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I'm going to say this: It's time for better, more stringent gun control in this country.

I was raised around guns, and I don't mean, "My dad owned a handgun." Multiple guns. I don't recall a time in my life when my father didn't own at least one pistol and then two or three rifles. As he got older, there were more. We had a gun safe and it had four rifles in it, plus dad always had a pistol in the glove compartment of his truck (it's legal in South Carolina to have one, though he always took it out if he knew he was picking me up from school as it's still illegal to have a gun on school grounds). That's not including the guns at the hunting club my father and his friends ran. And boxes upon boxes of amunition, like, those military cases full of them. My father even, once upon a time, reloaded his own shotgun shells and bullets meaning there was gun powder and caps on our property. He was a card-carrying lifetime member of the NRA, and he also had a conceal and carry permit valid in at least two states.

From an early age, I fired guns. I have been to a shooting range more than once in my life. I've shot rifles and pistols of varying calibres. I've been hunting (though I missed the deer I shot at). I've been shown how to clean a gun, how to site one in, where the safety usually is, and most of all, I was taught from as early as I can remember that guns are deadly weapons deserving of respect. For me and where I grew up, this is a normal experience. Guns are a way of life. In fact, I was weirded out the first time I dated someone who had never been exposed to guns as I had.

I have also grown up hearing every bit of second amendment rhetoric you can think of. I know what the NRA says about guns not killing people and all the nonsense about needing to defend yourself. For a time, I bought into it. I knew there were gun control laws in place from background checks to waiting periods, and at the gun and knife shows I went to with my father (well into my twenties), I watched him jump through the legal hoops to purchase a gun.

But I saw something else at those gun and knife shows. Men who, unlike my father, weren't buying guns for hunting. I saw men picking up pistols and other handguns, holding them improperly at an agle. Men who were imitating what they saw on television and in the movies. Men who didn't understand why the gun sellers and others flinched at the way they held the guns. "What? It's not loaded." But you never, ever pick up a gun and assume it's not loaded, even in a gun show where they've tied off the chamber so it can't close and there are bullets kept far away from the guns.

Those men passed the background checks and were allowed to purchase the guns, and maybe I can never be 100% certain, but I had an idea those guns weren't going out to shoot poisonous snakes on someone's property, or killing a deer that could feed a family for a month. They were for show, to prove someone's masculinity, someone's power. That power they showed was, "I can kill someone, several someones in the time it takes you to draw breath." That's it, nothing else, because a gun has no other purpose than to kill. None. And in our twisted world where masculinity is measured in someone's potential level of violence, guns are used as symbols of that potential violence.

The thing my father and his friends never seemed to understand was that for every one responsible gun owner who knew how to properly care for a gun, respected it as a weapon, and knew the laws, there were dozens more who weren't responsible, who didn't know how to make sure a gun never misfired, who treated it like a toy and not a deadly weapon. And there were those who no amount of mental health screening or prevention would keep them from using that gun as a weapon, guns they might not have had if we were just a little more strict as to who could own a gun, how many they could own, and were aware of someone non-military or non-law enforcement purchasing bullet proof vests and armor piercing rounds.

I used to believe guns could be used for protection, and they can (and should), but in the gun magazines he used to recieve, I read the monthly reports of people who had saved their lives (and sometimes others) by shooting home invaders or robbers. There were only a few paragraphs taking up a page each month, and maybe five or six at most. Add that up, that's only 60 or 72 people per year, and those are people we don't know would have died for a fact because they shot first and were lauded as heroes and held up as proof that guns are great. But yesterday, twenty children died, most of them no older than five years old. And last week in a mall people died. In Illinois, several people died, and those are just the mass shootings. We don't often hear about the individuals who are killed every day from gun violence. For all those sixty or seventy people I'd read about in a year, thousands more died because of guns. Thousands more would still be alive without guns.

Yesterday, in China, a man entered a school with a knife and stabbed 20 students and some adults. Violent, horrible, tragic, yes, but no one died. Yesterday, in Conneticut, a man entered a school and killed his mother before opening fire on her classroom full of kindergarten students. Twenty children died. Remove the gun from the equation and what might the story out of Conneticut be? Oregon? Illinois? Arizona? Would Gabriel Giffords still be in congress? Would Trayvon Martin be making regular trips to the 7-11 for soda?

I'm not here to advocate taking away every single gun in the hands of civilains. That's not necessary, but my father could have been all right with only a pistol and a rifle. Same for his friends. They'd be able to hunt, my father could have the pistol in case, while working on our rural heavily wooded property, he encountered a rattlesnake. (And more than once he had to kill snakes that came into our yard for our safety.) My father would have complained, but because he loved to hunt and like to shoot at a range, he would have sat through classes about gun safety. He would have helped teach basic gun safety and care, even. He'd complain about not being able to own as many guns as he'd like, but he'd still be able to protect his home if it came down to it. So would his friends and other gun owners.

It's not just guns, either. With free access to mental health care, education to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, and giving families resources when they fear someone they love might be in trouble, we could help stop violence before it erupts. If we punished men who tried to control and abuse women and children, and we took threats of violence seriously when abused women reported it, we'd be able to prevent so many murders every year. If we portrayed guns as the deadly weapons they are rather than worshiping them, maybe our children would learn from an early age to respect the danger they pose.

It's time to have an adult discussion about guns in America. It's time we demanded compromises from the gun lobbyists, and if they won't come to the table, we make the laws without them. It's time we protected our children, our women, and our men. A nation in which kindergarteners can't go to school without being in danger of dying to gun violence should not be considered the greatest nation in the world, and it's time we fixed that.

Of course I fear we're still going to be having this conversation by the time the next mass shooting happens, and it will happen because so far it hasn't stopped.
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First, go grab a tissue, or two or three. Second, click this link. Third, read/view the images and realize just how important marriage is to many people. Let the not-so-subtle realization dawn on you that these people couldn't legally marry the people they loved, have devoted several decades of their lives to until this past Tuesday.

Feel empowered and cheer for these people and remember that as recently as May, states like North Carolina voted to define marriage as solely being between one man and one woman. For every one of these couples pictured, so many more continue to be denied the right to be with their loved ones in the same way as their heterosexual counterparts. It's a disgrace that in 2012, Americans might be considered equally created, yet they are not treated equally.

We have so much more work to do to make marriage available to all who want to be married, but holy cow, what a way to finally start turning the tide.
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This morning I woke up to a nice, tall glass of Conservative Tears(TM). It tastes like tea and schadenfreude.

In all seriousness, Tammy Baldwin, the first openly gay woman elected to Senate. Elizabeth Warren! Mazie Hirono, the first Asian American woman elected to the Senate. Elizabeth Warren! Tammy Duckworth, an Iraqi war veteran who lost both her legs in combat, the first disabled woman elected to the House. Did I mention Elizabeth Warren? Claire McCaskill shutting down Todd "women's bodies have a way of preventing pregnancy during legitimate rapes" Akin.

And what a wonderful night for marriage equality! For the first time ever, voters approved gay marriage, in more than one state! Rape apologizing assholes told to GTFO by voters! Donald Trump's meltdown on Twitter! I want to cry tears of joy.

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If you are an American and have not voted (and are able to vote), get out there and vote!

Don't know where to go? Use the internet to find your fucking polling place, and then read up on your fucking candidates, and any additional items up for vote in your fucking state. Finally, get the fuck off your couch and go fucking vote.

It's that fucking easy.

It was snowing today and I still fucking voted. Do your fucking duty as an American and pick your fucking leaders.

Okay, I'm done abusing the F-word.
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No, we haven't entered Bizarro World (I think). Just people on my side of the political fence being idiots.

South Carolina, look, I love y'all and will, no matter how much I never want to live in you again, always consider you my homestate. I'll always especially support (most) Democrats in the state because I remember what it was like to always be the single dot of blue in a sea of red. However, we need to have a little talk here.

South Carolina newspaper The State reported [South Caorlina Democratic Party Chair Dick] Harpootlian made a quip Wednesday morning comparing his state’s Republican governor to Hitler’s wife.

On Gov. Nikki Haley participating in daily news briefings in a basement studio at the NASCAR Hall of Fame: “She was down in the bunker a la Eva Braun.”

Fact: Haley is a horrible governor with horrible policies, and has said some reprehensible shit, fairly recently even.

Also Fact: She's not like Eva Braun or a Nazi. I mean, granted, I don't know her husband, but I'm pretty sure I'd have heard if the husband of a governor in the next state over where I still have family was behaving like Adolph Hitler.

Also, Also, A Fact: Harpootlian needs to apologize. He's going to, right?

“Hell no. What am I apologizing for?” he told CNN. He said Haley was “feigning” being offended by the comment.

I don’t even know if Eva Braun was a Nazi or not, but I know she dated one,” Harpootlian said. “I wasn’t trying to insinuate that Nikki was a Nazi. I was saying that she was hanging out in an insular bunker in Charlotte when she won’t give access to the press here in South Carolina.”

History, asshole, do you know it? You know about that bunker Braun was in? Yeah, she was in it with Adolph Hitler, the leader of the mother fucking Nazi party. She committed suicide with Hitler after getting married so they wouldn't have to face allied forces together. You invoke the name of ADOLPH FUCKING HITLER and act surprised when people bring up the word Nazi? ARE YOU FOR REAL? NO, REALLY, ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Dude, I know education in South Carolina is lacking, but this is inexcusable. Furthermore, you make Haley look good, which is kind of the opposite of what you should be doing. Hell, I'm sitting her siding with her and saying she has every right to be offended. That's a whole other level of what the fuck for this liberal.

Leave the Godwinning to the Internet, please.
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"I have seen first hand that being president doesn't change who you are. It reveals who you are." - Michelle Obama, 2012 Democratic National Convention

If you've got 25 minutes, watch Michelle Obama's speech from last night's DNC, though be warned you might feel the need to cheer and/or want to keep a tissue handy.

That is one hell of a speech.


Jul. 1st, 2012 01:30 pm
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With the elections coming up in November, I've been seeing political signs appearing along the side of the main highway leading into town. Nothing really unusual and it gives me names to look into so I know who to avoid come election day. But one particular sign caught my eye the other day.

Someone named Dan Forest is running for Lieutenant Governor. His campaign slogan? Run, Forest, run!

No, I'm not kidding. I know they're going for clever, and also relevance, but for the latter, they've missed the boat by almost 20 years, and as for the former...no. Just no.
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People Who Say They're Moving to Canada Because of ObamaCare

"Yes, to protest our government treating healthcare as a right and helping every American afford proper medical care, we're going to move to a country that has free healthcare for all its citizens and has for many years."

(For those who don't know, the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, including the individual mandate. So, now I get to go see how well my conservative state is providing affordable health insurance. The irony is that ObamaCare was modeled after, drum roll please: RomneyCare. Yes, that Romney. Who will probably be poo-pooing this decision today.)
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Yesterday, I attended Sam's mother's art gallery's grand opening. (Is that enough possessive pronouns in a row for you?) It was also a CD release party for his father's band.

There were hors dourves and (boxed) wine. While drinking my second glass of wine, a twenty-something woman walked up wearing a Ron Paul t-shirt and some (white) man in his fifties or sixties asked who Ron Paul was.

"He's a presidential candidate who is for limited government and getting back to the constitution," she responded in the tone of someone who really hasn't read all that much about the candidate that she's supporting. She was being vague and not specific, just "limited government" and "constitution" repeated like any good lolibertarian you might encounter in the wild.

And despite being in a crowded room with dozens of strangers, which had my anxiety flaring up like whoa, I let loose with, "He's also a homophobic racist who says he's for limited government, but not if you're a woman who wants to go in for a legal medical procedure."

It's a little paraphrased, but that is, pretty much what I said. I had to walk away soon after and told Sam, "Let's get away from the axis of evil." (Hey, he laughed.) I mean, I didn't even get into how Mr. Constitution and Limited Government has suggested building a fence along the US-Mexico border (thank you, Paulbomb Pastebin). One minute doesn't give me a lot of time to go into how most Republicans and Libertarians who rail about big government only mean smaller governments for corporations and white, rich men.

I'm sure they thought I was one of those one-issue voters, and in their white, white world of Southern Appalachia, the idea that Ron Paul is racist is silly (those newsletters weren't all written by him, after all). But I was still rather proud of myself. Even if they ignored what I said, maybe, maybe I planted the seed of doubt in that young woman. Maybe she's young enough and privileged enough she'll never have to think about what should happen if she gets pregnant unexpectedly, or what happens if she loses her job and needs government assistance so she doesn't starve, but for fuck's sake, you can't give me wine, stand me next to someone saying something so idiotic, and then expect me to keep my mouth shut.

(And yes, it felt damn good.)
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A few days ago, the most awesome picture of Hilary Clinton ever started circulating around the internet.

That is one bad ass Secretary of State right there. Look at how many fucks she gives. The number of the fucks she gives? None. If she had a bottle of water, she'd be giving negative fucks. And you know what? She just got your text and not only is she unimpressed, she's tired of your bullshit and is about to ruin your day. After she's done with that, she's going to deliver one spectacular motherfucking speech about women's rights that will make you weep with unabashed joy. Oh, and she'll probably save the world too because she's Hilary Fucking Clinton.

Ahem. Anyway, I am pleased to announce I have discovered a new meme and tumblr centered around that photo. Go, read, and laugh your ass off.
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...is still misogyny.

I understand there are some progressive/liberal dudes out there who hate what Limbaugh said (or just hate Limbaugh in general because there's so much to hate about the shit that comes out of his mouth), and I understand the desire to call Limbaugh out on his non-apology apology (which still ignores the fact that Limbaugh didn't just call Sandra Fluke a slut, he demanded she post videos of her engaging in sexual activity online so that he could watch it). However, there are some right ways and some wrong ways to go about it, and this is definitely the worst way possible.

If you want to try to be funny and sling insults Limbaugh's way, liberal comedian John Fuglesang posted a pretty decent zinger to Twitter this morning: "BTW Rush Limbaugh was just mad that some people want to get meds by using actual prescriptions."

See that? No misogyny, no insults about Limbaugh's appearance. Instead we get someone calling Limbaugh out for his past brushes with the law over prescription medication (notably Oxycontin, but also Viagra), which in turn points out Limbaugh's inherent hypocrisy for going off on Sandra Fluke.

Being ostensibly on the right (har har!) side of this political argument does not give you a blanket excuse to use the same language as your opponent. In fact, it lessens the impact of what he said and makes it seem like the misogyny and sexism aren't that big of a deal. By all means, let Limbaugh know that what he said was not okay, not one bit, but please--please consider how you call him out. The other side will say "Well, if you (cis white men) use those words, what was so wrong with him (another cis white man) using them?" And then we get into the bickering over how certain words are only "okay" if group A or B says them and we lose sight of the real issue here.

And finally, to progressive males out there who call out sexism and misogyny, remember this one truth: Sandra Fluke doesn't need your protection. Any woman who is attacked publicly like she has been for speaking out on women's issues doesn't need you to charge in and save the day. What Fluke and other women like her need is your support. Yes, there is a distinction there, one of them acts as though women can't accomplish anything without men to aid her, the other recognizes the woman can stand on her own two feet and benefits from having others stand behind her in solidarity.

P.S.: Another thing that needs to be discussed is why we suddenly care to go after Rush Limbaugh. He's been saying shit like this for decades. Why hasn't there been an organized effort to take him down before now?
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Everyone, meet Harry Readshaw, a (supposed) Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (36th District). Mr. Readshaw recently co-sponsored Pennsylvania's HB1077, a bill that would require women seeking abortions to undergo endovaginal ultrasounds (something that's becoming a disturbing trend of late). One of his pro-choice constituents decided to email Mr. Readshaw and let him know in no uncertain terms that not only is he terribly misguided when it comes to women and their reproductive rights, but that he has also lost her vote.

So far this sounds pretty much what probably happens with any piece of legislation to pass through any state house, right? There's a bill or a proposed bill, voters either like it or hate it, and they then decide to let their representatives know how much they like it or hate it. Oh, but that's not enough for Mr. Readshaw. He apparently was so terribly affronted that a voter--a female voter told him women are intelligent competent people capable of making their own medical choices that he personally sent her a hand-written letter. Not only that, he pulled up her name, address, and voting record and made mention of it in the letter.

I know you're thinking, "Jade, that's some real bullshit. You can't possibly be for real." And I'll tell you I wish that it wasn't real, but it happened to Amadi of Amaditalks (a pretty awesome lady I follow on Twitter).

On Tuesday, after liveblogging my read-through of Pennsylvania’s HB1077, the bill which would force unwanted endovaginal ultrasounds on most persons seeking an abortion in the state, I sent a scathing email to my state representative, Harry Readshaw, who is a co-sponsor of the bill. To be entirely fair, I dislike my representative a great deal. He’s nominally a democrat, yet he’s entirely anti-choice, he also introduced a copy of the Arizona “papers please” anti-immigrant bill in this legislative session. I don’t know why he calls himself a democrat, but he does, and I hold him accountable.


Today, I received an oversized manilla envelope from Rep. Readshaw. Inside was a printout of HB 1077, a printout of some database’s information about me, indicating where I live, that I’m not the head of the household (why/how it knows this I do not know) and a few other things about me, like ethnicity, that no elected official should or needs to know. I’m going to have to get to the bottom of that.

As if that weren't enough in and of itself, Mr. Readshaw also discloses private medical information about his own daughter's reproductive status in a particularly heinous way of saying, "If she can't have babies, why should other women get to kill them?" (I shit you not.)

Seriously, this guy needs to be kicked out of office post-haste, like yesterday. And if you're in PA and are one of his constituents, you too can email him and tell him what a douchebag he is. Or, write to him.

Representative Harry A. Readshaw
1917 Brownsville Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15210

Room 122 Irvis Office Building
House Box 202020
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2020

If you’re inclined to call or fax:

Call: 412-881-4208 or 717-783-0411
Fax: 412-886-2077 or 717-705-2007

And if anyone knows who Amadi should contact or where to report this to, please visit her Tumblr and let her know.
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I just had a Paul-lite tell me on Twitter that Ron Paul would leave abortion up to the states and that if I don't like it, I could just move out of the Bible Belt.

Sure, okay, let's assume I can just uproot my family, move away from people I genuinely like and love, move away from an area of the country I love and have lived my entire life. Where shall I move to? Where is the magical state where women's reproductive rights are not being attacked? In 2011, "all 50 states introduced more than 1,100 reproductive health and rights-related provisions."

All. 50. States. Even freaking Massachussettes, a state responsible for the Kennedys, had legislation related to reproductive rights.

And even if I wanted to move, what about poor women, or women who can't move for any variety of reasons (let's ignore the fact that "I don't want to move" is a valid fucking reason to stay where you are)? Do I leave them to be forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term? Leave them to fend for themselves as far as caring for those children's basic needs? Let's face it, Ron Paul isn't a fan of social welfare either, and if left up to the states, who is going to put out the money to clothe and feed those children? Do I sit from my privileged position and sneer condescendingly at them over the internet and say "Just move if you don't like it"?

Roe V. Wade wasn't some magical thing that let abortions happen. Abortions were already happening. In countries where abortion is illegal, abortion still happens. Women die because they are not given access to safe, legal abortions and they try to do it themelves. And let's not beat around the bush about this, those "personhood" legislative measures that keep cropping up? They're worded in such a way that hormonal birth control could be construed as illegal because of a chance it might not let a fertilized egg implant in the uterine wall. It certainly rules out IUDs.

I was also told there are more issues important than abortion I should worry about. Put another way it's the old "You're being a one-issue voter" argument that gets trotted out whenever women like me get all offended at being told we should relinquish control over our bodies for the greater good. You're damn straight I'm a one-issue voter on issues that affect the way I live my life, the way I can plan my future. I hope I'll never need an abortion, but you know what? I might some day. I need afforable access to birth control, and that might one day include an abortion. Even if I don't, other women will need it. It's not a belief or an idea, it's a motherfucking fact of life. And it's not just abortion access as I said, these anti-choicers want to take away my contraception too. They want to ensure I am forced not only to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term, but that I can't even prevent that pregnancy and abortion in the first place. In this case, the personal is political because it's my physical body that's at stake here.

Look, I get the appeal for smaller government. It's a nice idea, except smaller government appears to be conditional. Government shouldn't get its hands on your money ("Down with the IRS!") or dictate how you conduct business ("Fuck the EPA!"), but if you own a uterus, government ought to be able to shove a dildo up your vagina against your consent ("All life is precious...unless they want my tax dollars to pay for food and medical care!").

And this is leaving aside the huge issue that Ron Paul is a huge goddamned racist. That alone ought to be disqualification enough, but as I sadly learned this morning from someone in real life, that's not the case. Being Libertarian is good enough apparently.

Fuck all of y'all right now. Goddamn.
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"Back in my days, they used Bayer Aspirin for contraceptives. The gals put it between their knees, and it wasn't that costly." - Foster Friess, Santorum backer and financier, in an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell

For those who can't see the "joke," the idea is that by holding an aspirin between her knees, a woman can't get pregnant because she can't open her legs for sex! Har, har, har! Except, I'd be remiss not to point out that it is entirely possible to keep one's knees together while engaging in sexual intercourse. It doesn't even require all that much in the way of creativity, either. Of course, it does involve something other than man-on-top missionary, so I suppose only us "sex-obsessed" liberals would ever think of it and the Really Good Conservatives(TM) out there could never dream of it since it's not what (their) God intended.

[Insert obvious statement here that hormonal birth control pills are prescribed for more than just the prevention of pregnancy. If you aren't aware of what reasons those might be, please visit your nearest Google search bar.]

For video and a transcript of the entire exchange, visit Shakesville, who also gets a tip of my hat.

Also at Shakesville: Five white dudes assemble at a hearing in Washington, D.C., today to try to ascertain whether or not Obama has violated that whole freedom of religion thing by allowing women to get access to contraception without a co-pay.

As you can see, the entire front row of "experts" are men. Thomas: "The hearing will feature 10 witnesses—eight of whom are men; none of them is testifying in support of contraceptive coverage. [Issa] refused to let a female law-school student testify about the importance of birth control. I guess women who use birth control just don't know as much about it as men who are against it."

Where's the booze?
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All we have to do is replace Obama. ... We are not auditioning for fearless leader. We don't need a president to tell us in what direction to go. We know what direction to go. We want the Ryan budget. ... We just need a president to sign this stuff. We don't need someone to think it up or design it. The leadership now for the modern conservative movement for the next 20 years will be coming out of the House and the Senate.


Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to become president of the United States. This is a change for Republicans: the House and Senate doing the work with the president signing bills. His job is to be captain of the team, to sign the legislation that has already been prepared.

Grover Norquist, from his 2012 CPAC speech

In other words, "I don't care if it's that guy whose name I can't Google at work, or the dude who is too soft of a conservative for us. Just put him in the chair and let the Real Conservatives(TM) make all the decisions."

I don't know if this is horrifyingly funny or hilariously tragic. The state of politics in America is 2012 is pretty sad. I mean, when you've reached the point where one side is admitting that it's only important that they win rather than having a competent president, you aren't scraping the bottom of the barrel any longer. You've gone through the bottom and are scraping bedrock.
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This morning, Twitter was all abuzz (not really) with the news that Kelly Clarkson has decided to back Ron Paul for president. I'll pause so you can finish rolling over with laughter.

Done? Good.

My modus operandi when it comes to Twitter is simple. I see stupid shit, I mock it. I mock misogynists, jerks, idiots, and Ron Paul supporters (particularly after reading some of Ron Paul's newsletters--there's a Twitter account for that too). Naturally, Kelly Clarkson's endorsement of Ron Paul fit neatly into the category of, "Funny, light political stupidity I can mock." And really, given how "great" the pre-election season has been, I think we have to laugh. Of course, somebody on Twitter apparently took umbridge to my opinion that Kelly Clarkson's decision to back Ron Paul was mock worthy.

@jadedinsc: Kelly Clarkson is endorsing Ron Paul for president. Truly, Clarkson is one of the greatest political minds of our century. In Opposite Land.

@jad991: @jadedinsc and your opinion matters even less so what does that mean?

Usually I ingore people who A) I don't follow back, B) are looking to start shit, and C) have no icon (usually indicates a spammer, but not always), but for some reason this tweet turned my snark machine.

@jadedisnc: .@jad991 Your point? I can still mock the shit out of an unqualified celebrity endorsing a homophobic bigoted shithead for President.

@jadedinsc: Hey, if winning American Idol doesn't qualify you to endorse a political candidate, nothing will.

@jadedisnc: And what good is twitter if I can't use my PERSONAL twitter for expressing my own thoughts? I see funny shit, I mock it.

@jadedinsc: Onoz, some non-celebrity has Opinions About Things(TM) on the Internets! We better tell her (me) that she doesn't matter!

@jadedisnc: Silly me for thinking my voice (or text in this case) was there to be used to express myself. Guess I better go get famous first.

@jadedinsc: Okay, so now that some on Twitter has put me in my place (Bwhahahaha!), I'm going to go take a nap since I have not slept much this week.

@gypsyhooker: @jadedinsc Fuck the uptight fuckers. Social media was made for mocking stupid people.

@jadedinsc: @gypsyhooker Yeah, telling people they're insignificant and stupid is for relatives on Facebook.

@jadedinsc: For the record, I don't tell my relatives they're stupid and insignificant on Facebook. That'd require adding them first.

Oh, Twitter, you make it so easy to get involved in shenanigans. Anyway, I wasn't lying when I said I haven't had much sleep this week. 'Tis true. We were up at dawn pretty much so we could run Mom to the bus station so she could go back to SC. The kiddo cried when she got on the bus and I bet Mom cried too and will cry tonight when she calls me.

But now I'm going to go join Sam for a nap.
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Ladies and gentleman, this woman wants to run for President:

Michele Bachmann thinks America blew it by extending a safety net to millions of Americans under President Johnson’s “Great Society.” Her solution? Model the economy after communist China.

“The ‘Great Society’ has not worked and it’s put us into the modern welfare state,” she said. “If you look at China, they don’t have food stamps. If you look at China, they’re in a very different situation. They save for their own retirement security…They don’t have the modern welfare state and China’s growing. And so what I would do is look at the programs that LBJ gave us with the Great Society and they’d be gone.”


Though there's pretty much no chance she'll win the Republican nomination at this point, the simple fact she's even in consideration for the nomination speaks volumes as to the state of politics in this country. If you have to have it spelled out for you why China is not the sort of country you want your ostensibly democratic country to emulate, you really shouldn't be allowed anywhere near any sort of government building. Period.

I swear one day we're going to discover Michelle Bachman is a creation of the creators/writers behind The Daily Show, and that she's a prank that went horribly, horribly wrong.
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This would be absolutely hilarious if it weren't so sad.

GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Melts Down, Screams At Constituents: ‘Dont Blame Banks!…I Am Tired Of Hearing That Crap!’

Walsh at one point screamed, “don’t blame the banks … this pisses me off!” After several constituents accurately pointed out that bank lobbyists occupy key positions within Congress, the SEC, and other oversight bodies that are supposed to supervise bank practices, Walsh began sticking his finger close to his constituent’s faces, yelling, “quiet for a minute or I’ll have to ask you to leave.”

There's a video at the link. It's kind of scary to watch someone have his own cognitive dissonance thrown in his face.
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Some good news before I turn in for the night.

The state of Mississippi has now provided the answer to an interesting political test: How severe must a proposed piece of pro-life legislation be, for it to fail in the Deep South?

Voters on Tuesday rejected ballot Initiative 26, which would have defined personhood as beginning at fertilization. With 63% of the vote reporting, the ‘No’ position is leading by a margin of 57%-43%, and has been projected as the winner by the Associated Press.

The proposal, initiated through petitions by pro-life activists, would have outlawed not only abortion but many forms of birth control that can prevent the uterine implantation of a fertilized egg.


However, even in this very conservative and religious state, the ‘No’ campaign successfully mobilized against it by explaining to voters what such a law would mean if actually put into practice. For example, the proposal made no exceptions for abortion in the sensitive situations of rape or incest.

And what was more, such a law would have forbidden medically necessary abortions even in cases where a fetus could not be viable, and where a woman’s life would be at risk. The ‘No’ campaign successfully highlighted the example of an ectopic pregnancy, a condition where an embryo implants in the fallopian tubes rather than the uterus — resulting in a pregnancy that will not only fail to develop into a viable baby, but if left untreated will result in the woman’s death.

In some ways I hate that these things don't fail based on the idea that women have every right to obtain a legal medical procedure without any interference from the government, but in a year that's been extremely scary for women's rights, this was a bit of good news.
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Via Blog For Choice:

Anti-choice Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) just filed an anti-choice amendment to a bill related to agriculture, transportation, housing, and other programs. The DeMint amendment could bar discussion of abortion over the Internet and through videoconferencing, even if a woman's health is at risk and if this kind of communication with her doctor is her best option to receive care.

Under this amendment, women would need a separate, segregated Internet just for talking about abortion care with their doctors. [Emphasis in Original]

It's unsurprising this comes from Senator DeMint, who was elected even after he said unwed mothers and gays should be banned from teaching. Still, it's more than a little galling that a man who comes from a state with many, many rural areas where residents have to travel long distances for specialized treatment (where I'm from, a minimum of an hour's worth of driving is expected for anything beyond the flu) can't expect that this has a potential to endanger the health of women. That's not even mentioning the fact that it's no one fucking business what legal medical procedures a doctor discusses with his/her patient!

Lest you start laughing at the idiocy and think this is an isolated incident or that it has no chance of passing, remember that this year alone has seen more anti-choice measures on the state and federal level than any year since 2000. And this is with a Democrat, ostensibly the "pro-choice party," sitting in the White House.

The U.S. Senate could vote on the DeMint amendment as early as today. And even though we have strong pro-choice leaders in the Senate, only 40 out of the 100 senators are fully pro-choice.

Stand up today: call your senators at 202-421-3121 and tell them to oppose the DeMint amendment (#768) to H.R.2112.

That this comes on the heels of the "Let Women Die" bill just further proves women are under attack in this country.


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