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Usually by now we've had several inches as early as October, but after a very mild summer and then autumn, the snow stayed at bay until today.

And guess who left Thanksgiving shopping until the last minute and has to go out later today in that? Yep, me, though it's not entirely my fault. I asked about a week ago for the menu so I'd know if it was a traditional meal with all the fixings or if I should make something smaller, but Sam's mom didn't get back to me until yesterday. Yesterday was spent tending to my poor sore tailbone after I slipped down our steps. I'm OK today, just tender.

Anyway, I'm hoping the snow will have thinned out some of the last-minute shopping crowd and I take comfort in knowing the things I need to buy aren't exactly very popular Thanksgiving items so chances are great that I'll find everything without a fuss.
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It arrived today via UPS and it's more beautiful in person than in the pictures I saw of it online.

OK, here's the context: For Christmas this year, Sam's helping me build my own desktop for relatively cheap, except I went rather big for the graphics card. We've been wanting to do this for a couple of years now, but I've been hemming and hawing about spending money like this on myself. I finally decided this will be the year I do it because I want my own computer again (aside from my lovely laptop I use to write and do other things).

With a new desktop we'll no longer have to split our time up when we want to play games, and I'll be able to maybe give Final Fantasy XIV a whirl to play with him and some IRC friends. Furthermore, this computer I'll keep in the living room which means the kiddo can play on it and I'll be able to see him at all times, even when cooking dinner. Sam's desktop is in the backroom and it's his version of his own little digital man cave.

There are so many games I want to play, and I'm eagerly anticipating being able to farm in WoW and watch TV at the same time. Also, I might try my hand at some livestreaming. For some reason people on Twitter seem to think it'd be hilarious to watch me, well, be myself in WoW (like when I run off cliffs or die to elevator bosses). Today I'm going to hit up a thrift shop and a second hand furniture store to search for a desk while taking the kiddo out to get his glasses repaired (did I mention he had to get glasses for the first time this year?) and get a haircut. Also going to be pricing some monitors.

I'll do up a post on all the specifics once I have the parts and the computer is built (processor, power supply, hard drive, etc.). I've been so excited. It's been years since I had a desktop (Windows XP was still top of the line) and I've never built one that could be considered remotely decent for gaming.

I'm Alive

Mar. 26th, 2013 01:00 pm
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Just haven't had much to say that's interesting, or I've been rather down on myself and figure everyone is sick of my whining.

Anyway, have a photo of early Spring in the mountains as seen from my back porch just a few minutes ago:

Someone set our calendars back to the snow we should have had in December. Kiddo had no school yesterday or today, and as a result they've tacked on a day to the end of the year to make up for it, but the good news is he'll still get his Spring break next week.

And two pictures of Sasha just to be silly. )


Feb. 8th, 2013 09:36 am
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So we spent nearly two weeks without a car due to the truck being in the shop and then being told the bill was a staggering $720. Ouch doesn't begin to cover it, especially since this coincided with the kiddo's ninth birthday on Superbowl Sunday. Financially, we're okay, just a little tighter than intended and the kiddo was happy to wait until we can actually, you know, drive somewhere and pick up his presents.

We got the truck back Monday, which thankfully we could do easily as there was no school due to all the snow we got over the weekend. Unfortunately due to missing several days this past month to snow, the county determined they would have Saturday school on the ninth to start making up for the missed days. Also, this is the week the kiddo started after-school tutoring for Math on Wednesdays, which will also help erase any unexcused absences. This Wednesday was also the one day we could see friends of the family visiting from out of town. The kiddo had homework on top of the after-school tutoring, so by the time we had dinner and were talking with everyone, he was tired and grumpy, and decided that he'd pick that night to be switch places with his once-in-a-blue-moon bratty self. I was embarrassed to say the least because this was the first time I was introducing him to this part of the social circle. None of this helped my anxiety and stress, and I withdrew for the evening, and it was noticed by family, which only added to my guilt and my old issues of, "Why must I be an introvert? Other people are social all the time and do just fine!"

Even with all of this, we figured since Saturday school is only half a day, we could take Sam's dad up on the offer to go try disc golf again (think golf with frisbees) as it's a hobby we both thought would be great for the whole family to take up (good exercise, time outdoors in the mountains, win-win). Then, last night I noticed the kiddo's eyes looking a bit irritated and his left eye maybe a little puffy. I thought maybe it was an allergic reaction to some dust or something one of the pets may have brought in, but he's never in his nine years showed any sort of allergy to anything. So, I sent him to take a warm bath and told him to wash his face just in case. He looked a little better afterward and I thought that would be the end of it, that he'd had a random flare up to something weird.

Until he woke up this morning and needed a washcloth to wipe the gunk away from his eyes so he could open them, and his left eye was nearly swollen shut.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have pink eye. In both eyes. What the actual fuck?

I called the school to let them know and asked if anyone had reported any pink eye and was told, "You're the first." Naturally. The good news is he's acting like his usual self and would probably run amok outside if I let him, his eyes just look, well, pink and puffy and he says they itch a little. They'e cleared up some, but if you look, it's still red and irritated and there's a bit of gunk forming on his eyelashes. I'm not risking sending him to school and having him spread it. I don't want to be that parent.

Anyway, now we're going to head to the doctor and get an excuse for today, some medicine (if it's bacterial, that is), and see if she thinks we ought to keep him home Saturday so he doesn't accidentally infect other kids (and get an excuse for that day too). I hope we can just get a generic antibiotic if he needs it (should be easy considering he's not like me and allergic to all the ones there are generic counterparts for).
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As of this writing, my birthday has been officially over for an hour, but as I haven't gone to bed yet I'm still counting it as part of my birthday.

I have been on this earth for 32 years now, and so far as I can tell I've got quite a few years left to go barring, of course, unforeseeable events such as a meteor falling on my head or a tree toppling over and crushing me. Given how things tend to happen in my life, I'm not ruling either of those out, especially on the latter since I insist on living in rural, wooded areas.

For gifts this year Sam has promised me a copy of Dragon Age 2 since I keep going back and forth over getting it and he wants me to quit dithering over it. From his sister we had free night of babysitting which allowed us to have a quiet New Year's Eve spent at home and then a nice night out today with his parents for dinner and a movie (we saw The Hobbit). His mother is doing something awesome and is going to let me design my own set of pottery for the house, so I have to arrange a time to go visit her at her studio to help come up with a design and colors for it. Trust me when I say this is one of the best gifts I could get. Just yesterday I was looking at my dwindling and chipped dinnerware thinking I should look into purchasing some new plates and bowls this year, and now I get to design my own (with the help of a very talented artist, of course). It'll be unique and nobody else will have it. Yep, I'm going to be the hipster of ceramics. Aren't you jealous?

Anyway, the best gift I got wasn't really a gift. It was a phone call from Sam's grandparents, who we spent Christmas with. His grandmother called to wish me a happy birthday, which was special for several reasons, the first being that none of my grandparents are living any longer so I don't get to hear it from them or anyone in my family apart from my mother. The second being that this is the first time I've truly felt welcomed by someone else's family, and for someone with my history that's more precious than anything anyone could ever buy me.

As for Christmas, that's a whole other post that I may never write up. Suffice to say we had a wonderful holiday and I'm not sure, but I feel like Sam and I both feel a bit refreshed and ready to face another year together. However, I'm annoyed that the kiddo has to go back to school tomorrow/later today (yes, on January 2) as I'd very much love at least one or two more days of relaxation. Oh well, c'est la vie.

I'm going to work on a list of goals for 2013 to post later. No, not a list of resolutions, just assorted goals.

Oh, and I did forget one other gift I received in the mail: A tax notice from the county telling me taxes are due on the truck. I guess if it's a choice between death and taxes, I'll take the taxes.
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So, last night Sam did something no one else had ever done for me. Thanks to him, I got to go to my first live concert. (Yes, I am almost 32 years old and had never been to a concert outside of all those middle and high school band concerts I was part of.) We saw Rush along with Sam's dad in Charlotte, NC, last night, which when Sam first suggested it a few months ago I was kind of, "Eh, I guess I'll tag along. Sounds like a good night out if nothing else." I mean, they had a few songs I liked, though they weren't on the same level as, say, Nightwish is for me, or even Loreena McKennitt where I might consider giving my right arm to see them live (we've established my musical tastes are all over the map, right? Good.).

I have to say after seeing them put on a live show, they really won me over and if they come my way again, I'll be the one to buy the tickets if Sam doesn't get it first. I mean, they got me to spend forty bucks on a t-shirt, so that says something, and I'm giving them another chance as Sam has pretty much their entire collection (spanning back to 1968) on his computer and shared it with me.

Anyway, they did two sets and an encore, the first set of which was a collection of songs from their extensive discography. The second set they focused mostly on their newest release Clockwork Angels, and the final song they performed from it was one Geddy Lee (lead singer) said was their favorite on this album, and I have to say it's gotta be my favorite on this and a song I really can identify with, though a part of me wishes I couldn't.

The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect,
So hard to earn so easily burned


In the rise and the set of the sun,
'Till the stars go spinning,
Spinning 'round the night
It is what it is, and forever
Each moment of memory in flight

This is, of course, a softer song for them, but hearing it live toward the end of such an amazing show was quite powerful and made the song an instant favorite. Another from the same album was "Halo Effect."

And if you know anything about me and the last few years of my life, you'll understand what that one too hits rather close to home.

What did I see?
Fool that I was
A goddess, with wings on her heels
All my illusions
Projected on her
The ideal, that I wanted to see


What did I do?
Fool that I was
To profit from youthful mistakes?
It's shameful to tell
How often I fell
In love with illusions again

Anyway, my sleep-deprived rambling, fangirlish self realizes this is a strange entry. So the tl;dr version of this: RUSH WAS FUCKING AWESOME IN CHARLOTTE LAST NIGHT!!! Also, Geddy Lee might be 59 years old, but I'd still hit that like my life depended on it.
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Yesterday, I finally got to play again and managed to get my reputation to Revered with the Order of the Cloud Serpents. This meant, of course, I did the sky race for the first time. Before hand you're given a couple of quests showing you the route and then going through collecting the ten checkpoints. Despite this, I still had trouble following the route and missed a checkpoint, twice. Yes, pretty much part for the course for me when it comes to figuring things out, and of course the kiddo had come to see my new dragon and see what all the fuss was about. After turning in the last quest, I learned I'd actually get to compete in the race that day and this happened:

JADE: (Half-muttered.) "I'm so going to lose."
KIDDO: (Waits until I hit "Accept" and then runs out of the room.)
JADE: "Where are you going? I thought you wanted to see the race."
KIDDO: (Clearly distressed.) "I can't watch you lose!"
JADE: "...are you crying?"
KIDDO: (Beat. Sniff.) "No, I just don't want to watch you lose!"
JADE: (Suddenly feels immense guilt for her self-deprecation, even if it wasn't completely serious.)

I convinced him to come back into the room after assuring him I wasn't going to lose, that I just might come in second or third since it was my first time. Having said that, of course I earned the How to Strain Your Dragon achievement.

My child, I tell you, has no confidence in my mad WoW skills.
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Last week, Sam finally purchased an HDMI cable so we can fully enjoy the beauty that is Hi-Definition on our flat screen TV and his PS3. Yesterday, he decided he wanted to play Skyrim as now we can finally read the text on the screen and see the compass without straining our eyes and inducing headaches. I stayed long enough to see how gorgeous the game was in 1080dpi, and then I headed back to spend a little time on WoW.

Here's what I heard a few minutes later:

Sam: "...whoops."
Jade: *begins giggling uncontrollably*

Sam explained later he was sneaking around and had his bow out to try and kill a guard or two stealthily. He remembered that you can zoom in to help aim, but he couldn't remember which button. And thus I heard the dragon shout followed by the sound of Sam's character getting slaughtered by everything in the cave.

No word yet as to whether anyone took an arrow to the knee. Meanwhile, I'm running around Renaissance Italy collecting feathers and assassinating random folks in Assassin's Creed II. This game is even more beautiful than I remember.
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As my previous entry was about how lucky I've been in a computer game, this entry demonstrates my luck doesn't necessarily extend to real life.

Way back in 2002, I purchased a Buddha statue from a local metaphysical shop (no longer in business, but those of you from Columbia, SC, might remember Joyful Alternative). I've never been a Buddhist, but for spiritual reasons I love the statues as I also feel just a smidge of, well, peacefulness when I look at one. I know it sounds a bit silly, but for someone with anxiety issues, this little bit of peace is nice to obtain from something so simple.

Anyway, today I was doing some overdue dusting on the shelves where all my Buddhas sit, including the one I've had for a decade. I set it on a chair I had nearby and dusted like I normally do. Today, however, I also had to bring the vacuum cleaner over to suck up some cobwebs I saw in the corner near the ceiling and some dust bunnies under the shelves where the vacuum doesn't normally go.

Somehow, I'm not sure how, I knocked Buddha off the chair and directly onto my foot. This statue weighs about three to five pounds. Miracle of miracles I did not turn the air blue with a string of choice words, but there was some whimpering an moaning while I was picturing myself in the ER with a nurse asking, "Now, how did you break your foot?" and wondering the sort of stares I was going to get when I responded, "Buddha fell on it."

So far there's no swelling. I can feel a little knot and I think tomorrow my foot is going to be quite colorful. It was a bit sore to walk on when I went out to meet the bus with the kiddo, but that was more to do with my shoes putting pressure on it than anything else.

As for my Buddha statue, he lost his head. Literally. Fortunately we had some gorilla glue, and when I last checked his head seems to be firmly reattached. I was worried because I love this statue, and there isn't a whole lot I've managed to hold onto from that time in my life apart from the emotional baggage that is my life.

And then the school called to inform me that the kiddo was getting out early due to another waterline bust. This time at the middle school. The bright side is at least homework is done early today.


Sep. 5th, 2012 08:52 pm
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After playing around inside the house and bouncing around all evening, kiddo came in to tell me around 7:30 he wasn't feeling well, so I sent him to the bath. After the bath, he told me he was going to lie down and rest long before his 9:00 PM bed time, and not five minutes later, I hear the sounds of retching. All over his bedsheets.

Gross bodily function discussion under here. )
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So Kiddo wound up sleeping all afternoon, waking up briefly around 8pm and falling promptly back to sleep about an hour and a half later after keeping down some dry toast and a sandwich. Sunday, he started off a bit sluggish, but finished off strong and was pulling random toys out of his closet. Off to school today for him.

Meanwhile, I've got stomach trouble and am starting to feel some mild nausea. As usual, if someone so much as says the words, "Stomach bug" within my vicinity, I catch it. Then again, it might just stay with me feeling oogy, but we'll see.
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Sam left for work about half an hour ago. Kiddo, who's been a little sluggish but otherwise seemed fine, just vomited and is now laying on my bed taking a nap and voluntarily turned off cartoons to do so. If he's turning off the television to nap on a Saturday afternoon, you know he's sick.

Second week of school and the tally so far is one very minor head cold (that lasted for, like, a day and a half for the kiddo), and now a stomach bug. He's not running a fever and he's not complaining of any other aches, though I suspect when evening hits, he might spike a slight fever going by previous stomach bugs. If he gets sick again tomorrow, I won't be letting him go to school on Monday as I'll want him to go 24 hours without any vomiting first.
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Friday I purchased a new (cheap) cell phone and have a pre-paid plan that gives me unlimited talk, text, and mobile web.

Monday (today) I received my first telemarketing call.

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Doing a little better today. Might have something to do with the fact I chopped off ten inches of hair today and have been doing the hair swish at every given opportunity because it's so light. (And when I say "I chopped off ten inches of hair," what I mean is that I paid someone who is trained to cut hair to chop off ten inches of my hair.)

I appreciate comments to f-locked posts I've received and I promise, were I fully coherent, I'd respond to you all. My friend responded to my email, and so I'm going to respond to him and play catch up as well as do some good old venting.
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Yesterday, I attended Sam's mother's art gallery's grand opening. (Is that enough possessive pronouns in a row for you?) It was also a CD release party for his father's band.

There were hors dourves and (boxed) wine. While drinking my second glass of wine, a twenty-something woman walked up wearing a Ron Paul t-shirt and some (white) man in his fifties or sixties asked who Ron Paul was.

"He's a presidential candidate who is for limited government and getting back to the constitution," she responded in the tone of someone who really hasn't read all that much about the candidate that she's supporting. She was being vague and not specific, just "limited government" and "constitution" repeated like any good lolibertarian you might encounter in the wild.

And despite being in a crowded room with dozens of strangers, which had my anxiety flaring up like whoa, I let loose with, "He's also a homophobic racist who says he's for limited government, but not if you're a woman who wants to go in for a legal medical procedure."

It's a little paraphrased, but that is, pretty much what I said. I had to walk away soon after and told Sam, "Let's get away from the axis of evil." (Hey, he laughed.) I mean, I didn't even get into how Mr. Constitution and Limited Government has suggested building a fence along the US-Mexico border (thank you, Paulbomb Pastebin). One minute doesn't give me a lot of time to go into how most Republicans and Libertarians who rail about big government only mean smaller governments for corporations and white, rich men.

I'm sure they thought I was one of those one-issue voters, and in their white, white world of Southern Appalachia, the idea that Ron Paul is racist is silly (those newsletters weren't all written by him, after all). But I was still rather proud of myself. Even if they ignored what I said, maybe, maybe I planted the seed of doubt in that young woman. Maybe she's young enough and privileged enough she'll never have to think about what should happen if she gets pregnant unexpectedly, or what happens if she loses her job and needs government assistance so she doesn't starve, but for fuck's sake, you can't give me wine, stand me next to someone saying something so idiotic, and then expect me to keep my mouth shut.

(And yes, it felt damn good.)


Apr. 4th, 2012 01:54 pm
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Dear Construction Workers,

Hi, you don't know me and I may not know you personally, but I pass by you every time I drive my son to school and each time I drive into town or travel to Spruce Pine. From what I understand, the highway widening is going to take a few more years, so we're going to be seeing a lot more of each other.

So, with that in mind, could you please try not to hit the main water line? That's twice now that the high school has had to close down, and I know of at least one other time you managed to break it after school was out and shut down several local restaurants in town (places which are likely forced to close today). I'm not sure what you did this time, but they're saying we might not have school tomorrow, so congratulations, I guess for going all out?

I understand accidents will happen, it's just I have to ask if this is preventable. Once it's a mistake, twice...


An aggravated mother who hopes they don't cancel Friday's day off.
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2:00 PM - Bright, sunny, clear blue sky.

3:00 PM - Starts raining.

3:30 PM - Thunderstorms for everyone!

Cable has gone out a couple of time, but thus far the internet has remained stable. It's a bummer because I wanted to practice with my new UI and rotation.
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Today in things that only happen to me before a boss pull in Firelands:

Jack hopped in through the open window (he gets to use it like a cat door in warmer weather) and went under my chair. I happened to look down and saw he deposited a dead mouse.

Jade: (On vent.) "Um, sorry guys, I need a minute to clean up the dead mouse my cat just brought me."
Jack: (Sashays off to his chair, nose in the air.) YOU'RE WELCOME!

When I had a chance a few minutes later, I gave him some catnip, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

At least he didn't bring it to me while I was lying in bed this time,* and at least he wasn't like Gwen and left it on the dining room table.** Still, his timing could have been better.

As for the raid, don't ask me. I don't want to get into it.

* = True story. It was shortly after we brought Jack home from the cat rescue. One night I was sitting in bed on the laptop and Jack jumped on the bed and plopped a big dead mouse right there next to me on the comforter. That was the moment I knew he was happy to have a home.

** = Also a true story. This one not as funny because Gwen had partially disemboweled the mouse and left the top half on the table for us. I guess she thought the entire mouse was more than we deserved.
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Friday morning on the way to take the kiddo to school, I actually uttered the words, "Hey, is there smoke coming out of my right front tire?" There was indeed smoke coming from my right front tire. Yeah.

See, we knew we had to take it in for repairs and we were going to call the place to set up a time to take it in that morning, but the truck apparently decided that enough was enough. We had to get it towed from the school to the mechanic that morning, but they didn't manage to get it in to look at it and repair it until yesterday (they were closed Monday for President's Day). This place stays busy because the mechanic is not only very fair but very good at what he does. We thought it was the front brakes because, hey, brake light was coming on and it was making some weird noises when we stopped. Turns out that it wasn't the brakes, it was the hub assembly. The ball bearing apparently busted and that left the hub assembly hanging on and wobbling. The smoke was the tire leaning onto the brakes.

In short we are very, very, very fortunate that the tire did not fall off the truck while we were in motion. Oh, and given that both front tires had sections of tread worn down to the steel threads, we're lucky neither tire blew up either.

Well, the mechanic didn't do tires, so we had to drive to the other part of town to get those replaced this morning where the following exchange took place between Sam and the owner of the tire place:

Tire Guy: "You're [Sam's dad]'s son, right?"
Sam: "Yes sir, I am."
Tire Guy: "Well, we're cousins." (They're third cousins it turns out.)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I know I'm still in the South in a small town, and probably why we were able to get a nice pair of used tires and spent 200 bucks less than I was expecting. (Brand new, tires for my truck would run about $150 each, and those were the cheapest ones. If we hadn't taken the hit for the other repairs and need money for an alignment, we'd have purchased new, but this will hold us over until we can get them replaced.)

Other thing the tire guy said after seeing our tires, "How the hell did you make it here without blowing up?" The only thing I could think of to say was, "That was my dad's truck. He's still looking out for me." That is probably why I will keep that truck until the frame falls completely apart. It may be stupid to think so, but Dad is still very much part of that truck to me. It's got sentimental value and still has a connection to him in a way nothing else does for me. I've even kept his Dale Earnhardt license plate on the front despite how much it's faded.

In other news, yesterday I got hit with a headache that went away with Excedrin only to come back in the evening and only faded to a dull ache with another dose of Excedrin. I woke up with it back in full force this morning and after yet another dose of medicine and a hot shower, it finally left late this morning. I'm worn out as a result and feeling a little queasy, so Sam will be picking the kiddo up from school. Wednesdays are our no homework days (apart from daily reading requirement and quick review of his spelling words for the week), so I'm going to take it easy tonight. Oh, and yeah, some writing too, and a guild meeting in WoW.

Reminds me, need to talk RP stuff at some point now that the truck is fixed and I feel like I can breathe a little easier again.
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First, my latency is all over the place, which made doing one random Hour of Twilight loads of fun with random lag spikes. My DPS suffered a bit as a result, and I almost didn't move out of the "bad stuff" fast enough in Well of Eternity. At least at the end of all that aggravation, I got the Looking For Multitudes achievement and got my Perky Pug. Now I can watch it drag its butt across Fireland when we raid there (no, seriously, it drags its butt over the ground/floor at random moments).

Second, close to 9:00 (AKA raid time), I'm the only person in vent and one of our raiders logs on and informs me he's been hacked. I'd just happened to notice not half and hour before that one of his lesser used alts was online. Cue half an hour of demoting his main and all his alts to limit his guild bank privileges (though not before the hacker managed to steal several stacks of gems and assorted gear from every tab this member had access to). Because the hacker also got his battle.net password AND reset the security question, I had to put in a ticket for him. Believe it or not, Blizz responded in under 15 minutes and he's slowly sorting out the emails to find out what was taken from him.

I spend a few minutes tabbing out to make a post on the officer forums and going through the bank log to make a list of everything we lost. And seriously, I'm more upset at who got hacked than I am that a member of our guild got hacked. I mean, yeah, I'd be upset for any member of Steadfast getting hacked, but this person has always been super awesome and just...why does it happen to the nice ones? (And I'm not just saying that because he has an alt who heals, either.)

Third, by the time all that's done, it's 9:30 and it's clear there will be no raid tonight due to lack of sign ups, the hacking, and one other person logging in to say he won't be raiding with us all weekend because it's his wife's birthday an he forgot. (Seriously, why couldn't he be hacked? Kidding!) I try to do Dragon Soul (raid finder), and managed to do one boss, but the freaking lag spikes are just awful. It hurts my DPS (though I still managed to come out in the top five, ahem--yes, damnit, I'm going to brag because Folami is a boss). I just decide it's too freaking frustrating, and at this point the only really great gear I can get anymore would be the Cunning of the Cruel trinket. I leave the raid and figure I'll do it tomorrow when, hopefully, my latency is better.

Fourth, managed to get a new alt invited to the guild. Tumelo is a Troll shaman who will be an RP character (more on that at a later date) and who, I hope, will be the first one I'll be leveling via the dungeon finder as...a healer. I still want to try tanking with Savitry, but I just don't know right now. I figure if I level with Tumelo in dungeons as a healer, there won't be that much of a learning curve by the time I get to 85.

And to top it all off, in real-life the kiddo has the same cold I had and he has no voice (he stayed home from school today and vegged out on the couch, an usual occurrence), we looked at a new house for rent today that we might be getting as soon as I can get the money together. (*Fingers crossed.*)

All this and I'm only an RP officer.


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