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I nearly died of laughter today, and here's why. To set the scene, the kiddo came home from school and I looked through his binder to see what homework was, if there was anything extra we needed to do, etc. He came over to stand next to me while I was looking over one sheet (just a sheet he did in school, nothing really important), and here's what happened:

* Jade looks over worksheet, not suspecting anything.

Kiddo: "Flip it over." *reaches over and flips sheet.*

* Jade dies of laughter.

Suddenly! A wild Sam appears! Unable to speak through her tears of laughter, Jade hands the sheet over to Sam, who promptly sputters and gives Kiddo a hug.

What I found on the back. WARNING: Do not drink anything while reading the rest. )
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So, uh, after being super slow yesterday afternoon, we completely lost internet and phone last night. This meant I missed the school alert that they were delayed for two hours so I drove there bright and early only to find the school deserted. *facepalm*

After trying to find Sam's pay-as-you-go cell phone he got while he was house-sitting over Thanksgiving and discovering we can't find the charger for it, I finally settled for waiting until 9:30 to try taking the kiddo to school again. That was when something surged and caused a breaker to flip. Hilariously, after I flipped the breaker back I noticed our router was up and running properly again.

My guess is that the cable company fixed things and something about it suddenly coming back screwed with our power (we're running heaters since it's roughly eleven degrees this morning).

So, in about fifteen minutes I get to try to take the kiddo to school. Again.
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Western North Carolina is full of talented folks ranging from artists to musicians. There's something in the water around here, I swear.

Last night Sam, the kiddo, and I went to an open mic night at The Pizza Shoppe in Spruce Pine, NC. Local musicians from the area played and there was even one woman who did belly dancing, and she was gorgeous plus-sized gal who was so comfortable in her own skin. Everyone loved what she did. I'm still wondering how her hips moved like that. I told Sam it was like watching Tony Jaa's fight scenes in Ong Bak. Hips aren't supposed to do that! (And if you have seen that movie and/or know who Tony Jaa is, give yourself a pat on the back.)

Anyway, Sam's youngest sister asked her some questions and it turns out she teaches in a town about an hour's drive from here. We are definitely considering trying to look into taking classes at some point. Right now, I don't know how feasible it is, however, I have wanted to learn belly dancing for years.

Let's see, there was also a man who played Native American flute and I am now apparently involved in a family conspiracy aimed at getting me to play flute again. Sam's sister seems convinced that I need to get a flute again and practice so I can play for her while she sings for some awesome duets. I pointed out that I have never fared well playing for crowds, but I think that doesn't matter. They know I have music talent now (or used to at any rate) and they want to hear it, even told me I'd get refreshers on how to read music (I remember the basics and know my notes, but I completely blank on time heh).

There was a gentleman who played a song he'd just finished writing that night. Story went that his buddy called him up and said, "Hey, there's an open mic night. Want to come?" He did well despite only having finished it mere hours before.

Oh! I met a Kennedy, too. Not sure how closely he's related to JFK et al, but he was certainly dressed the part and had that notable Massachusettes accent and he definitely shared a family resemblence.

After Sam's dad's band played (they were pretty awesome as usual, by the way, even though they forgot the words a couple of time, silly people), the woman responsible for organizing the open mic night got up there with a guitar. She was a petite lady and when she started singing, I was blown away. She had this voice like Norah Jones and Fiona Apple, something I wasn't expecting. A nice bluesy, smoky alto voice that just about knocked me back in my chair. She had some CDs for sale for five bucks and I picked it up. Best five bucks I've ever spent on music, no lie. (As I said on Twitter last night: Girl crush. I has one. I liked her page on Facebook and hope I can catch announcements for when she's playing nearby. It also helps that Sam's dad, uncle, and friend know her personally.)

Her name is Polly Lorien, and while her band is apparently no longer together and she's a solo act, you can check out her music at her band's/her website. If you get a chance, listen to some of the sample tracks on there, and I can't reccomend "The Lady (Must Be Free)" and "No No No" enough. In fact, have some lyrics as copied from her page. I don't even normally like this genre of music, but I am in love with the album I picked up last night.

Read more... )
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And this is the post where I both display pictures of Christmas presents Sam and I received and brag about his talented family.


And there will be more pictures later, soon as I get some from Sam's mother since I forgot to take my camera to Christmas dinner last night. Oops.
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I didn't really do this last year, but I thought this year I'd offer lots of picture spam from our Christmas weekend. This will be divided into two posts, the first primarily dealing with Santa and the kiddo with a special appearance from Jack. Next post will be pictures of some wonderful gifts Sam and I received from his parents and sisters.

First up, the Santa swag.

Unwrapping Presents = SRS BSNS

Nine more pictures under here. )
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AKA a valid excuse for gratuitous video spam.

John Lennon - "Happy Christmas (War is Over)"

I like Jimmy Buffet's cover, but nothing beats the original. I also thought this song was very apropos this holiday season given that we have officially ended combat in Iraq. True, there's years and years of work ahead of us and repercussions we can't yet see, but maybe one day war really will be over.

Apocalyptica - "O Holy Night"

I'm not Christian any longer, but there's always been something about this song and I just love how beautiful this instrumental version is. (And I confess the first time I heard it, I didn't believe it was Apocalyptica since I'm so used to them just rocking out.) I also really love Eric Cartman's version of this song.

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In all the strange and varied ways in which I might potentially die one day, I'm sure that being eaten by a strange organic life form evolved from forgotten leftovers in my refrigerator is in the top ten at the very least.

In preparation for incoming Christmas dinner leftovers and my mother's snarkiness about my housekeeping skills, I cleaned out the refrigerator today. One plastic bag had apparently been pushed to the rear behind a couple of larger items (i.e. the kiddo's box of juice drinks for lunches). I, uh, can't tell you what was in it originally. I surmise it might have been some leftover cabbage, or possibly some other vegetable. Whatever it was in no way resembles what it is now.

Another fun discovery was a tupperware container full of leftover spaghetti. I remembered it upon seeing it because it was made on a night when Sam was working and I wanted to save him some for when he got home. That was at least a couple of months or more before. Oops. I feel slightly cheated that I did not have my own personal orchestra performing the score from the Psycho shower scene when I opened it. I managed not to scream, but it was a near thing. To think that something I had lovingly prepared could turn into, well, that is terrifying enough. Diamonds are forever. Spaghetti with generic pasta sauce is not.

At any rate, all the shelves and drawers have been cleaned, though now the entire thing is pretty bare. However, Sam's off to the store to purchase ingredients for Christmas dinner items and other odds and ends, and by Sunday I'll be complaining that I can't find anything again.


Dec. 12th, 2011 05:33 pm
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We stopped by the bank today so I could deposit my monthly check. The usual teller wasn't working at the window and the one who handled the check apparently didn't see the kiddo in the back seat. As we pulled away, kiddo noticed the absence of his standard sucker and/or stickers, so he got a little upset and a little whiny.

Jade: (teasing) "Don't cry!"

Kiddo: (wipes at eyes) "I'm NOT crying!"

Jade: "Well, you look upset."

Kiddo: "I'm NOT upset!" (pout)

Sam: "Then quit being such a grumpy face."

Kiddo: "I'm NOT being a grumpy face!" (pause for a couple of seconds) "Well, maybe a little."

*All three of us burst into laughter for the next five minutes.*

ETA: And not five minutes ago:

* Kiddo decides to finish up an art project he didn't finish in school today. He doesn't tell me this involves glue and I figured it was just coloring.

* Jade is writing this entry.

Kiddo: "Oh no!" (shyly in that oh-so-familiar "Something bad has happened" voice every mother knows) "Um, Mom. I used too much glue."

* Jade turns around, sees a white puddle of glue on her coffee table.

Jade: "No, sweetie, you didn't use too much glue. You used half the bottle, that's a bit more than too much."

Fortunately, it was contained to the table and didn't get on the carpet. Also, it was relatively easy to clean up and we saved the cut out he was trying to put glue on. To be fair, it was a standard glue bottle and since he only really uses glue sticks at school, he forgot that you don't take the entire top off, just unscrew the orange part to open it.
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With the added guild drama in WoW plus the general "blah" that comes after a bad illness, I'm feeling like a giant ball of suck. More like "Everything I touch turns to suck too!" So...feeling like shit all around. Hoping I can pull out of it.

Have phone calls to make tomorrow. Appointments to make, etc. etc.

We've all but officially called off Thanksgiving here. Sam's feeling better and so is the kiddo, and while I'm doing better, I'm nowhere near 100%. Neither Sam nor I are feeling like we'll have the energy or appetite for a big meal. I have no idea what we'll be doing.

I ate once today and it didn't immediately make me feel like crap. However, I don't have my appetite back and feeling like I could go crawl into bed. I managed to hang out on WoW for a little bit today to get Folami some of the Pilgrim's Bounty achievements. Maybe I'll do some more tomorrow. We'll see.

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I crawled into bed around 5:00 PM yesterday. I didn't immediately go to sleep, but I was too weak/tired to do anything other than lie down, and yet I wasn't tired enough to sleep. Aside from requisite trips to the bathroom, I did not leave the bed at all until around 10:30 this morning. This is when I discovered the kiddo had gotten up earlier this morning, tried to watch Netflix, and then crawled back into bed where he had an accident (for which I couldn't blame him because this bug is just gross).

I tossed him in the bath and he just wanted to lie down. After a dose of some children's pain and fever medicine plus a dose of stomach medicine, he's perked up a bit. We're on the couch with blankets watching, I kid you not, a show called Almost Naked Animals. Oh, Cartoon Network...

I'm feeling a lot better. More alert. I don't think I can do much beyond lounge around and tend to the kiddo (he did request food and is drinking water, so he's already doing better than I was yesterday). Of course, he looks like he might start dozing soon too, but again, Sam and I were in the same boat yesterday.

I'm not going to say that I'll raid tonight. I'll probably wait another night just to catch up on more rest. I have a sneaking suspicion that as the day wears on, I'll be feeling pretty worn out by raid time again.


Nov. 18th, 2011 04:44 pm
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I ate a six-inch sub from Subway, my first bit of food in the last 48 hours aside from a couple of cookies and a bread roll yesterday. It's staying down, but I feel queasy and generally "un-good." Our attempt at eating was after Sam and I spent all day in bed sleeping and whining about how horrible we felt.

The kiddo is complaining of a stomachache, and where he's normally ravenous after school (they have lunch at 11:00 AM, so by 2:30, he's ready for at least a snack), he barely touched his food. He has bags under his eyes and has been sitting in one spot looking pitiful, and for a Friday afternoon, that's decidedly out of character.

I purchased some ginger ale, and there's saltines in the pantry. I think we are all three couch bound for the weekend. I already backed out of raiding tonight, warning I'll probably be out for the whole weekend, which sucks, but...*sigh* I can't do the team any good like this. Besides, by the time nine o'clock rolls around, if I'm not already in bed, I will be soon after.

So if I'm on WoW this weekend, it'll be for Savitry probably tomorrow afternoon, but I'm doubting I'll even feel up to mindless questing in Deepholm.
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Apologies for the twelve year-old potty humor, and if anyone wants me to finish the rhyme in the subject line (because you're way more mature than me and don't know it), I'll oblige in the comments.

Right now I liken my stomach to the Tea Party. It's full of hot air, makes a lot of noise, and airs a lot of grievances, but it fails to deliver anything of substance and is fucking it up for everybody else. My lower back is like the current Senate. The "good guys" are supposedly in control, but all they're doing is enabling the Tea Party to complete their aforementioned goals of fucking it up for the rest of us.

Sorry, I'm pretty freaking cranky today and bad political metaphors felt right. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be coherent enough to raid. However, I fear I will be in bed instead. Good thing I have a well-stocked "library" not to mention the marvels of modern technology and a laptop I can take to bed with me, if I've got enough energy to use it.

Dealing with some upsetting news about the kiddo, upsetting news in Sam's family, and then my apparent flu-like bug. It has been A. Day. I have a lot of ahead of me in the coming weeks, so I may be pretty withdrawn and given only to talking about WoW, RP, and writing.


Nov. 17th, 2011 09:11 am
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I don't know if it's the sudden temperature drop (yesterday was in the high 60s, today it's going to be in the mid-40s) or if I slept wrong, but I'm feeling achy, particularly in my back and hips, and overall I just feel sluggish and icky. No stuffiness or coughing, just a general "not feeling well."

I hope it's just joint pain from random weather changes. I can't take it easy today since I have to be at the kiddo's school for a meeting at 1:30, and I need to be awake and alert for that. I took a hot shower and it's helped some, but overall I feel like I'm on the verge of some illness. I took some IBprofen (my standard "treatment" for minor joint aches and pains that are not headaches), so maybe that'll help too.

'Tis the season, I guess? Could also be stress, but usually stress comes in the form of headaches for me, not like this.


Nov. 11th, 2011 11:16 am
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I slept on my neck wrong. Ow. And I have to go run errands today with Sam and go deal with the elder of his two younger sisters while I do laundry (his only relative I don't get along with; I suppose it helps he doesn't get along with her so well either). Pity me, please.

But before we go, going to try to start on writing up a whole lot of notes.
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Sam only has to work one more day this week (Tuesday) and then he might have to go back in on Sunday for a couple of hours. However, depending on how far they get on the whole "End of Season" clean-up, his father might not force him to come into the kitchen, especially since he won't even be there long enough to make money to cover the gas it'd take to get there and back. I suspect that, like last year, things are going to be dead enough this week that they'll have ample time to start getting into the nooks and crannies before the official last day.

What this means is I'll be able to make plans to do things on weekday afternoons and evenings, possibly sign the kiddo up for Boy Scouts. I'm apprehensive on this due to the organization's history of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and I'm not fond of my money being used to fund it. However, given where I live, there's a very short list of things I can do to socialize him more, and he of course only understands that he wants to do this really cool thing.

I have to talk to the landlords this week about replacing the kitchen floor and finding out what the hell is causing it to fall in in places. I suspect (and hope) this is just the result of last year's busted pipe, and it's not anything we've done or part of a larger problem. It's only the kitchen floor (believe me, I'm the paranoid sort to walk through the entire house looking for other signs of problems and so far, nothing.) I'm not looking forward to several days of having strangers in my home, but we sort of need a floor to walk on, regardless of my anxiety. Today and tomorrow will be spent cleaning in preparation of that. I'm still wondering how they're going to move the refrigerator to replace the floor there since one area it's sinking in/weakening is right in front of it. I bet they'll come up with a solution.

Actually, part of today will be trick-or-treating for the kiddo. Today from 4:00 - 6:00 downtown businesses here will be giving out candy to trick-or-treaters. It's something they do every year since we don't have much in the way of neighborhoods around here, unless you count driving down winding mountain roads from farm to farm. (Okay, parts of it aren't that rural, but it's not far off.) Last year, the kiddo made off with a fair bit of candy, and they shut off access to main street so it's safe for us to walk around. It's quite impressive and pleasant. After that, we'll be doing laundry. Ugh.

This month's budget may be shot since I fear I'm about to have to sink a lot of money into the truck in the form of new brakes. I'm hoping Sam can throw in a little toward that.

In WoW news, I got Savitry up to 70 and now she's tearing through the Borean Tundra. I'm going to push hard to get her up higher and then see if I can't wrangle some guildies into helping me learn how to tank. Even if I can't use her in Steadfast raids, it'll be nice to have her on stand-by for those nights when there's too many DPS and Folami can't go. There's always pugs (I know, I know) looking for tanks. I really love DPS on Folami, but I'm learning there's just something completely awesome about pulling four or five monsters and watching them try really hard to kill me and fail. All the while, I'm bashing their faces in. It's quite different than all those times I had to witness Folami getting overrun and squished.

And now to go snuggle with Sam for a bit since I've had a bad bout of anxiety-induced insomnia this weekend. Blargh.
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• I've finally chosen a night for a "free" RP event for Steadfast. Given that the Hallow's End world even starts tomorrow, I'm doing a masquerade ball. I'm a bit nervous about hosting this and hoping I can come up with something to at least get the ball rolling (pun unintentional yet no less hilarious), something that'll keep people interested and entertained. I've planned for three hours, though I expect that people will be coming and going. (That reminds me, I need to make a note of that on the announcement.) There's going to be a costume contest and we're coming up with in-game prizes to hand out.

• I am running on two hours of sleep right now. I couldn't take a nap because I had to pick up the kiddo at 11:30 and I have to leave here in about 45 minutes to get back to the school for a meeting with the kiddo's teacher at 1:20. I'm anxious about it, partly because I'm tired and partly because I'm worried there's going to be a need for me to once more emphasize that the kiddo can handle his workload. (Sam will be there, so that makes me feel a little better at least.)

• Due the aforementioned insomnia, I haven't trusted myself to try and write today. I do have questions for you, Solivar, but I might not be able to post them until later this afternoon. I can tell you I'm stealing the memories-in-a-soulstone idea for something Fol is doing.

• After the teacher meeting, we're all going out for a cheap lunch and then grocery shopping. During that I'm going to pick out a meal for Sam's birthday, though I still haven't the faintest idea what I'm going to cook for him. Bah, I took him out for a nice dinner Thursday. :p

• A pair of jeans I purchased last year around my birthday that were snug-fitting-but-not-too-tight have gone into the realm of, "Holy crap, I can put them on and off while they're still buttoned! O_o" So, yeah, I thought I was losing weight, and I know how I did it too. Not eating well due to stress. So, I guess it's kind of a double-edge sword thing. Good and bad, but really, I'm not eating a lot because I don't feel like it and I don't really feel any different, just annoyed that this wonderful pair of jeans is now sagging in the butt. (Dad's genes at work. The first place I gain or lose weight is my butt that somehow still manages to be rather round despite the way it seems to shrink.)

• Time to go wake the sleeping bear AKA Sam since we have to hit the road soon. More later unless I pass out this afternoon.
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• I finished Moon Called by Patricia Briggs yesterday. All I can say is that it was a huge disappointment. The entire plot was so damned unrealistic and unbelievable--seriously, if you want to arrange it so someone kills your father (because he's too dangerous to remain a werewolf) so you don't have to, there are much easier ways to do it than creating a vast conspiracy that involves drugs designed to take down werewolves, putting two packs in danger, and results in the deaths of how many innocents? I can stomach a lot of bullshit in my paranormal books, but there's a difference between "overly fantastic" and "completely fucking moronic." And I've already talked about the "Me alpha male, you woman" crap that irked me. Sorry, Mercy Thompson, but I'll not be visiting your world again, which is a shame because I actually like Zee. I just fear the book featuring him will involve an even more ridiculous and far-fetched plot.

From WoW Insider: Patch 4.3 will finally lift the soulbound restriction on Chaos Orbs, allowing players to freely trade them and roll on them at the end of heroic instances. - Halle-fucking-lujah! I can't tell you how frustrating it was to have a couple of orbs sitting in my bank unused when I wanted a Blacksmith to craft me a new dagger and I had to wait for him to gather the orbs from instances. Also, making Embersilk gowns will get infinitely easier if anyone wants Folami to tailor them one. Oh and Dreamcloths so I can make Illusionary Bags.

• I've not been writing, well, apart from a short little thing I wrote for Folami since she's not with the rp group at the moment for her own safety. (Instead, I finally got to bring her father, Salih, into the plot.) Going to kick my own ass into writing a thing for Salih to offer a little backstory that happens right before Steadfast came to the Ghostlands. Also, Pasha writing. I'm itching to get something accomplished there. Also, another Kalecgos/Arygos scene has been percolating around in my head. Selene/Ballari too. Let's see if my muses will actually work.

• Sam's birthday is coming up (October 17). I'm trying to convince him to arrange it so he has that day off from work since the kiddo has only a half-day that day, which of course is apparently also Parent's Day. This means that instead of heading down to Asheville as soon as the kiddo gets out of school at 11:30, I had to make an appointment to meet with his teacher at either 1:00 or 1:20. If I explain it to her, I'm sure she'll be okay with making it a short meeting. Besides, he has an IEP meeting coming up and she'll have to be involved with that, so...yeah. If there's anything major (and as far as I know we've addressed the reading comprehension issue and he's acing all his tests now), it'll be discussed at length there too.

• I like bullet points.


Sep. 26th, 2011 09:24 am
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A couple of weeks ago Sam had a cold. This devious virus allowed me to think I'd escaped its clutches so that it might completely clobber me yesterday. I went from "Hmm, my throat is a little scratchy," late Saturday night/early Sunday morning to, "Mah doze doedn't work!" in no time flat.

Given that I couldn't sleep and I was afraid to take Nyquil since I'd rather be tired and coherent than spending an entire day in a medically induced fog (this is why I never wanted to try illegal drugs; OTC drugs can fuck me up just fine on their own, particularly the ones with sleep aids), I elected to turn off my alarm when I woke up at 4:00 AM. This means the kiddo who, apart from coughing and sounding only a little stuffy, is staying home from school today. He did have a stuffy nose this weekend and had trouble falling asleep last night, which knowing him will be the only symptoms he'll get and he'll be A-OK tomorrow.

He's not getting off easy, though. He has a project to work on for school and we have reading to do, plus I'm pretty sure I know what his math assignment will be. Also, I can log online now and he can do his spelling homework there, which doing it on my computer will be like a treat for him. (If only I'd had this back in the day, huh?)

Today's agenda is drinking water, lots of water (drank OJ yesterday), and resting a lot.
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The alarm went off when I was in the middle of a dream. This in turn makes it harder for me to wake up and stagger to turn it off. (I have to keep the alarm in a place that makes me stand up and move to turn it off. I have been known to turn off the alarm in my sleep and not realize it until I wake up two hours later.)

Then I get up to see it's raining and it's making my internet connection behave badly. It's quite annoying to have it go in and out at random moments, but it seems to be stabilizing now.

Being grumpy isn't helping with other things. I want to bring up some thing related to WoW guild stuff and not sure I trust myself to be able to explain things without coming off as "OH MAH GAWD YOU SUCK!" I mean, I know it won't be anything like that severe and it's certainly not how I feel, but it's me needing to put on my officer's hat and it's a little anxiety inducing. There's other stuff outside of WoW, too.

Did I mention I was in a deep enough sleep to be dreaming and continued doing so even after I hit the snooze? I think I might need a nap today. Blargh.
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I'm back on my laptop! Will be there for Tavern Night!


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