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Mar. 26th, 2013 01:00 pm
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Just haven't had much to say that's interesting, or I've been rather down on myself and figure everyone is sick of my whining.

Anyway, have a photo of early Spring in the mountains as seen from my back porch just a few minutes ago:

Someone set our calendars back to the snow we should have had in December. Kiddo had no school yesterday or today, and as a result they've tacked on a day to the end of the year to make up for it, but the good news is he'll still get his Spring break next week.

And two pictures of Sasha just to be silly. )
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Autumn 2011

How apropos for me to take these pictures today seeing as tomorrow is the equinox. I apologize for the grayish tone. It was overcast and I tried to play with the levels a bit in Paint.net to bring out the colors some, but I don't think it helped much. I'm going to try to get better pictures when it's brighter and more leaves have changed.

Three more much larger pictures under here. )

Have I mentioned how much I love living here and love the location of this place? Gorgeous views every time I open my door.
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Around 11:15 PM last night, a huge gust of wind came rolling down the ridge behind my house. Less than a minute later my power and cable went out and the wind got so loud that I thought a tornado was surely bearing down on us. Well, it wasn't a tornado, just a hellacious thunderstorm that raged for about an hour before fading away into stillness. The power stayed out until about 3:30 AM, which means I am plumb wore out today, to borrow a Southern-ism. (I didn't stay up waiting for it to come back; I just woke up when the power came back on and I had to get up to reset my alarm clock and turn off lights and the TV.)

More rain is expected throughout today and the rest of this week with chances for more thunderstorms, but I think really bad weather is over for now. What startled me was that we had absolutely no warning whatsoever. All was quiet and then BAM! Usually there's a rumble of thunder, some lightning, or at least a drop or two of rain. Even so, we managed to come out of it unscathed. Other counties were reporting wind damage and fallen trees. In Rutherford county, North Carolina, about sixty miles from here, two eighteen year-old girls are dead after a large tree fell over on their house. My thoughts go out to their family.

I occasionally complain about the lack of shade in my yard, but after last night I'm kind of glad there's not any trees near my house and that I've got a large open pasture behind me. About the worst that might happen is a cow or a goat gets flung against my house, which would take stronger winds than what we had last night. It would also mean they were too dumb to take shelter.

I was on WoW in the middle of our role-play night (which was winding down at that point at least) when it happened. I had no opportunity to warn that I might disappear or even mention the possibility of a storm. At least it waited until after all the plot information was discussed and between two of us, there should be a complete log available for guild records.

Ugh, I am so glad Wednesdays are "no homework" days for the kiddo. I seriously am too brain dead to help him do something as simple as two plus two.

Edit: Any NCIS fans here? Did you see last night's episode? Oh my god! Franks! P2P killer! Crying Ziva! New agent Barret being an idiot! And next week is the season finale! (I have to admit the opening two minutes when they showed Palmer first had me freaking out that something happened to Ducky.)


May. 6th, 2011 12:43 pm
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Before I begin, I need to ask for some good vibes/thoughts/prayers/whatever-your-inclination for my mother. Last Thursday she had to have some follow-up testing done and we thought she'd get the results yesterday or today. Well, she might not be getting the results until Monday. Up until hearing that she'd been fine because this current "scare" is one she's had before and so did her mother, and both times turned out to be absolutely nothing but an annoyance. But she's found out that waiting over the weekend for news that has even the slightest chance of being devastating is somewhat anxiety inducing. Who knew?

So yeah, just getting that out of the way.

There is nothing that will disrupt sleep like a stye. I get them from time to time and, for me at least, they go away in a couple of days. Still, it's damned irritating to feel that soreness when I blink or have to wipe my eyes (because they're watery due to mild allergies).

Today, I have writing to do. Lots of writing. Scads of writing. Thousands of words--you get the picture. I am going to finish that story for [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse tonight come hell or high water. Take that, muse!

Bank account is back in the black and it will stay that way. Well, barring any major events in the next couple of months, it will. I need to talk to my landlords in the next couple of months to see if I'm going to renew my lease with them in August. I'd really love to stay with them, and there's nothing they've done wrong. I just wonder if they'll change their minds about renting to an unmarried couple. We'll see.

Speaking of summer, I need to see about day camps and other activities for the kiddo. Or at the very least, daycare so I can find part-time work. I don't want to spend all summer locked away at home. Despite his work schedule, Sam will be back to having his own transportation soon and might be able to help. Then again, assuming his sister isn't taking any classes this summer, she can possibly help too. I just have to pay her. ;)
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What American accent do you have?
Created by Xavier on Memegen.net

Southern. Love it or hate it, your accent says you're probably from somewhere south of the Ohio River.

If you're not from the South, you probably were overanalyzing the questions. Take the quiz again but don't think so hard next time.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
We're going to start with "cot" and "caught." When you say those words do they sound the same or different?

Yeah, that's fair considering I was born and raised in South Carolina and now live in North Carolina tucked away in the Appalachains (where the accent is still Southern, but very different from where I'm from originally).
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Two funny things from today:

The first is walking outside this afternoon and finding a herd of goats in my front yard. Turns out my landlords' goat herd has a leader who likes to lead the herd to places they ought not go, and today that included going up the mountain, down around to a trailer down the driveway, and then back up to my yard. The Great Pyrenese dog, Trixie, apparently lets this goat lead, but she does the job of keeping the herd together and making sure no other animals bother them.

And then there was Jack.

Picture under the cut. )

Snow Day

Dec. 6th, 2010 05:56 pm
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December 6, 2010

Today is a snow day for all the schools in our county, and not ten minutes ago, I got another phone call informing me tomorrow will be another snow day. This is an area that's prepared for winter weather, but the problem is that the snow simply hasn't stopped, and when most of the residents (like us) live on windy, narrow mountain roads, it's rather dangerous to attempt going anywhere and nigh impossible to clear certain roadways. If the snow had let up any instead of steadily falling all day long, I suspect we'd be having school tomorrow.

In order to alleviate some cabin fever, we went outside to take some pictures and check out the scenery. Sam also tried to take out the trash to put in the back of my truck for disposal, except he couldn't open my tail gate because it was frozen shut. And let me just say now, Sam is rather strong, so that door is just stuck.

As far as driving anywhere, well, we went shopping yesterday evening to pick up some food because we kind of had an inkling today would be a bit rough. When we got back home, I had to shift into four-wheel drive to park my car in the usual spot. Welcome to life in the Appalachain Mountains.

This is why I'm glad I kept Dad's truck. Without four-wheel drive, I couldn't have made it up my driveway last night.

Even so, this hasn't made me love North Carolina any less. I can tolerate the cold and the snow because this seems like a fine Spring Day compared to how cold it got in Maine during the winter.

Anyway, enjoy some more pictures. Kiddo, Sasha, and goats under the cut. )
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This flock of wild turkeys was out back walking near the backyard. I took these pictures from my kitchen window. I apologize for the quality. It was overcast, drizzling, and I was shooting through a window screen. I tried cleaning them up as best I could. I really wish I could have gotten a better shot of the tom. (ETA: Looking over the pictures, I realize I did not in fact see a tom wandering nearby. I'm silly.)

She (the one above) got a little nervous when Sasha noticed something was outside and started barking and making noise, but the flock continued hanging around eating bugs and whatever else they could find on the ground. Meanwhile the cows were behind them grazing in the rain.
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The kiddo is attending his first day of first grade in a new school. I'm, of course, feeling anxious and hoping he adjusts to a new place relatively quickly. Not sure when I'll meet his new speech therapist -- hopefully within the next couple of weeks. I did meet his teacher this morning and she seemed very nice and a couple of his classmates did too.

Anyway, to distract myself, I spent a little bit of time outside with the camera this morning. As usual, there's fog rolling through and it reminds me of why some of this area is known as the Great Smoky Mountains. We've only been here since Saturday and I still have a lot of work to do on the house in addition to finding a job, but in all honesty, I've never felt more at ease in a new place than I do here. And if nothing else, the view here is worth it.

From my front yard this morning:

Four more under the cut, including goats, and a baby cow! )


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