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As of this writing, my birthday has been officially over for an hour, but as I haven't gone to bed yet I'm still counting it as part of my birthday.

I have been on this earth for 32 years now, and so far as I can tell I've got quite a few years left to go barring, of course, unforeseeable events such as a meteor falling on my head or a tree toppling over and crushing me. Given how things tend to happen in my life, I'm not ruling either of those out, especially on the latter since I insist on living in rural, wooded areas.

For gifts this year Sam has promised me a copy of Dragon Age 2 since I keep going back and forth over getting it and he wants me to quit dithering over it. From his sister we had free night of babysitting which allowed us to have a quiet New Year's Eve spent at home and then a nice night out today with his parents for dinner and a movie (we saw The Hobbit). His mother is doing something awesome and is going to let me design my own set of pottery for the house, so I have to arrange a time to go visit her at her studio to help come up with a design and colors for it. Trust me when I say this is one of the best gifts I could get. Just yesterday I was looking at my dwindling and chipped dinnerware thinking I should look into purchasing some new plates and bowls this year, and now I get to design my own (with the help of a very talented artist, of course). It'll be unique and nobody else will have it. Yep, I'm going to be the hipster of ceramics. Aren't you jealous?

Anyway, the best gift I got wasn't really a gift. It was a phone call from Sam's grandparents, who we spent Christmas with. His grandmother called to wish me a happy birthday, which was special for several reasons, the first being that none of my grandparents are living any longer so I don't get to hear it from them or anyone in my family apart from my mother. The second being that this is the first time I've truly felt welcomed by someone else's family, and for someone with my history that's more precious than anything anyone could ever buy me.

As for Christmas, that's a whole other post that I may never write up. Suffice to say we had a wonderful holiday and I'm not sure, but I feel like Sam and I both feel a bit refreshed and ready to face another year together. However, I'm annoyed that the kiddo has to go back to school tomorrow/later today (yes, on January 2) as I'd very much love at least one or two more days of relaxation. Oh well, c'est la vie.

I'm going to work on a list of goals for 2013 to post later. No, not a list of resolutions, just assorted goals.

Oh, and I did forget one other gift I received in the mail: A tax notice from the county telling me taxes are due on the truck. I guess if it's a choice between death and taxes, I'll take the taxes.
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So, last night Sam did something no one else had ever done for me. Thanks to him, I got to go to my first live concert. (Yes, I am almost 32 years old and had never been to a concert outside of all those middle and high school band concerts I was part of.) We saw Rush along with Sam's dad in Charlotte, NC, last night, which when Sam first suggested it a few months ago I was kind of, "Eh, I guess I'll tag along. Sounds like a good night out if nothing else." I mean, they had a few songs I liked, though they weren't on the same level as, say, Nightwish is for me, or even Loreena McKennitt where I might consider giving my right arm to see them live (we've established my musical tastes are all over the map, right? Good.).

I have to say after seeing them put on a live show, they really won me over and if they come my way again, I'll be the one to buy the tickets if Sam doesn't get it first. I mean, they got me to spend forty bucks on a t-shirt, so that says something, and I'm giving them another chance as Sam has pretty much their entire collection (spanning back to 1968) on his computer and shared it with me.

Anyway, they did two sets and an encore, the first set of which was a collection of songs from their extensive discography. The second set they focused mostly on their newest release Clockwork Angels, and the final song they performed from it was one Geddy Lee (lead singer) said was their favorite on this album, and I have to say it's gotta be my favorite on this and a song I really can identify with, though a part of me wishes I couldn't.

The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect,
So hard to earn so easily burned


In the rise and the set of the sun,
'Till the stars go spinning,
Spinning 'round the night
It is what it is, and forever
Each moment of memory in flight

This is, of course, a softer song for them, but hearing it live toward the end of such an amazing show was quite powerful and made the song an instant favorite. Another from the same album was "Halo Effect."

And if you know anything about me and the last few years of my life, you'll understand what that one too hits rather close to home.

What did I see?
Fool that I was
A goddess, with wings on her heels
All my illusions
Projected on her
The ideal, that I wanted to see


What did I do?
Fool that I was
To profit from youthful mistakes?
It's shameful to tell
How often I fell
In love with illusions again

Anyway, my sleep-deprived rambling, fangirlish self realizes this is a strange entry. So the tl;dr version of this: RUSH WAS FUCKING AWESOME IN CHARLOTTE LAST NIGHT!!! Also, Geddy Lee might be 59 years old, but I'd still hit that like my life depended on it.
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A few years ago, someone I'd met by chance in the FFRPG community over IRC sent me this song and said he thought it might fit me. He also later introduced me to Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead. (See, I told you the icon wasn't inappropriate!) Because of him I re-discovered a love of (some of) the Anita Blake novels, formed my love-hate relationship with Harry Dresden, and was introduced to the world of Vlad Taltos, the wittiest assassin ever created.

The song still holds true for me, and if he doesn't mind, tomorrow (or rather, tonight as it's after midnight) we can watch and quote The Player from Rosencrantz. Then again, whatever he'd like considering it's his birthday. We've had some ups and downs, and we're still finding our footing, but regardless of the bad, this part of my life is something I'm glad I got to share with him.

Happy birthday, Sam. I love you and everything you've ever introduced me to. Well, except The Pest, or whatever that movie with John Leguizamo is called, but that's okay. We'll always have Big Trouble in Little China.
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Last week, Sam finally purchased an HDMI cable so we can fully enjoy the beauty that is Hi-Definition on our flat screen TV and his PS3. Yesterday, he decided he wanted to play Skyrim as now we can finally read the text on the screen and see the compass without straining our eyes and inducing headaches. I stayed long enough to see how gorgeous the game was in 1080dpi, and then I headed back to spend a little time on WoW.

Here's what I heard a few minutes later:

Sam: "...whoops."
Jade: *begins giggling uncontrollably*

Sam explained later he was sneaking around and had his bow out to try and kill a guard or two stealthily. He remembered that you can zoom in to help aim, but he couldn't remember which button. And thus I heard the dragon shout followed by the sound of Sam's character getting slaughtered by everything in the cave.

No word yet as to whether anyone took an arrow to the knee. Meanwhile, I'm running around Renaissance Italy collecting feathers and assassinating random folks in Assassin's Creed II. This game is even more beautiful than I remember.
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With World of Warcraft and all its expansions on sale (twenty bucks total until the 27th, so now's the time to buy if you ever thought of it), Sam has purchased WoW and we'll be rolling together through Azeroth. And, thanks to the Recruit-a-Friend, I'll be getting the Obsidian Nightwing Mount since he also purchased a month of paid time. I get to let friends fly around on my back!

We're going to wait until Tuesday to play since he has some Mass Effect 3 stuff to do, and also because that's when 5.0 goes live with all those lovely changes to the talent system. He won't be participating in the world event (I think he'd have to be 85), but I'll be doing that later on Folami, Wynfor, Thamina, and Aridhana for the achievement. (Yes, I have a busy day ahead on Tuesday.)

Sadly, I could not convince him to go Horde, so looks like I'll have another Alliance toon. He wants to go Night Elf and go Warrior (yes, OLAD buddies, he's going with a Saylin idea). I'll be rolling a druid for tanking healing dual speccing fun. I've been having so much fun healing on Thamina, I may as well learn a second healing class and teach myself to bear tank while I'm at it. If we decide to run a dungeon, it'll be instant queues all the way. With the recruit-a-friend benefits, we'll run around teamed up together and get triple XP, and this time I'm going to not level solely through instances, because there's game stuff I obviously want him to see.

Once MoP hits and he rolls with his monk, I'll try to get him to go Horde, I promise. Also, with MoP, I'll have eleven character slots, and I am determined to have six of them be Horde. (This druid will make five Alliance characters on this server and only three Horde. No, this will not stand. FOR THE HORDE!)
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Real-life dinner conversation:

Me: "So, yeah, in Mists of Pandaria, druids will get a new form. They can turn into a stag and act as a mount for another person."
Sam: "That sounds rather silly, but now that you tell me this I feel compelled to gather a large group of druids to stampede through a city yelling, 'Stag party!!!'"
Me: "...I'm not letting you near my account. Ever."

The scary thing is, I know he was completely serious. Fellow WoW players, I'm keeping this element out of your gaming experience. You're welcome.
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[16:04] <@JadeNSC> Craaaaap August 28 is when 5.0 hits.
[16:05] <@NinjaWeazel> Ok
[16:05] <@NinjaWeazel> thats liek two weeks
[16:05] <@JadeNSC> ;-; I know.
[16:05] * @JadeNSC hugs her precious rotations.
[16:05] <@JadeNSC> I have to start looking up shit about new talent system and stuff, and making notes. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
[16:07] <@NinjaWeazel> http://i.imgur.com/fsX97.gif
[16:07] <@JadeNSC> :P
[16:07] <@JadeNSC> You're so supportive.
[16:08] <@NinjaWeazel> Oh my bad here http://gifrific.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/LeBron-James-Smallest-Violin-Gif.gif
[16:08] <@NinjaWeazel> ¬_¬
[16:15] <@JadeNSC> Jerk.

See, if my boyfriend played WoW instead of that other MMO, he'd be far more sympathetic and understand the aggravation of getting geared and re-learning how to play four different classes.
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So, I was going to drop back into WoW last night, but Issue 22 dropped and I had to try ALL THE NEW THINGS!

Where should I start? How about with the changes to Stalker (because Selene)? First, the patch notes:

Gushing about Stalkers. )

Final verdict: I'm more eager than ever to make that final push to level 50 so I can get Selene started on her Incarnate powers. I'm just awaiting the possible developer post that starts, "We may have made Stalkers a little too powerful," and ends with the words "incoming nerf." (I hope I'm wrong about this, of course.)

Oh, and speaking of Incarnate powers, since I do not like Task Forces and I'm still struggling to figure out how to best utilize the enhancement system, I've never done more than unlock my Alpha slot. With the newly revamped Dark Astoria, I can now focus on earning Incarnate shards and XP without the need for joining huge Task Forces. Last night Sam and I rolled out with NinjaWeazel and Ballari and went through Heather Townshend's arc and Mu'Vorkan's arc before we opted to call it a night for missions. Both of these new contacts offered a non-combat character story mission after the completion of the arc. So we got to see what's happening after we kick butt (and Mu'Vorkan's was especially superb), but that's getting into lore which I'll get to in a bit.

Playing Dark Astoria. )

And finally, because this is getting long, let's talk lore. Of all the ways to bring in an ancient slumbering Lovecraftian inspired horror, NCSoft writers are on the right track. While I could make jokes about there being tentacles in both the MMOs I play (have you seen the Warlock tier 13 armor set in WoW?), I'll spare everyone "Tentacoo~" jokes and say that I am, quite frankly, thoroughly impressed. I don't usually get drawn into the story arcs I'm playing in CoH. My focus is usually on punching things in the face or shooting things with exploding arrows. Some of it boils down to personal taste, but prior to the release of CoH: Freedom, there just wasn't much of the story to draw in someone like me who isn't really enthusiastic about the whole comic book schtick.

Spoiler-free discussion on new plot. )

I have to admit ever since the realease of City of Heroes: Freedom and seeing CoH go free to play, I was worried it was the beginning of the end. Instead, with a revamped Veteran rewards system and the implementation of the VIP program, NCSoft has been doing far more right than wrong. The Shivans' attack on Galaxy City shook things up and provided an interesting story, and now the new solo Incarnate arc offered by an updated Dark Astoria has only improved the game's allure for at least this player. I still wish they'd do a little work on the ehancement system to make it a little easier to understand/a little more intuitive. Sam admits that even after playing CoH for years, he's still learning the ins and outs of it. The one person I know who groks it really well is a freaking astrophysicist (not an exaggeration), but eh, ultimately, there's more positive I can say about the direction NCSoft is taking than negative.

I know they've made some mid-level mission changes with Issue 22 too, and I look forward to checking those out as well when I can, but the initial indications are that I'll be playing a bit more CoH when I'm not raiding in WoW.
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Friday morning on the way to take the kiddo to school, I actually uttered the words, "Hey, is there smoke coming out of my right front tire?" There was indeed smoke coming from my right front tire. Yeah.

See, we knew we had to take it in for repairs and we were going to call the place to set up a time to take it in that morning, but the truck apparently decided that enough was enough. We had to get it towed from the school to the mechanic that morning, but they didn't manage to get it in to look at it and repair it until yesterday (they were closed Monday for President's Day). This place stays busy because the mechanic is not only very fair but very good at what he does. We thought it was the front brakes because, hey, brake light was coming on and it was making some weird noises when we stopped. Turns out that it wasn't the brakes, it was the hub assembly. The ball bearing apparently busted and that left the hub assembly hanging on and wobbling. The smoke was the tire leaning onto the brakes.

In short we are very, very, very fortunate that the tire did not fall off the truck while we were in motion. Oh, and given that both front tires had sections of tread worn down to the steel threads, we're lucky neither tire blew up either.

Well, the mechanic didn't do tires, so we had to drive to the other part of town to get those replaced this morning where the following exchange took place between Sam and the owner of the tire place:

Tire Guy: "You're [Sam's dad]'s son, right?"
Sam: "Yes sir, I am."
Tire Guy: "Well, we're cousins." (They're third cousins it turns out.)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I know I'm still in the South in a small town, and probably why we were able to get a nice pair of used tires and spent 200 bucks less than I was expecting. (Brand new, tires for my truck would run about $150 each, and those were the cheapest ones. If we hadn't taken the hit for the other repairs and need money for an alignment, we'd have purchased new, but this will hold us over until we can get them replaced.)

Other thing the tire guy said after seeing our tires, "How the hell did you make it here without blowing up?" The only thing I could think of to say was, "That was my dad's truck. He's still looking out for me." That is probably why I will keep that truck until the frame falls completely apart. It may be stupid to think so, but Dad is still very much part of that truck to me. It's got sentimental value and still has a connection to him in a way nothing else does for me. I've even kept his Dale Earnhardt license plate on the front despite how much it's faded.

In other news, yesterday I got hit with a headache that went away with Excedrin only to come back in the evening and only faded to a dull ache with another dose of Excedrin. I woke up with it back in full force this morning and after yet another dose of medicine and a hot shower, it finally left late this morning. I'm worn out as a result and feeling a little queasy, so Sam will be picking the kiddo up from school. Wednesdays are our no homework days (apart from daily reading requirement and quick review of his spelling words for the week), so I'm going to take it easy tonight. Oh, and yeah, some writing too, and a guild meeting in WoW.

Reminds me, need to talk RP stuff at some point now that the truck is fixed and I feel like I can breathe a little easier again.
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Western North Carolina is full of talented folks ranging from artists to musicians. There's something in the water around here, I swear.

Last night Sam, the kiddo, and I went to an open mic night at The Pizza Shoppe in Spruce Pine, NC. Local musicians from the area played and there was even one woman who did belly dancing, and she was gorgeous plus-sized gal who was so comfortable in her own skin. Everyone loved what she did. I'm still wondering how her hips moved like that. I told Sam it was like watching Tony Jaa's fight scenes in Ong Bak. Hips aren't supposed to do that! (And if you have seen that movie and/or know who Tony Jaa is, give yourself a pat on the back.)

Anyway, Sam's youngest sister asked her some questions and it turns out she teaches in a town about an hour's drive from here. We are definitely considering trying to look into taking classes at some point. Right now, I don't know how feasible it is, however, I have wanted to learn belly dancing for years.

Let's see, there was also a man who played Native American flute and I am now apparently involved in a family conspiracy aimed at getting me to play flute again. Sam's sister seems convinced that I need to get a flute again and practice so I can play for her while she sings for some awesome duets. I pointed out that I have never fared well playing for crowds, but I think that doesn't matter. They know I have music talent now (or used to at any rate) and they want to hear it, even told me I'd get refreshers on how to read music (I remember the basics and know my notes, but I completely blank on time heh).

There was a gentleman who played a song he'd just finished writing that night. Story went that his buddy called him up and said, "Hey, there's an open mic night. Want to come?" He did well despite only having finished it mere hours before.

Oh! I met a Kennedy, too. Not sure how closely he's related to JFK et al, but he was certainly dressed the part and had that notable Massachusettes accent and he definitely shared a family resemblence.

After Sam's dad's band played (they were pretty awesome as usual, by the way, even though they forgot the words a couple of time, silly people), the woman responsible for organizing the open mic night got up there with a guitar. She was a petite lady and when she started singing, I was blown away. She had this voice like Norah Jones and Fiona Apple, something I wasn't expecting. A nice bluesy, smoky alto voice that just about knocked me back in my chair. She had some CDs for sale for five bucks and I picked it up. Best five bucks I've ever spent on music, no lie. (As I said on Twitter last night: Girl crush. I has one. I liked her page on Facebook and hope I can catch announcements for when she's playing nearby. It also helps that Sam's dad, uncle, and friend know her personally.)

Her name is Polly Lorien, and while her band is apparently no longer together and she's a solo act, you can check out her music at her band's/her website. If you get a chance, listen to some of the sample tracks on there, and I can't reccomend "The Lady (Must Be Free)" and "No No No" enough. In fact, have some lyrics as copied from her page. I don't even normally like this genre of music, but I am in love with the album I picked up last night.

Read more... )
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And this is the post where I both display pictures of Christmas presents Sam and I received and brag about his talented family.


And there will be more pictures later, soon as I get some from Sam's mother since I forgot to take my camera to Christmas dinner last night. Oops.
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So, Sam and I played a bit of City of Heroes since the kiddo has no homework (and his last day of school is tomorrow). We decided to take the remade Titan Weapons Pasha and Stalker Jodan back to the First Ward as we're working our way through there. It's a nice place and I dig the storyline, but holy crap the enemies there, particularly The Awakened. Here's my impression of what Pasha was probably thinking when we strolled into one mission:

"Oh hey, enemies we haven't seen before! Oh, look, they're holding up a silver platter and, hey, is that my ass I see?"

Despite the debt I accrued for dying (and losing all my patrol XP because we died a lot), I managed to work it off and gain a level, so it wasn't a total loss. I really, really dig the story line as I said, and the First Ward as a whole is an interesting place, but man it can be rather difficult to get through.

By the way, Titan Weapons as a power set? Freaking awesome even if I'm toting around Cloud Strife's Buster sword a razor sword that totally doesn't look like a just-this-side-of-copyright-infringement remake of a popular video game character's weapon rather than a generic great sword or bastard sword. (Seriously, NCSoft, we've got a freaking railroad crossing sign and an atomic hammer, you couldn't make a Claymore too? We've got kilts as a costume option, so it wouldn't be that far fetched.)

Also, also, the Subjugator? Yeah, I didn't like the squid-attached-to-someone's-head concept any better when I ran Throne of Tides in WoW. (No, really, I was totally reminded of the Erunak Stonespeaker fight and Mindbender Ghur'sha.) I mean, I'm trying to get away from tentacles right now as Folami will, hopefully soon, have an entire outfit full of them. Seriously, she already has the helm, so she's walking around with a tentacle wiggling out of her face. And I totally have a dagger that looks like a wriggling tentacle ready for transmorgrification.)

...um, wow. This got really nerdy really fast. I'm gonna go away from the computer and make some baked BBQ chicken for dinner as I planned.
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To my maternal grandfather (Army, WWII), my father (Marines), three of my uncles (Navy and Army, one served in Vietnam), a couple of my cousins (Navy and Army, one served in Iraq), [livejournal.com profile] ninjaweazel AKA Sam (Navy), [livejournal.com profile] xandraius (Marines), a couple of classmates from high school, and to anyone who I have inadvertently missed both living and dead:

Thank you for your service.

Also, yesterday was the Marine Corps birthday. Semper Fi!

(And if anyone gets smart, yes, I can be both an unforgiving bleeding heart liberal and be patriotic. Shocking!)
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Sam only has to work one more day this week (Tuesday) and then he might have to go back in on Sunday for a couple of hours. However, depending on how far they get on the whole "End of Season" clean-up, his father might not force him to come into the kitchen, especially since he won't even be there long enough to make money to cover the gas it'd take to get there and back. I suspect that, like last year, things are going to be dead enough this week that they'll have ample time to start getting into the nooks and crannies before the official last day.

What this means is I'll be able to make plans to do things on weekday afternoons and evenings, possibly sign the kiddo up for Boy Scouts. I'm apprehensive on this due to the organization's history of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and I'm not fond of my money being used to fund it. However, given where I live, there's a very short list of things I can do to socialize him more, and he of course only understands that he wants to do this really cool thing.

I have to talk to the landlords this week about replacing the kitchen floor and finding out what the hell is causing it to fall in in places. I suspect (and hope) this is just the result of last year's busted pipe, and it's not anything we've done or part of a larger problem. It's only the kitchen floor (believe me, I'm the paranoid sort to walk through the entire house looking for other signs of problems and so far, nothing.) I'm not looking forward to several days of having strangers in my home, but we sort of need a floor to walk on, regardless of my anxiety. Today and tomorrow will be spent cleaning in preparation of that. I'm still wondering how they're going to move the refrigerator to replace the floor there since one area it's sinking in/weakening is right in front of it. I bet they'll come up with a solution.

Actually, part of today will be trick-or-treating for the kiddo. Today from 4:00 - 6:00 downtown businesses here will be giving out candy to trick-or-treaters. It's something they do every year since we don't have much in the way of neighborhoods around here, unless you count driving down winding mountain roads from farm to farm. (Okay, parts of it aren't that rural, but it's not far off.) Last year, the kiddo made off with a fair bit of candy, and they shut off access to main street so it's safe for us to walk around. It's quite impressive and pleasant. After that, we'll be doing laundry. Ugh.

This month's budget may be shot since I fear I'm about to have to sink a lot of money into the truck in the form of new brakes. I'm hoping Sam can throw in a little toward that.

In WoW news, I got Savitry up to 70 and now she's tearing through the Borean Tundra. I'm going to push hard to get her up higher and then see if I can't wrangle some guildies into helping me learn how to tank. Even if I can't use her in Steadfast raids, it'll be nice to have her on stand-by for those nights when there's too many DPS and Folami can't go. There's always pugs (I know, I know) looking for tanks. I really love DPS on Folami, but I'm learning there's just something completely awesome about pulling four or five monsters and watching them try really hard to kill me and fail. All the while, I'm bashing their faces in. It's quite different than all those times I had to witness Folami getting overrun and squished.

And now to go snuggle with Sam for a bit since I've had a bad bout of anxiety-induced insomnia this weekend. Blargh.
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Elisha linked me to a YouTube video of the current beta testing for the new Titan Weapon power set in CoH.

And then this happened:

[10:27] <JadeNSC> ....so I can make Cloud?
[10:27] <Doctor_Gerbil> [10:23] <Doctor_Gerbil> I am so making a Cloud Strife knock-off with a silly name like Cumulonimbus Troubles
[10:27] <Doctor_Gerbil> [10:23] <Doctor_Gerbil> (Cumulonimbus is latin for 'don't wear suede')

Nah, we aren't Final Fantasy nerds at all. Also, after hanging around together for about five or six years, we totally don't occasionally inhabit each other's head spaces. That'd just be silly.

*settles in to read up on some Astrophysics filed away in here*

In other CoH news, Sam and I went trick-or-treating last night and I am kicking myself for not copy+pasting one funny bit of conversation between (the original) NinjaWeazel and Ballari, but here's a basic run-down of what happened.

* NinjaWeazel gets a treat and is rewarded a Crey Security costume.
NinjaWeazel: (Being his old flirty self despite knowing and respecting Ballari's orientation.) "Heeeeey, wanna get frisked?" *wink, wink*
* Ballari, roughly at the same moment, gets a Freakshow Stunner costume and puts it on.
NinjaWeazel: "...on second thought, no.
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And this is why you do not give god-like powers to every single hero and villain who makes it to level 50. Upon discovering the first of Ninjaweazel's clones, Selene, who is currently recovering from having an entire building fall on her (a long story I may or may not write), makes a crack about not wanting to wake up to a world full of Weazels.

NinjaWeazel: *laughs* Making one damn near killed me. I'm not sure if I could do a second one whole-cloth.
NinjaWeazel: Yet.
Selene: ...there is just the one, yes?
NinjaWeazel: Yes. Technically.
Selene: *pinches the bridge of her nose and inhales sharply* It was a yes or a no question. What do you mean 'technically'?
NinjaWeazel: Well, I sort of... infused part of my energy into a dying Praetorian soldier.
Selene: How do you sort of *infuse part of your engery into a dying soldier,* particularly one that is in an *alternate dimension*?
NinjaWeazel: Well, I was in Praetoria.
Selene: And you thought, "Well, I've seen the sights now to complete the tour by finding someone near death and giving him part of myself"?

To be fair to NinjaWeazel, there was a little more to it than that. Just a little. Selene thinks the screening for the Well of Furies needs to be a lot more rigorous.

(My boyfriend has the craziest RP characters, I swear. Let us never forget the Black Mage in one FFRPG campaign who punched monsters in the face rather than burn them to a crisp from a safe distance.)
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Happy birthday, old man Sam!

Enjoy your day off from work and try not to throw your back out. ;)

(Okay, okay, he's 32 today, so he's not really all that old. Some of this is me freaking out that I'll be 31 in January. Also, he knows I love him and we give each other crap all the time. :P)
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• I finished Moon Called by Patricia Briggs yesterday. All I can say is that it was a huge disappointment. The entire plot was so damned unrealistic and unbelievable--seriously, if you want to arrange it so someone kills your father (because he's too dangerous to remain a werewolf) so you don't have to, there are much easier ways to do it than creating a vast conspiracy that involves drugs designed to take down werewolves, putting two packs in danger, and results in the deaths of how many innocents? I can stomach a lot of bullshit in my paranormal books, but there's a difference between "overly fantastic" and "completely fucking moronic." And I've already talked about the "Me alpha male, you woman" crap that irked me. Sorry, Mercy Thompson, but I'll not be visiting your world again, which is a shame because I actually like Zee. I just fear the book featuring him will involve an even more ridiculous and far-fetched plot.

From WoW Insider: Patch 4.3 will finally lift the soulbound restriction on Chaos Orbs, allowing players to freely trade them and roll on them at the end of heroic instances. - Halle-fucking-lujah! I can't tell you how frustrating it was to have a couple of orbs sitting in my bank unused when I wanted a Blacksmith to craft me a new dagger and I had to wait for him to gather the orbs from instances. Also, making Embersilk gowns will get infinitely easier if anyone wants Folami to tailor them one. Oh and Dreamcloths so I can make Illusionary Bags.

• I've not been writing, well, apart from a short little thing I wrote for Folami since she's not with the rp group at the moment for her own safety. (Instead, I finally got to bring her father, Salih, into the plot.) Going to kick my own ass into writing a thing for Salih to offer a little backstory that happens right before Steadfast came to the Ghostlands. Also, Pasha writing. I'm itching to get something accomplished there. Also, another Kalecgos/Arygos scene has been percolating around in my head. Selene/Ballari too. Let's see if my muses will actually work.

• Sam's birthday is coming up (October 17). I'm trying to convince him to arrange it so he has that day off from work since the kiddo has only a half-day that day, which of course is apparently also Parent's Day. This means that instead of heading down to Asheville as soon as the kiddo gets out of school at 11:30, I had to make an appointment to meet with his teacher at either 1:00 or 1:20. If I explain it to her, I'm sure she'll be okay with making it a short meeting. Besides, he has an IEP meeting coming up and she'll have to be involved with that, so...yeah. If there's anything major (and as far as I know we've addressed the reading comprehension issue and he's acing all his tests now), it'll be discussed at length there too.

• I like bullet points.


Sep. 10th, 2011 01:02 pm
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I have an awesome boyfriend.

Remember admist complaining about my power adapter yesterday how I said my headset was dying on me too and I was going to purchase a new one next week? Well, I don't have to now. Last night, when Sam came home from work, he not only brought me some leftover applebutter glazed salmon from their seafood buffet (ohmygodsogood), he'd stopped by Wal-Mart and purchased an awesome, comfy new headset for me that's even better than my previous one. The sound just for listening to music is amazing and I can't wait to try out the mic when next I log into vent. The only difference is the mic is on the left on this one, but it's much more adjustable than the other one.

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Yes, this was an actual exchange after listening to an NPR re-cap of last night's GOP debate on the way home from doing laundry.

Jade: "I'm surprised they didn't mention more of Bachman's history fail."
Sam: "Can't be any better than Palin's 'Paul Revere told the British they weren't taking our guns!'"
Jade: [Mockery of Palin] "And because that poem is such an accurate historical account of Paul Revere's ride."
Sam: "It's true! Every poem ever written is 100% accurate and literal."
Jade: "Right, I'm sure Robert Frost really did come to two paths in the wood."
Sam: "He totally did! And he took the one less traveled with Cody Lundin behind him barefoot and everything."
Jade: "Robert Frost must have had a machete to clear that pathway."

Yes, we're dorks.


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