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There's a Kickstarter project that might interest you:

Missing Worlds Media presents City of Titans, the superhero MMORPG being developed by The Phoenix Project in the spirit of City of Heroes. Our goal is to deliver a unique massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, created from the community of a lost universe, to build a new community for a new world. A brave new world containing a wealth of player choices, from costumes to powers, it continues the traditions found in its spiritual predecessor, daring to reach for new innovations no other game will touch, while standing firmly on the feel and spirit of the old. Players will be able to choose their own adventure, tell their own tales, and have their own agency in a superhuman world.

City of Titans is set in a world where there is always hope, even in the darkest of times. The tradition of brightly colored costumes, brilliant heroics, and daring struggles to stand against the shadows cast during times of darkness and corruption. New heroes, your heroes, rise to make their mark on the world while their villainous counterparts lurk in the corners of alleys, behind governments, and even in the boardrooms of the wealthiest corporations. Humanity honors the fallen, and takes inspiration from the selfless sacrifices of heroes who have gone before.

As of this writing they are at $98,842 of their $320,000 goal with 32 days to go.
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Well, a literary celebrity at any rate.

It seems Mercedes Lackey (yes, that Mercedes Lackey) is both a huge fan of and an avid player of City of Heroes. She has a permanent account after she wrote a story arc for the Architect Entertainment feature of the game (where players can design their own scenarios to be played by other players), so we're not talking like certain supposed World of Warcraft authors who are all, "Teehee, I've played the game..for about ten minutes." She is a legit player and a fan, and she wants to save CoH.

Here's the letter she wrote to Taek Jin Kim, CEO of NCSoft:

Dear Mr. Kim;

This, like so many other letters, is a plea to save Paragon Studios and the City of Heroes, City of Villains, and Going Rogue games. And like so many others, I could tell you about the thousands of hours I have spent there with friends, the thousands of dollars I have spent within the games, or even how this game allows my husband and I to “meet” and play nearly every night with my father in law, the retired, and multi-medaled Master Sergeant Jim Dixon formerly of Delta Force. I could even tell you how this game is the only one ever to interest him.

Instead, I am going to make you an offer. I am a multi-award-winning, New York Times bestselling fantasy and science fiction author. And I will offer myself and my likeness to endorse and advertise, exclusively, all NCSoft products for a minimum term of five years and a maximum term of ten years, for no compensation or payment, if you will make it possible for the game and Paragon Studios (even in a reduced capacity) to continue to function, either once again under the NCSoft umbrella, or until a new owner comes forward.

I had in mind something like this: Advertisements with a photo of myself, imposed over a transparent image of one of my more striking characters, both of us in the same pose. Text: “I am New York Times bestselling fantasy author Mercedes Lackey. Creating fantastic realms is hard work, and when I relax, I like to play in someone else’s world. I play NCSoft Games. Anything else is unimaginable.” The tagline for the ad campaign would be “NCSoft: anything else is unimaginable.”

I hope, sir, that I have caught your interest, and you will consider this proposition.

Yours truly

Mercedes Lackey

Considering how book nerd culture intersects quite a bit with gamer nerd culture, particularly for games like City of Heroes, this is actually a pretty huge deal. Heck, maybe Lackey could even sweeten the pot by offering to write a short story tie-in, or maybe even a novel? Oh, who am I kidding? A novel tie-in for Mercedes Lackey would be more money than NCSoft would be willing to spend. Still, it has potential.

Do I think Lackey would pull in the sort of money and attention as a television or movie celebrity? No, but then even Neil Gaiman wouldn't have as much pull as Robert Downey, Jr. However, this is a start, and I think these protests to save CoH finally have some serious traction.
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By the end of the year, City of Heroes will be no more.

This really is a shock. Sam's been super happy about the upcoming Issue 24 and all the new developments happening. From all accounts, their free-to-play system had been amazing and was making them some money.

I think I'll hop on at some point before they shut down entirely to take one last spin on Ballari and Selene. :-\
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So, I was going to drop back into WoW last night, but Issue 22 dropped and I had to try ALL THE NEW THINGS!

Where should I start? How about with the changes to Stalker (because Selene)? First, the patch notes:

Gushing about Stalkers. )

Final verdict: I'm more eager than ever to make that final push to level 50 so I can get Selene started on her Incarnate powers. I'm just awaiting the possible developer post that starts, "We may have made Stalkers a little too powerful," and ends with the words "incoming nerf." (I hope I'm wrong about this, of course.)

Oh, and speaking of Incarnate powers, since I do not like Task Forces and I'm still struggling to figure out how to best utilize the enhancement system, I've never done more than unlock my Alpha slot. With the newly revamped Dark Astoria, I can now focus on earning Incarnate shards and XP without the need for joining huge Task Forces. Last night Sam and I rolled out with NinjaWeazel and Ballari and went through Heather Townshend's arc and Mu'Vorkan's arc before we opted to call it a night for missions. Both of these new contacts offered a non-combat character story mission after the completion of the arc. So we got to see what's happening after we kick butt (and Mu'Vorkan's was especially superb), but that's getting into lore which I'll get to in a bit.

Playing Dark Astoria. )

And finally, because this is getting long, let's talk lore. Of all the ways to bring in an ancient slumbering Lovecraftian inspired horror, NCSoft writers are on the right track. While I could make jokes about there being tentacles in both the MMOs I play (have you seen the Warlock tier 13 armor set in WoW?), I'll spare everyone "Tentacoo~" jokes and say that I am, quite frankly, thoroughly impressed. I don't usually get drawn into the story arcs I'm playing in CoH. My focus is usually on punching things in the face or shooting things with exploding arrows. Some of it boils down to personal taste, but prior to the release of CoH: Freedom, there just wasn't much of the story to draw in someone like me who isn't really enthusiastic about the whole comic book schtick.

Spoiler-free discussion on new plot. )

I have to admit ever since the realease of City of Heroes: Freedom and seeing CoH go free to play, I was worried it was the beginning of the end. Instead, with a revamped Veteran rewards system and the implementation of the VIP program, NCSoft has been doing far more right than wrong. The Shivans' attack on Galaxy City shook things up and provided an interesting story, and now the new solo Incarnate arc offered by an updated Dark Astoria has only improved the game's allure for at least this player. I still wish they'd do a little work on the ehancement system to make it a little easier to understand/a little more intuitive. Sam admits that even after playing CoH for years, he's still learning the ins and outs of it. The one person I know who groks it really well is a freaking astrophysicist (not an exaggeration), but eh, ultimately, there's more positive I can say about the direction NCSoft is taking than negative.

I know they've made some mid-level mission changes with Issue 22 too, and I look forward to checking those out as well when I can, but the initial indications are that I'll be playing a bit more CoH when I'm not raiding in WoW.
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I am in the very beginnings of assembling a PvP off-spec for Folami. Thanks to being near the Justice Points cap and being able to trade JP in for Honor Points, I was able to purchase season 11 robes, and then I tailored other bits of PvP gear (I still need shoulders).

I went with Affliction since that seems to be the most popular PvP spec for Warlocks, and I started doing a bit of research on skill-capped.com. I still need to watch a few videos to figure out a basic spell rotation (or at least which spells I'll need to be able to hit fast as well as cool down management). There's two glyphs that were not available at the auction house that I'll need to keep an eye out for, and there are some PvP trinkets and/or rings I've seen around there I'll be watching.

Honestly, I don't know when I'll feel ready to even try a single round. Obviously, if there's a choice between raid and PvP, I'll pick raiding, but so far Steadfast keeps their PvP and raid nights spaced out enough I could do both, and there always seems to be someone around for random battlegrounds in PvP. To be honest, I never thought I'd try PvP, but as I've now got the hang of raiding with a Warlock, I figure I might as well give PvP a shot just to say I tried.

In City of Heroes, Sam's been teaching me how to use Mibs as well as teaching me about the enhancement system (it only took me a year of owning the game...). I think I'm getting the general idea, but I still feel WoW's system is a hell of a lot more intuitive, but that could just be me being used to playing RPGs where you boost stats from armor. I don't know that I'll stick with it and actually learn how to play this time. It is very intimidating and looks overly complicated even if (as hardcore CoH'ers tell me) it's not.

I still hate task forces in CoH. In fact, I hate the large teams. Even in 25-man raids in WoW, I still feel like I'm contributing. In CoH I never feel that way in the larger teams. I prefer keeping it small there, even though it means way less XP. I like CoH for the potential for RP, and also because it's one thing Sam and I can enjoy together. And, okay, character and costume design is just so much fucking fun.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to MMO-wise. Now back to writing.
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So, Sam and I have been hanging out for private one-on-one RP in the seasonal Winter Chalet in Pocket D, which means I'm also peeking at player info, trying to decide how I want to do my own description for various toons when I stop being too lazy. The results have been interesting.

Description: Youngest daughter of a beautiful succubus,seduced by Osiris himself.[Name] was exiled as a child to the mortal world for diobeying her father.Condemed for eternity after exhibiting the traits of a succubus.She was chained about her neck enslaving her to the mortal world until a mortal would find her worthy for ownership.For thousands of years she hid from mortals in fear of the legend.She was hunted by mortals seeking the lore of this beast.It was said that whomever could capture her would control the fires of hell itself.

"Chained about her neck enslaving her to the mortal world until a mortal would find her worthy for ownership." Hmmm, wonder what sort of RP s/he's looking for?

This next bit of copy-paste was from the Local chat. The character in question had an interesting idea for a background. There was some apparent research or perhaps even real-life personal experience with the character concept, so there's nothing funny there. There is, however, one thing about doing accents in online role-play. I tend not to do them, or if I do, I do so sparingly or use an accent that's easy to figure out. When this popped up in my chat window, I spent a good minute or two parsing out what was being said.

[Local] [Name] nods. "'s been 'ard lately cos 's th' 'olidays an' everyone's celebratin' wit' frien's an' family an' it makes me think o' 'im. So, 'm in th' corner wit' Mikuru, bein' alone an' slightly bitter abou' it."

[Local] [Name]: Been 'avin' a 'ard time wit' tha' an' also been 'avin' a 'ard time adjustin' t' me treatmen'. 've not been th' nices' person t' be aroun' lately when th' shot kicks in.

I'm guessing the player was going for British Cockney based on some slang terms thrown in in other parts of the conversation. There's good ways to convey an accent. This was not one of them.

And finally, to wrap things up, we have a wonderful romantic tale of a mortician and a murder victim. Truly, an epic love story for all time. (Warnings for mentions of necrophilia.)

Description: There is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about [Name]... most of the time. She comes from a normal family... sort of. Both parents are living... mostly. Her father is a famous mortician and scientist in Atlas. Her mother is a little more complicated. A young, unidentified murder victim who showed up on her father's slab one day. It was one-sided love at first sight. After autopsy, the whirlwind love affair began. Many science experiements and "private sessions" later. and her mother lived again! Well, as much as an undead zombie can live. So back to [Name]. She's a mostly normal, half-human half-zombie teenager with a habit of turning into a zombie at the strangest times...

I....got nothing.
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So Sam and I hung around the Ski Chalet for a little bit of rp after tromping through Ourboros and then getting started on Doc Buzzaw's arc (and it's still creepy as ever). Seeing as Virtue is pretty busy regularly, we were in Pocket D 2, so we didn't see too many people, but I did happen to spy one "gem" of a description on someone who caught my eye.

Name: Hell Spykes (No, I'm not kidding.)
Level 23, Magic Scrapper, Spines/Electric Armor

Description: [Copied and pasted as is, no attempts made to correct spelling or grammar.] Spykes is is the son of a faery Faer'lumn, and Kruth Illfater, a Demon Prince, who trapped and rapped her before taking her to Hells. When he was 9 ans his sister 6, his mother's former husband, a human magician, finally succeeded in saving Faer'luermn taking with her the two offsprings of the demon. He discovered then his elder half sister, Ann, daughter of Astor O'Feyll.

Despite of the circonstances of their birth and their appearance, Spykes and Hellana where trated as Ann with love and kindness. When Astor disppeared suddenly, their mother in despair flled to the Xorld of Magic, Ann decided to bring the whole brotherhood to Paragon City to find specialists to help her in teaching the young half demons.

Spykes and Healara are now old enough to take care of themselves, so Ann has decided to help for the safety of the city that brought so much to them. Spykes will try to do his best too.

"Trapped and rapped her" makes it sound like she was kidnapped and forced to watch rap battles. (I want to make a "Vicious Battle Raps" reference, but it's really late and I'm brain dead.)

Oh, Virtue, you bring me the best role-play WTFery.
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So, Sam and I played a bit of City of Heroes since the kiddo has no homework (and his last day of school is tomorrow). We decided to take the remade Titan Weapons Pasha and Stalker Jodan back to the First Ward as we're working our way through there. It's a nice place and I dig the storyline, but holy crap the enemies there, particularly The Awakened. Here's my impression of what Pasha was probably thinking when we strolled into one mission:

"Oh hey, enemies we haven't seen before! Oh, look, they're holding up a silver platter and, hey, is that my ass I see?"

Despite the debt I accrued for dying (and losing all my patrol XP because we died a lot), I managed to work it off and gain a level, so it wasn't a total loss. I really, really dig the story line as I said, and the First Ward as a whole is an interesting place, but man it can be rather difficult to get through.

By the way, Titan Weapons as a power set? Freaking awesome even if I'm toting around Cloud Strife's Buster sword a razor sword that totally doesn't look like a just-this-side-of-copyright-infringement remake of a popular video game character's weapon rather than a generic great sword or bastard sword. (Seriously, NCSoft, we've got a freaking railroad crossing sign and an atomic hammer, you couldn't make a Claymore too? We've got kilts as a costume option, so it wouldn't be that far fetched.)

Also, also, the Subjugator? Yeah, I didn't like the squid-attached-to-someone's-head concept any better when I ran Throne of Tides in WoW. (No, really, I was totally reminded of the Erunak Stonespeaker fight and Mindbender Ghur'sha.) I mean, I'm trying to get away from tentacles right now as Folami will, hopefully soon, have an entire outfit full of them. Seriously, she already has the helm, so she's walking around with a tentacle wiggling out of her face. And I totally have a dagger that looks like a wriggling tentacle ready for transmorgrification.)

...um, wow. This got really nerdy really fast. I'm gonna go away from the computer and make some baked BBQ chicken for dinner as I planned.
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Going to make myself write today for Selene to finish the story that's been sitting here for a couple of weeks. I love the idea I have and I'm going to run with it. Pity I don't know enough RPers on Virtue to really have more fun with it. There are hundreds of them, but I've never quite been able to figure out how to role-play over City of Heroes. Then again, Sam's the one I rp with on occasion, and really, I kind of like keeping it to just us and maybe one or two other people should that come up. I have WoW for larger group roleplay.

Speaking of WoW, playing around on Savitry (who is level 76) has me thinking about Death Knights. I've written a couple of stories for Savitry and, in my head, her background is written. However, I've been toying with an idea, but I'm not quite sure how reasonable/logical it is.

Some musing on the nature of Death Knights. )
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Elisha linked me to a YouTube video of the current beta testing for the new Titan Weapon power set in CoH.

And then this happened:

[10:27] <JadeNSC> ....so I can make Cloud?
[10:27] <Doctor_Gerbil> [10:23] <Doctor_Gerbil> I am so making a Cloud Strife knock-off with a silly name like Cumulonimbus Troubles
[10:27] <Doctor_Gerbil> [10:23] <Doctor_Gerbil> (Cumulonimbus is latin for 'don't wear suede')

Nah, we aren't Final Fantasy nerds at all. Also, after hanging around together for about five or six years, we totally don't occasionally inhabit each other's head spaces. That'd just be silly.

*settles in to read up on some Astrophysics filed away in here*

In other CoH news, Sam and I went trick-or-treating last night and I am kicking myself for not copy+pasting one funny bit of conversation between (the original) NinjaWeazel and Ballari, but here's a basic run-down of what happened.

* NinjaWeazel gets a treat and is rewarded a Crey Security costume.
NinjaWeazel: (Being his old flirty self despite knowing and respecting Ballari's orientation.) "Heeeeey, wanna get frisked?" *wink, wink*
* Ballari, roughly at the same moment, gets a Freakshow Stunner costume and puts it on.
NinjaWeazel: "...on second thought, no.
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And this is why you do not give god-like powers to every single hero and villain who makes it to level 50. Upon discovering the first of Ninjaweazel's clones, Selene, who is currently recovering from having an entire building fall on her (a long story I may or may not write), makes a crack about not wanting to wake up to a world full of Weazels.

NinjaWeazel: *laughs* Making one damn near killed me. I'm not sure if I could do a second one whole-cloth.
NinjaWeazel: Yet.
Selene: ...there is just the one, yes?
NinjaWeazel: Yes. Technically.
Selene: *pinches the bridge of her nose and inhales sharply* It was a yes or a no question. What do you mean 'technically'?
NinjaWeazel: Well, I sort of... infused part of my energy into a dying Praetorian soldier.
Selene: How do you sort of *infuse part of your engery into a dying soldier,* particularly one that is in an *alternate dimension*?
NinjaWeazel: Well, I was in Praetoria.
Selene: And you thought, "Well, I've seen the sights now to complete the tour by finding someone near death and giving him part of myself"?

To be fair to NinjaWeazel, there was a little more to it than that. Just a little. Selene thinks the screening for the Well of Furies needs to be a lot more rigorous.

(My boyfriend has the craziest RP characters, I swear. Let us never forget the Black Mage in one FFRPG campaign who punched monsters in the face rather than burn them to a crisp from a safe distance.)
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This is just a draft of something I'm working on for a toon on City of Heroes. I'd love to rp with her, but we'll see if I can ever break into any rp group on Virtue rather than having it be a pipe dream.

It needs work and cleaning up and I'm mostly posting it here to see how it reads to me.

A work in progress. CoH character. )
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And now to make dinner and prepare for WoW rp time tonight. Going to be hanging out with Sam on CoH later, I can tell.
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I've started playing World of Warcraft.

[Pause for effect.]

My City of Heroes account is still active since it's a cheap monthly fee, and I'll still play there when Sam's available. He's about to start work again, which means he won't be as available to play as he has been and he's really the only person I ever get to play with on CoH.

As far as why I decided to try WoW, I've got a long-time friend on there I don't get to see often since he's still in SC (at least, I think he's still on WoW) and Sam's sister and her boyfriend play. Plus, I've never really been into the comic book superhero, which is what City of Heroes tends to be. WoW is more fantasy (swords and magic), something I can get behind. Also, it appears there's more roleplay options available in WoW. Honestly, it's really not anything to do with City of Heroes and just has to do with me and my personal tastes.

Uh, don't ask me what server I'm on at the moment. I have a bad memory for names as it is, and I know for a fact I can't spell it off the top of my head (it's the same server Sam's sister uses). I'm on Azjol-Nerub for now. :) I'll edit this post and put it in after I log on again. I can, however, say I went with a Night Elf (no one is surprised) Druid for my first character.

So. Yeah. I expect I'll be thoroughly mocked by a few people, but whatever.

So. Yeah.

Feb. 12th, 2011 07:24 pm
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I think I'm just about done with City of Heroes.
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After playing for nearly four months, a character of mine dings 50 for the first time. Now I can take a break from leveling her and use her to rp.

Huge image under the cut. )
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So, I decided to make City of Heroes versions of the Syntyche sisters. I only ever really role-played Clotho, but all three sisters (named after the Fates of Greek mythology) were very well developed in my head. First, I made Clotho a hero, and she came out looking pretty nice. Next, I made Atropos a villain, and she too came out looking pretty awesome (the eyepatch for her really made the whole costume, I think). Yesterday, I made Lachesis a Praetorian, and, um, well, apparently I decided to throw all caution into the wind and made a pretty skimpy costume for her. The results have been pretty lulzy.

Case in point (log modified from CoH chat log):

<Elisha> I have come to stare at ass
<Elisha> >.>
<Jade> lol
<Elisha> <.<
<Jade> I'm on a mission if you wanna join. :p
<Jade> Okay, mission over. lol
<Elisha> Holy crap your ass blew my graphics card up and made me have to hard reboot and I didn't even see it o_o
<Jade> rofl I'm telling you, she's too hot for CoH!
<Elisha> I definately need to see it now, just so I can be blinded
<Jade> What's really funny is that last night, on our fisrt mission together with Lachesis, Sam's display drivers crashed. >.>
<Elisha> >.> I'm going to Nova Praetoria to gawk >.> Don't go anywhere :p
<Jade> lol OKay. By the way, I'm so posting this to LJ.
<Elisha> ...Yeah that red makes those buns hawt >.>
<Elisha> How is that even street legal? <.<
<Jade> I know, right?

Lachesis has caused two graphics-related crashes in two separate computers now. NCsoft might have to come out with a special edition of City of Heroes: Going Rogue called Too Hot for Praetoria!

Pictures under the cut. )
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Sam was looking over my shoulder while I was on City of Heroes in Pocket D. I think he may be regretting it.

* Jade checks the profile of someone who started talking. "..."
<Sam> "...did I just see the word 'phallotorture'?"
<Jade> "Yes. Yes you did."
<Sam> "Well, okay then." *returns to his game on the DS*

I wish I had taken the time to copy and paste this guy's profile for y'all. Trust me when I say it was...interesting. Equally interesting were the other two people he travelled with, but that story wouldn't be as funny. Maybe another time.
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In City of Heroes/Villains, there's a place heroes and villains can hang out in called Pocket D. It's a dance club/bar where plenty of people go to role-play or to troll role-players. Some of the descriptions are really interesting and creative (like the person whose description was of her character's "Have you seen me?" picture on a milk carton, complete with the nutrition information). And then there are those that want to send you running for the hills. But in some ways, it makes for interesting conversation out of character (OOC) with other players. In fact, I'll quote myself to give you an idea.

I think futa spotting ought to be like bird watching. I'd say the futa sadist and nazi futa femdomme were both lifers.

Oh yeah, some nights it's like that.
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A lighter post after my long-ass day.

A scene from this morning:

*Jade and kiddo are sitting on the couch watching TV.*
*Kiddo throws his arms around Jade's neck and gives a very big hug and a kiss.*
JADE: "Aw, what was that for?"
KIDDO: "Because I want a DS and Super Mario DS for Christmas."

Once he learns subtlety, he'll be really dangerous. And yes, we've been discussing the possibility he can get his own Nintendo DS for Christmas.


And it's true, since I finally have broadband, I've answered the siren call of an MMO. I've tried out City of Heroes/Villains and I like it. Currently I've got a villain over on the Virtue server (Level 11 Stalker). Once I get her up a little bit, I might build a hero, but being evil is so fun. I'm checking out the rp-scene too. So far it's been a mix bag of interesting and then so bad it's hilarious (more of the latter than the former).


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