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Friday morning on the way to take the kiddo to school, I actually uttered the words, "Hey, is there smoke coming out of my right front tire?" There was indeed smoke coming from my right front tire. Yeah.

See, we knew we had to take it in for repairs and we were going to call the place to set up a time to take it in that morning, but the truck apparently decided that enough was enough. We had to get it towed from the school to the mechanic that morning, but they didn't manage to get it in to look at it and repair it until yesterday (they were closed Monday for President's Day). This place stays busy because the mechanic is not only very fair but very good at what he does. We thought it was the front brakes because, hey, brake light was coming on and it was making some weird noises when we stopped. Turns out that it wasn't the brakes, it was the hub assembly. The ball bearing apparently busted and that left the hub assembly hanging on and wobbling. The smoke was the tire leaning onto the brakes.

In short we are very, very, very fortunate that the tire did not fall off the truck while we were in motion. Oh, and given that both front tires had sections of tread worn down to the steel threads, we're lucky neither tire blew up either.

Well, the mechanic didn't do tires, so we had to drive to the other part of town to get those replaced this morning where the following exchange took place between Sam and the owner of the tire place:

Tire Guy: "You're [Sam's dad]'s son, right?"
Sam: "Yes sir, I am."
Tire Guy: "Well, we're cousins." (They're third cousins it turns out.)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I know I'm still in the South in a small town, and probably why we were able to get a nice pair of used tires and spent 200 bucks less than I was expecting. (Brand new, tires for my truck would run about $150 each, and those were the cheapest ones. If we hadn't taken the hit for the other repairs and need money for an alignment, we'd have purchased new, but this will hold us over until we can get them replaced.)

Other thing the tire guy said after seeing our tires, "How the hell did you make it here without blowing up?" The only thing I could think of to say was, "That was my dad's truck. He's still looking out for me." That is probably why I will keep that truck until the frame falls completely apart. It may be stupid to think so, but Dad is still very much part of that truck to me. It's got sentimental value and still has a connection to him in a way nothing else does for me. I've even kept his Dale Earnhardt license plate on the front despite how much it's faded.

In other news, yesterday I got hit with a headache that went away with Excedrin only to come back in the evening and only faded to a dull ache with another dose of Excedrin. I woke up with it back in full force this morning and after yet another dose of medicine and a hot shower, it finally left late this morning. I'm worn out as a result and feeling a little queasy, so Sam will be picking the kiddo up from school. Wednesdays are our no homework days (apart from daily reading requirement and quick review of his spelling words for the week), so I'm going to take it easy tonight. Oh, and yeah, some writing too, and a guild meeting in WoW.

Reminds me, need to talk RP stuff at some point now that the truck is fixed and I feel like I can breathe a little easier again.
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