Jan. 2nd, 2013

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As of this writing, my birthday has been officially over for an hour, but as I haven't gone to bed yet I'm still counting it as part of my birthday.

I have been on this earth for 32 years now, and so far as I can tell I've got quite a few years left to go barring, of course, unforeseeable events such as a meteor falling on my head or a tree toppling over and crushing me. Given how things tend to happen in my life, I'm not ruling either of those out, especially on the latter since I insist on living in rural, wooded areas.

For gifts this year Sam has promised me a copy of Dragon Age 2 since I keep going back and forth over getting it and he wants me to quit dithering over it. From his sister we had free night of babysitting which allowed us to have a quiet New Year's Eve spent at home and then a nice night out today with his parents for dinner and a movie (we saw The Hobbit). His mother is doing something awesome and is going to let me design my own set of pottery for the house, so I have to arrange a time to go visit her at her studio to help come up with a design and colors for it. Trust me when I say this is one of the best gifts I could get. Just yesterday I was looking at my dwindling and chipped dinnerware thinking I should look into purchasing some new plates and bowls this year, and now I get to design my own (with the help of a very talented artist, of course). It'll be unique and nobody else will have it. Yep, I'm going to be the hipster of ceramics. Aren't you jealous?

Anyway, the best gift I got wasn't really a gift. It was a phone call from Sam's grandparents, who we spent Christmas with. His grandmother called to wish me a happy birthday, which was special for several reasons, the first being that none of my grandparents are living any longer so I don't get to hear it from them or anyone in my family apart from my mother. The second being that this is the first time I've truly felt welcomed by someone else's family, and for someone with my history that's more precious than anything anyone could ever buy me.

As for Christmas, that's a whole other post that I may never write up. Suffice to say we had a wonderful holiday and I'm not sure, but I feel like Sam and I both feel a bit refreshed and ready to face another year together. However, I'm annoyed that the kiddo has to go back to school tomorrow/later today (yes, on January 2) as I'd very much love at least one or two more days of relaxation. Oh well, c'est la vie.

I'm going to work on a list of goals for 2013 to post later. No, not a list of resolutions, just assorted goals.

Oh, and I did forget one other gift I received in the mail: A tax notice from the county telling me taxes are due on the truck. I guess if it's a choice between death and taxes, I'll take the taxes.
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Skolnick of the podcast Warcraft Less Traveled has organized (with help) a book club for 2013 called Warcraft Well Read. The first book will be Christie Golden's Rise of the Horde beginning January 6, currently $8 for the Kindle edition. From what I can tell, the idea is to read one book per month.

I figure I'll do it. If nothing else, I won't suffer through terrible writing alone. There's also apparently a Good Reads group, but I need to dig up the link for that.


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