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Usually by now we've had several inches as early as October, but after a very mild summer and then autumn, the snow stayed at bay until today.

And guess who left Thanksgiving shopping until the last minute and has to go out later today in that? Yep, me, though it's not entirely my fault. I asked about a week ago for the menu so I'd know if it was a traditional meal with all the fixings or if I should make something smaller, but Sam's mom didn't get back to me until yesterday. Yesterday was spent tending to my poor sore tailbone after I slipped down our steps. I'm OK today, just tender.

Anyway, I'm hoping the snow will have thinned out some of the last-minute shopping crowd and I take comfort in knowing the things I need to buy aren't exactly very popular Thanksgiving items so chances are great that I'll find everything without a fuss.
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Apparently, I belong to the Horde.

See, after quitting my Alliance guild, I had trouble finding reasons to play my hunter. I wanted to play a hunter, but I didn't want to go Alliance side to play him. So, after talking it over with my RP partner, we decided to faction change.

My first night as a troll, my friend and I ran Sethekk Halls, and we got to Anzu she told me, "Take it."

Thus began my luckiest four nights in WoW to date. )

And I have a standing deal with my friend to keep her company on as many runs of Sethekk and Magister's Terrace as it takes to get her the two mounts. It's the least I can do for her as she's stuck by me through guild drama, a faction change that altered our paired characters, and lets me vent to her quite a bit. Maybe this lucky streak of mine will rub off on her now.
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Alternate title for this post: "No Kael'Thas, you can't have your balls back."

So because I am incapable of reading the in-game calendar and ascertaining the proper time for raid, I missed out on Dragon Soul this afternoon. I think I'm going to be stuck pugging until MoP gets here and everyone's getting leveled and geared for the new content. However, with the free time tonight, I tried out Affliction Spec, and I have to say...I might be raiding in Affliction spec this expansion. And instead of the soul shards floating about my head, I used Glyph of Verdant Spheres to make them green balls.

At least until Warlocks get some loving attention from the nerf bat (because I know it's coming).

It's interesting not using a pet. I took Grimoire of Sacrifice, which means every twenty minutes I summon a demon and kill it to boost my spell power for twenty minutes. Well, boost certain Affliction-spec related spells. It's awesome.
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So a friend paid for the artist and WoW-Player SegoLily to make a couple of portraits for me of my role-play toons. First, I picked Wynfor, my worgen hunter, in his human form of course.

He's got a sort of playful grin, a hint at his love of mischief and teasing (something he's slowly gaining back after finding twu luv, awww). She managed to make him look older, like I wanted since he's in his thirties and has spent a lot of time outdoors getting the good old sun damage.

The second pick was a no-brainer for me. Folami. I wanted hers to be like a portrait that'd be hanging up in the Mournlight estate, and I have to say it came out so beautifully.

I'm so impressed with how lovely she turned out to be, and it's so nice to have an actual picture reference for her now. Given the length of her hair, this is post-Ulduar adventure, and she's once again whole in her mind and more sure of herself and her power.

Edit: She's wearing Black Embersilk Gown in case people were curious about the dress.

Just...wow, thanks to Seranthe of WrA and Segolily for the amazing artwork. I'm beyond touched and blown away tonight.
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Instead I want to brag about myself. Who's the warlock doing 45k DPS on 10-Man Yor'sahj tonight?

That's right, this warlock.

It's nice to know I can do some things right, even if it is just a video game.
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So, I'm writing, or at least trying to. I've been wanting to write since...well, I always want to write, but I've been letting real life wear me down. I'm fighting real life right now and doing my best to write something, even if it's naughty slash involving an RP character of mine.

And then today, I encountered an issue with my laptop's keyboard.

You think I should call tech support about this?

One more gratuitous fluffiness under here. )
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A few days ago, the most awesome picture of Hilary Clinton ever started circulating around the internet.

That is one bad ass Secretary of State right there. Look at how many fucks she gives. The number of the fucks she gives? None. If she had a bottle of water, she'd be giving negative fucks. And you know what? She just got your text and not only is she unimpressed, she's tired of your bullshit and is about to ruin your day. After she's done with that, she's going to deliver one spectacular motherfucking speech about women's rights that will make you weep with unabashed joy. Oh, and she'll probably save the world too because she's Hilary Fucking Clinton.

Ahem. Anyway, I am pleased to announce I have discovered a new meme and tumblr centered around that photo. Go, read, and laugh your ass off.
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I nearly died of laughter today, and here's why. To set the scene, the kiddo came home from school and I looked through his binder to see what homework was, if there was anything extra we needed to do, etc. He came over to stand next to me while I was looking over one sheet (just a sheet he did in school, nothing really important), and here's what happened:

* Jade looks over worksheet, not suspecting anything.

Kiddo: "Flip it over." *reaches over and flips sheet.*

* Jade dies of laughter.

Suddenly! A wild Sam appears! Unable to speak through her tears of laughter, Jade hands the sheet over to Sam, who promptly sputters and gives Kiddo a hug.

What I found on the back. WARNING: Do not drink anything while reading the rest. )
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And this is the post where I both display pictures of Christmas presents Sam and I received and brag about his talented family.


And there will be more pictures later, soon as I get some from Sam's mother since I forgot to take my camera to Christmas dinner last night. Oops.
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I didn't really do this last year, but I thought this year I'd offer lots of picture spam from our Christmas weekend. This will be divided into two posts, the first primarily dealing with Santa and the kiddo with a special appearance from Jack. Next post will be pictures of some wonderful gifts Sam and I received from his parents and sisters.

First up, the Santa swag.

Unwrapping Presents = SRS BSNS

Nine more pictures under here. )
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Warning: The following image may cause cavities or inspire a sudden desire to snuggle fluffy animals.

A rainy day means that rather than go outside for their morning "patrols," Sasha and Jack stay inside and hang out where it's dry. For Jack, this means the couch (where Sasha isn't allowed given her propensity for occasionally finding mud puddles to play in) since he can maximize his human cuddling. Normally he curls up next to my left side or, if Sam is on his laptop, stretches out over Sam's chest (being taller than me, he has more space for Jack to fit), but today he chose to stretch out on the cushion next to me and when I had to get up, I turned and saw this:

What's really cute about it is that Jack hates belly petting, but of course I couldn't resist all that fluffy belly. It annoyed him but all he did was roll slightly to one side so I'd stop and then stretch out again. He remained unmoving as I got up to grab the camera.

January 13, 2012, will be two years since I adopted Jack and brought him home from the cat rescue. I was able to get him right away (after I filled out an application and they spoke to my vet) rather than needing to wait for them to neuter and chip him. He'd been adopted once before and brought back, probably because he was a, um, boisterous boy kitty who liked to pounce and play. He's still boisterous and will tip over the trash can to get to his empty cans of wet food as there might still be some morsels left behind he didn't get the first time, but he's also become one of the cuddliest and sweetest kitties I've ever had.
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Oh, what did my guild do tonight after a weekend spent hitting a spider-shaped brick wall by the name of Beth'Tilac? We decided to see how quickly we could get through Blackwing Descent and the answer was, "Really fast until we get to Nefarian." It seems we were burning down Onyxia too fast and our poor abused healers couldn't keep up with an Electrocute and the lava, but I wouldn't know anything about DPSing too fast. ...or would I?


And now for something completely silly: I was in Acherus today on my neglected DK when I apparently ran into a taping for Death Knights Gone Wild. It seems not even the chill of death will keep some DKs from baring it all.

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Dear Coren Direbrew pug I just ran with:

Right, because it usually takes less than 30 seconds to down Direbrew, I'm used to being first or second DPS when all is said and done, particularly when I pop my Doomguard. If the fight was more like a raid boss, my DPS would probably drop a little bit after the Doomguard expires. Even so, I'm compelled to wonder what happened here:

Please tell me I'm wrong and didn't just witness two people dying on Coren freakin' Direbrew. Even when I'm first DPS (again, mostly thanks to Doomguard, though it's still not too shabby when it's just Metamorphosis and Demon Soul), I'm still only doing about 20% of the damage over all. I just did 50% of the overall damage this encounter and the next highest DPS was 8k???

Sure, we still succeeded, but what the hell happened here?


One confused and surprised Demo Warlock
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Okay, so I was noticing no one was signing up for the Tavern Night I posted to the Guild calendar. Then, I logged in on Kryses the other day and didn't see it when I opened the calendar, but I only looked for a second and thought I'd look again. Trouble was, when I thought to look again, I was on Folami and didn't think that I was seeing it on her because that's who I created the event with. In all the chaos of the computer and life, I forgot to check on other Steadfast alts.

So I log on tonight and see that Solivar had posted an event, apparently also not seeing mine. Here's how it looked while I was logged in with Folami:

And here's proof that I'd created the event (several days ago), though apparently I'd messed up and made it only viewable by me? I have no earthly idea what I did or didn't do. Either way, glad Solivar caught it.


WTF, me/WoW?
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This is a picture sans headpiece to show you what Folami looked like prior to raiding tonight. Before a terrible tragedy in which she had her face set on fire and eaten off! Don't believe me? Click, if you dare.

'OH GOD WHAT IS ON MY FACE??? ...oh, it's just me.' )
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Today, after a long, long grind taking, I think, about a month total, I recruited the last of the three groups you have to recurit for the Molten Front.

And that means....NEW MOUNT!!!! EEEeeeeee!

The flames make it go faster! )
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What happens when Jade is too tired to quest/run instances and yet not tired enough to go rest?

Easy Achievement Hunting! I also hit a couple of rare monsters in Outland thanks to _NPCScan, so I'll be able to get that Outland rare monster achievement at some point too.

Folami the Explorer makes a nice title. :)

ETA: At some point I want to pester the guild to get a group together to go hunt down the Whale Shark.
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So, while traveling down to Vash'jir with Folami to pick up a tabard for an achivement (What? Me getting obsessed? Never!), I spied an Alliance mage hanging out in Silver Tide Hollow. Not unusual since this is neutral territory, but my mouse happened to hover over his nameplate and, uh, well...

KnG is a Level 2 Alliance guild on SWC. There's a small part of me that wanted to hope this was some GLBTQ-friendly guild, though I think it's more likely meant to be a perjorative term and there's some stupid immature assholes giggling and going, "Haha, you're a homo!"

I could be wrong, I just don't think I am. And as far as reporting it, I think only the "big" words would raise a stink with Blizzard, and even then it'd probably have to be a name rather than a rank listing you aren't going to see unless you hover over someone's name like me.

Oh, SWC, never change. ... Wait, do change, please.
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Unfortunately, with LJ still down (seriously, now I'm annoyed by it) I can't use my scrapbook and so you'll have to click for the picture I uploaded to twitpic. I'll fix it later, I promise.

Now there's so much I can do in WoW with Folami and I don't know where to start!


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