sam's dad up on the offer to go try disc golf again (think golf with frisbees) as it's a hobby we both thought would be great for the whole family to take up (good exercise, time outdoors in the mountains, win-win). Then, last night I noticed the kiddo's eyes looking a bit irritated and his left eye maybe a little puffy. I thought maybe it was an allergic reaction to some dust or something one of the pets may have brought in, but he's never in his nine years showed any sort of allergy to anything. So, I sent him to take a warm bath and told him to wash his face just in case. He looked a little better afterward and I thought that would be the end of it, that he'd had a random flare up to something weird.

Until he woke up this morning and needed a washcloth to wipe the gunk away from his eyes so he could open them, and his left eye was nearly swollen shut.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have pink eye. In both eyes. What the actual fuck?

I called the school to let them know and asked if anyone had reported any pink eye and was told, "You're the first." Naturally. The good news is he's acting like his usual self and would probably run amok outside if I let him, his eyes just look, well, pink and puffy and he says they itch a little. They'e cleared up some, but if you look, it's still red and irritated and there's a bit of gunk forming on his eyelashes. I'm not risking sending him to school and having him spread it. I don't want to be that parent.

Anyway, now we're going to head to the doctor and get an excuse for today, some medicine (if it's bacterial, that is), and see if she thinks we ought to keep him home Saturday so he doesn't accidentally infect other kids (and get an excuse for that day too). I hope we can just get a generic antibiotic if he needs it (should be easy considering he's not like me and allergic to all the ones there are generic counterparts for).
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