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It arrived today via UPS and it's more beautiful in person than in the pictures I saw of it online.

OK, here's the context: For Christmas this year, Sam's helping me build my own desktop for relatively cheap, except I went rather big for the graphics card. We've been wanting to do this for a couple of years now, but I've been hemming and hawing about spending money like this on myself. I finally decided this will be the year I do it because I want my own computer again (aside from my lovely laptop I use to write and do other things).

With a new desktop we'll no longer have to split our time up when we want to play games, and I'll be able to maybe give Final Fantasy XIV a whirl to play with him and some IRC friends. Furthermore, this computer I'll keep in the living room which means the kiddo can play on it and I'll be able to see him at all times, even when cooking dinner. Sam's desktop is in the backroom and it's his version of his own little digital man cave.

There are so many games I want to play, and I'm eagerly anticipating being able to farm in WoW and watch TV at the same time. Also, I might try my hand at some livestreaming. For some reason people on Twitter seem to think it'd be hilarious to watch me, well, be myself in WoW (like when I run off cliffs or die to elevator bosses). Today I'm going to hit up a thrift shop and a second hand furniture store to search for a desk while taking the kiddo out to get his glasses repaired (did I mention he had to get glasses for the first time this year?) and get a haircut. Also going to be pricing some monitors.

I'll do up a post on all the specifics once I have the parts and the computer is built (processor, power supply, hard drive, etc.). I've been so excited. It's been years since I had a desktop (Windows XP was still top of the line) and I've never built one that could be considered remotely decent for gaming.
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...it's that there are "not many women in gaming." And I'm tired of hearing it because it's complete and utter bullshit.

There are women in gaming, we're just underrepresented. Add to it that we're not advertised to, (or if we are it's for games designed for "girls") and people seem to think that if they aren't targeting us, we must not be there to target.

But we are. We're on our consoles, our computers, rolling dice across a tabletop, or we're on an MMO measuring our DPS alongside our male counterparts. Trouble is, as much as we are there, we're also quiet.

Gaming isn't just for boys, but they sure like to pretend it is. It's a hostile environment for women. We must field the constant "jokes" of "Tits or GTFO," or "Do you have a boyfriend?" There's the constant rape jokes and rape comparisons, and it's done around women who are highly likely to have been assaulted or raped in their life. If we make a mistake, it's because we're women. If we out perform the men, we're subject to rape or death threats. They aren't serious, we're told, but that doesn't take away the fear that one of them might not be joking. And if we aren't being threatened, we must endure insults that we're fat or ugly or both.

Next time you hear there aren't any women in gaming or who are interested in gaming, take a long hard look at the company you keep and their attitudes. And then look a little harder around you and you might be surprised at just how many women are.
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While reading Shakesville, I came across this article regarding a contest for game designers. The contest was won by two women, which anyone who knows anything about the gaming industry will tell you is quite amazing as women are woefully underrepresented. However, before you start cheering, read the very first sentence of the article:

"In an industry dominated by men, leave it to women to come up with the winning idea in a contest to create a concept for a video game about losing one's virginity."

And we're off... *sighs*

On Wednesday, at the Game Developers Conference here, the two-woman team of Heather Kelley and Erin Robinson won the Game Design Challenge with just 36 hours of preparation, while their competitors had weeks to come up with concepts for a game about "your first time."

Is the well of ideas so dry that this is the best they could come up with? What is this obsession with the first time? I don't know about the rest of you, but my first time wasn't anything spectacular. No, it wasn't awful, and it wasn't traumatizing, it simply wasn't great. Of all the moments in my sexual history I might want to look back on, losing my virginity is near bottom of the list - even lower than some makeout sessions I had with my high school boyfriend.

I understand that sex is special, amazing, and wonderful. I've even gone so far as to say that, for me, sex can be sacred act. However, why must the first time be so perfect? Why must it be, dare I say, a religious experience? Putting the focus on losing one's virginity (or on perserving virginity for that matter) takes away from the fact that the majority of people who have sex will have it again, and again. It completely ignores that sex after your first time can still be amazing, spiritual, or just plain fun no matter how many times you do it. Yet, all anyone ever wants to focus on is that very first time.

The article went on to describe the winning concept:

Kelley began by explaining that her game would commence with the player having to pick an outfit for a date that was intended to conclude with their deflowering. It would have to be the least complicated outfit possible, she said, nothing with zippers that get stuck, or too many buttons or ties. [Emphasis added]

I can't really add much to this other than I really freaking hate the term "deflowering." My vagina is a body part, not a flower. Though if you really want to keep referring to it as a flower, let's use better terms. A penis will hereafter be referred to as a stamen and the vagina will be a pistil. (Hello, Harlequin writers, need some new euphamisms? Here you go.)

Then, there would be a mini game in which players would have to shave their legs, making especially sure not to miss the all-important spot "by the knees." Next up, dinner, and making sure to remove all the garlic from the meals, something the main character--clearly a female, since the game was presented from a woman's perspective--would have to do because of the general cluelessness of the boyfriend in question.

I'm not sure I could ever count everything that's wrong with this paragraph. A woman absolutely must do everything possible to make herself fuckable; from picking out the perfect outfit to shaving her legs. (Teehee, let's not forget to get all those pesky body hairs, girls!) It's a woman's job to plan for dinner, and you better remember not to let anyone have stinky breath! The boyfriend is completely useless in all of this as he's only there to "deflower" the girl. He can barely operate a zipper let alone plan a romantic dinner for his girlfriend. Oh, those silly men-children! We women have to do everything.

Yes, I've dressed up for dates I knew would end up in the bedroom, and in the interest of full disclosure, I am a woman who shaves. However, I do these things because I'm getting something out of it. I enjoy dressing up, and I happen to like the way my legs feel after a close shave, but none of these things are expected of me. I've had sex after wearing torn up jeans and a stained t-shirt. I've had sex when I hadn't been near a razor in a few days. I've even had sex at times when I probably should have gargled a bit of Listerine beforehand. Granted, those weren't necessarily my first time, either, but my point is that I've had sex without any prep work beforehand. In fact, that's part of what annoys me most about all this "first time" nonsense. Not everyone goes into their first time knowing it's going to be their first time. My first time was pretty much looking at my boyfriend after a few hours of making out and going, "So, do you think we should, um, do it?" His nervous response was, "Yes," and then there was lots of fumbling and...well, that's a bit personal, but I will say the experience was anything but magical and rather disappointing.

To me, there's only so many ways you can spin losing your virginity. I'd like to see a game that's not just about sex, but about dating in general. There'd be the awkward making out where you have to fend off a man whose breath reeks and who seems to have thing for sucking on your nose (swear to deity, this happened to me - mmm, nostrils). There'd be the guy who likes to bite a little too much and nearly chews your lip off. There's the fumbling of clothes, and the sometimes horrifying discovery of just where hair can grow. Then there's the distractions. Your boyfriend gets a call from his grandmother that he absolutely must take, and afterwards he feels too guilty to even get an erection because, come on, that was his sweet little-old Baptist grandmother. She would die, absolutely die to know what her grandson was doing. Your girlfriend has been too busy with work/school/life to have much alone time, and by the time you are both ready and able, mother nature strikes. Your date gets food poisoning after a romantic dinner, culminating into a trip in the ER. You see each other naked under flourescent lighting...

Of all the ways you can spin sex, I find the virginity trope overplayed and rather dull. Heck, just focusing on the process of dating and finding a romantic partner is in itself an adventure. Sure there's the occasional heartache, and the moments where you ask yourself what the fuck you were thinking, but overall it's hilarious because sex is probably the great cosmic joke. We spend quite a bit of time talking about sex, having sex, debating sex, pursuing sex, condemning sex, and philosophizing about sex, but very rarely do we take the time to laugh at sex. (Really, have you ever seen the faces we make whilst in the throes of ectasy?) Knowing all this, how about we stop making such a big deal about virginity? There's a lot more material there than meets the eye.

Finally, to game designers everywhere: If you really wanted to be more inclusive of women, start marketing to them, or better yet, hire more women. And please don't try to sell us on an idea of a game that makes us relive losing our virginity. Once is enough.
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[10:05:22] <JadeNSC> http://community.livejournal.com/sf_drama/2048760.html ...
[10:05:37] <JadeNSC> Well, there go my plans to ever buy Animal Crossing.
[10:05:49] <JadeNSC> I guess I should stop playing Mario Kart too.
[10:07:47] <N_X[Elsewhere]> o_O
[10:08:14] <JadeNSC> I'm an adult. I can't play fun games. :(
[10:10:02] <N_X[Elsewhere]> Nope. You are only legally allowed to play huge gorefests. >:(
[10:10:49] <JadeNSC> ;-; But I don't want to beat a prostitute to death with a bat.
[10:11:22] <N_X[Elsewhere]> Too bad! And take her money when you're done - it's wasteful to leave cash on the ground like that!
[10:12:00] <JadeNSC> Can't I just let the hobos steal it?
[10:12:41] <N_X[Elsewhere]> No, because they'll use it on drugs. Those are your drugs!
[10:15:08] <JadeNSC> But...but drugs are bad.
[10:15:40] <N_X[Elsewhere]> Yes, yes they are. What's why you're doing them.
[10:15:58] <JadeNSC> I don't want to be a bad guy~!
[10:16:37] <N_X[Elsewhere]> Too bad, you're an adult now! That means villains and gorefests, all the way down! Fun is verboten!
[10:17:16] <JadeNSC> :(
[10:17:31] <JadeNSC> (OK, I think we played this one out. >.>)
[10:17:32] <JadeNSC> :p


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