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Mar. 26th, 2013 01:00 pm
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Just haven't had much to say that's interesting, or I've been rather down on myself and figure everyone is sick of my whining.

Anyway, have a photo of early Spring in the mountains as seen from my back porch just a few minutes ago:

Someone set our calendars back to the snow we should have had in December. Kiddo had no school yesterday or today, and as a result they've tacked on a day to the end of the year to make up for it, but the good news is he'll still get his Spring break next week.

And two pictures of Sasha just to be silly. )
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That's my laptop and the world's saddest dog nuzzling underneath it. That is, until I ask if she wants to go outside.

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And magically, there was no more sad dog.
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Jack has this habit of knocking over the trash can, usually to get at his empty cans of cat food to make absolutely sure I have given him every tiny molecule of wet food. Yes, he's a cat. No, he's not so much of a cat that tipping over garbage can for scraps is beneath him. (This only serves as further proof he was a dog in his previous life, especially considering he chases other dogs off the property and acts like he's king of the castle.)

Apparently, he and Sasha have developed a system. Or maybe Sasha's just think she's clever. Whatever it is, whenever Jack has knocked over the trash can, Sasha has come to believe she won't be the one to get in trouble if she helps herself to the garbage. It's already knocked over and she can't help it if the food is right there. Jack was naughty first and that's all that should count, right?

Sasha never goes into the trash or knocks it over. She waits for Jack to do it and only then will she try to get at the food. Jack will at least keep the garbage contained to the kitchen, but Sasha--if I'm not home to pick up the can right away--will take her food to go and bring it into the living room or my bedroom.

But she's still not the one who knocked it over so she shouldn't be fussed at, okay? *sigh*

Other things Jack has apparently taught Sasha despite being younger by several months: How to pounce like a cat. Sam's witnessed this too. Sasha will lie down in the grass like a cat does prior to pouncing on some prey. She might even wiggle her butt a little bit before she leaps to pounce on Jack, who then promptly rolls onto his side to patiently wait while Sasha nuzzles his belly and chin. Yes, my fifty-pound Chow-mix pounces on our ten-plus pound kitty and the kitty loves it. They also groom each other. No joke.

My pets are weird.

...and now I have to go pick up the trash can again. Someone's getting put outside for a bit.
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Stupid me left a casserole dish and a bowl on my coffee table. It's been so hot during the day that I was going to wash more dishes tonight after it cools off. Well, I don't need to worry about those two dishes anymore.

When I left to run errands and pick the kiddo up from school, I had to let Sasha inside per usual. While I was out, her Tail of Doom(TM) struck again and knocked the bowls off the coffee table, and despite falling a short eighteen inches, the casserole dish completely shattered (I'm kind of impressed by how thoroughly destroyed it was too, I almost suspect Sasha has gained the capability to throw things). And, as it always happens when I have to clean up broken ceramics and/or glass, I am now sporting two band-aids, one on each hand because I am that talented at injuring myself even when I'm being super careful.

Glass has been picked up and I've vacuumed, but kiddo is under orders to wear his sandals until I have a chance to go over the spot with the vacuum again since it never fails that I always inevitably miss a sliver or two. Started getting a headache due to the heat and possible slight dehydration (been sweating a lot today), so needed to take some meds and sit down with some fluids.

Bought a very cheap box fan for the living room. It's helping circulate the air and cool everything off. Whenever the kiddo goes down to visit Mom this summer, one of my uncles is sending up a window a/c unit with her that I can install here in my living room window so we can stay cool when summer really hits.

Rent is paid, refrigerator and freezer are restocked as is my pantry, plus I've already purchased some snack foods in anticipation of a hungry boy being home more often after Monday. Stress has been reduced considerably. Now if I can get this headache to go away.
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[16:22] <@JadeNSC> In other news: http://kezarthur.livejournal.com/77464.html The next generation of sorts to that vampire/werewolf smut series I enjoyed so much. >.>
[16:23] <@JadeNSC> Except now it'll be...um... offspring of werewolf clone/ancient race mistaken for angels hybrid...
[16:23] <@JadeNSC> Oh and her mom is an actual psychic.
[16:23] <@NinjaWeazel> ...
[16:24] <@NinjaWeazel> I am going to assume you are laughing at this as hard as I am, just for the record.
[16:24] <@JadeNSC> It's complicated. And with the Riley Jensen series over.
[16:24] <@JadeNSC> I am! But I am no less looking forward to seeing what Risa grows up to be!
[16:24] <@JadeNSC> (Look, I KNOW, but the series was entertaining and hot!)
[16:24] * @NinjaWeazel totally over here all *judgemental stare*.
[16:25] <@JadeNSC> In the Riley jensen series, Risa is a toddler with some pretty seriously frightening abilities.
[16:25] <@JadeNSC> .02
[16:26] <@JadeNSC> ^Sasha put her head on my keyboard and added her two cents.
[16:26] <@JadeNSC> lol
[16:26] <@JadeNSC> (Seriously, that was her!)
[16:26] <@NinjaWeazel> becasue she is apparently part omg what ROFL
[16:26] <@NinjaWeazel> there shoudl have been a hyphen after part, as that caught me mid-sentence
[16:26] <@JadeNSC> Aww she's being all "I'm so sad"
[16:27] <@JadeNSC> 30+260
[16:27] <@NinjaWeazel> 290
[16:27] <@JadeNSC> lol And now she's doing math.
[16:28] <@NinjaWeazel> oh Sasha
[16:29] <@JadeNSC> lol I asked her if she wanted to go outside and she seriously paused to look out the window over my head before doing that whiny yip thing.
[16:30] <@NinjaWeazel> rofl
[16:30] <@NinjaWeazel> "lemme check and see if it sucks... OK!"

Next time I do a "review" of a book or movie, I should include Sasha reaction shots, yes? No?
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I think either I had a ghostly visitor last night or Jack can jump rather high.

I was sleeping peacefully, having fallen asleep pretty early last night. Suddenly, the overhead light popped on and the strings you pull down to turn the light and/or fan off and on were swinging wildly and clanging together noisly. Jack was at the foot of my bed looking up at the light, and I heard Sasha scratching at the door wanting to be let back in (she'd asked to go out before I fell asleep; this was about three hours later).

Now, my bed is pretty high up all things considered, and I'd guess there's about two-and-a-half-foot gap between the mattress and the strings. Why Jack would leap for them, I have no clue. Maybe he heard Sasha scratching at the door and I wasn't waking up fast enough to his liking to let her in. Or maybe he was trying to play around.

Or maybe it wasn't him. All I know is that I did turn off that light and that the strings didn't swing themselves like that after the light being turned on, something caused it. This house is very quiet at night, so the noise is something I remember clearly after I woke up.

Snow Day

Dec. 6th, 2010 05:56 pm
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December 6, 2010

Today is a snow day for all the schools in our county, and not ten minutes ago, I got another phone call informing me tomorrow will be another snow day. This is an area that's prepared for winter weather, but the problem is that the snow simply hasn't stopped, and when most of the residents (like us) live on windy, narrow mountain roads, it's rather dangerous to attempt going anywhere and nigh impossible to clear certain roadways. If the snow had let up any instead of steadily falling all day long, I suspect we'd be having school tomorrow.

In order to alleviate some cabin fever, we went outside to take some pictures and check out the scenery. Sam also tried to take out the trash to put in the back of my truck for disposal, except he couldn't open my tail gate because it was frozen shut. And let me just say now, Sam is rather strong, so that door is just stuck.

As far as driving anywhere, well, we went shopping yesterday evening to pick up some food because we kind of had an inkling today would be a bit rough. When we got back home, I had to shift into four-wheel drive to park my car in the usual spot. Welcome to life in the Appalachain Mountains.

This is why I'm glad I kept Dad's truck. Without four-wheel drive, I couldn't have made it up my driveway last night.

Even so, this hasn't made me love North Carolina any less. I can tolerate the cold and the snow because this seems like a fine Spring Day compared to how cold it got in Maine during the winter.

Anyway, enjoy some more pictures. Kiddo, Sasha, and goats under the cut. )
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A few minutes ago, Jack strolled in through the cat door proudly carrying something large in his mouth. I saw fluttering out the corner of my eye and I freaked out thinking he was bringing in a small mammal. (Allow me to pause here to mention that once he brought me a dead mouse as a present...in my bed.)

Well, I finally cornered Jack and discovered it was not a mammal but an insect. A huge moth to be exact.

(For size reference, that's a college-ruled sheet of notebook paper.)

I immediately tried to rescue the moth (and take the above picture), which proved to be no easy task as Jack was disappointed I'd take his toy away from him and Sasha, who has been the Bug Eradicator(TM) since she was a few months old, decided she'd try and eat the moth too. Both she and Jack gave me pitiful and confused looks as I pushed them away and tried to capture the moth. (Okay, Jack was more glaring than confused.)

I did manage to get it outside, but unfortunately it can't fly anymore and can only flutter around on the ground. Even though I freed it, Jack went back outside through the cat door and carried the poor moth back into the house to bat around some more.

Never a dull moment here.
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Since today was unusually cool for June -- very unusually cool -- the kiddo and I spent a few minutes outdoors with the camera and both dogs. I tried very hard to get some decent shots of Sasha and Penny together, but, well, I'm not a miracle worker.

Three more puppeh pictures under the cut, with bonus kiddo cameo! )
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Nearly one year ago, I found this puppy on the side of the road in the middle of the night. It had been raining non-stop that day and it was expected to continue throughout the night with the temperature dipping below freezing. I had spotted her a few hours earlier, and as I drove my ex to his house I asked him to keep an eye out for her. Sure enough, there she was, running along the side of the road.

I stopped the truck, and we managed to chase her down whereupon I discovered she was soaked to the bone and shivering. I took her home, gave her a bath, and the following week, took her into the vet for a check-up and her first round of booster shots. She weighed six pounds and I could easily hold her in both of my hands.

As a reminder, this is what she looked like two days after I found her:

Taken on: March 3, 2009. Approx. 6 weeks.

And here is Sasha today, January 24, 2010, now weighing in at fifty pounds and unable to fit in my lap let alone my hands:

"Arrrgh, belly rubs! My nemesis!"

You can't really see her paw here, but the swelling has gone down, and while it's still red and looks kind of ugly, the antibiotic spray and pills are making a difference. So, it's healing and has reverted back to its normal size, or close enough to it that you really have to look at it.
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[20:14:06] <Gullwhacker> Just think of your puppies.
[20:14:30] <@JadeNSC> >.O Right as you said that, one of them just passed gas while sitting under my feet.
[20:17:33] <Gullwhacker> So, business as usual?
[20:17:39] <@JadeNSC> Yeah.

The kicker was that the dog responsible was Sasha. Usually it's Penny who runs me out of the room...
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Jade puts the kiddo's new soccer stuff in his room.

Sasha follows her into the room and checks out the window.

SASHA: "BARK!" (Hey, come here!)

JADE: "What is it?" *looks out window* "Oh, it's just Penny walking around in the yard."

SASHA: "WOOF!" (There's something there!)

JADE: "Yes, it's Penny. You know, the other dog who's been here since before you joined us."

SASHA: "BARK WOOF WOOF BARK!" (There's a dog. In the yard. A dog. In the yard.)

JADE: *sighs* "Don't worry, it's Penny. You sniff her butt every day."

SASHA: "BARKBARKWOOFWOOFWOOF!!!!1111oneone" (Dog! In! The! Yard! Intruder!)

Jade gives up, tells Sasha "Stay!" and calls Penny in. As Penny enters, Sasha bolts out the door, hackles raised.

Sasha goes to the sideyard where she spotted Penny. She starts sniffing the ground, running around the entire yard, trying to find the dog. Eventually, she gives up and comes back inside.

JADE: "See, I told you, it was just Penny."

Sasha flops down on a vent, panting heavily.

SASHA: (I'll find that dog. Mark my words.)

And as of Sunday, I am thoroughly convinced Sasha has canine ADD.

Jade returns home from errands.


Cue five minutes of chasing and pouncing on various bugs in the yard.
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It's that time again! Puppy pictures!

I realize I don't post many pictures of Penny, but that's because she doesn't care too much for the camera, and when I do try to take pictures, she doesn't understand she should sit and stay still. However, I did manage to capture one of her more pitiful looks.

Can't you just feel how starved for love she is? Look at that face. She suffers ever so much in this house with all the food, love, and toys she can have.

Four more pictures under the cut, including Sasha playing with the neighbor's dog. )

My next goal is to get pictures of Penny and Sasha together. I tried today, but they kept going off in different directions of the house.
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Want to know what happens when one beautiful cream-colored puppy is allowed to play outside for 20-30 minutes (tops) on a hot summer day?

This happens (note the steam cleaner in the background so you can see just how badly timed her adventure was):

Have I mentioned that I also steam cleaned my couch and that it was a huge pain in the ass? I'll give you three guesses as to what furniture she jumped on after I finished taking pictures to document her adventure, and the first two don't count. What kills me is how absolutely pleased with herself she is. She's been prancing around since I dragged her back inside and away from the neighbor's Shi Tzu, her newest four-legged pal. I don't care that she's three times his size; I think he's a bad influence on her.

Two more under the cut. )

Tomorrow, in addition to all the back-to-school shopping Mom, kiddo, and I are doing in Aiken, there'll be a trip to the groomer's for Sasha since there is no way in heck I can bathe her by myself. Also tomorrow, I'm purchasing one of those invisible fences, which will keep her in my yard and away from giant mud puddles, and maybe that'll save my couch and carpet from muddy dog hair.
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A typical day with Sasha indoors:

Sasha: "Muahahahaha! I has a football!"
* Sasha jumps onto the couch, climbing onto her spot on the back with a small toy football in her mouth.
Sasha: (muffled) "Look! I has football!"
Jade: "Yes, I see the football, and I see you have reclaimed your spot from the cat."
* Sasha tries to play with the football, not realizing the back of the couch only has so much space for her and her toys. The football falls from her mouth.
Sasha: "I has lost mah football. Woe iz me."
* Sasha stares down at the floor, sadly.
Sasha: "Mah football iz go-OH I SEE A SHOE!"
* Sasha leaps from the couch and finds an old shoe she was allowed to have. She proudly carries her shoe over to her doggie bed.
Sasha: "Om nom nom."
* Jade just shakes her head.

A typical day with Sasha outdoors:

* Sasha flops down onto the floor and sighs, or nudges my hand and barks.
Sasha: "Woe iz me. I iz bored."
Jade: "Need to go outside?"
Sasha: "Woe, woe, wo- Wait, you said that word."
Jade: "Outside?"
* Sasha barks and starts hopping up and down.
* Sasha takes a running leap through the door and runs out onto the porch. She stops, spotting an insect.
* Sasha leaps up in the air and then chases an insect.
Sasha: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Come back here! I'm going to get yo- Wait, what's that?" *spots another insect, possibly a grasshopper* "The bouncy things are back!" *gives chase*
* Sasha clears the immediate area of all the six-legged creatures she spots flying around. Jade opens the door after a few minutes.
* Sasha proceed to drink copious amounts of water, finds an air vent, and promptly flops down over said air vent.

Meanwhile, a typical day with Penny:

Penny: "Um, excuse me, I hate to trouble you, good lady, but would please be so kind as to open the door? Yes, the sun is quite lovely to lay in this time of year upon your back porch."
* Jade opens the door and Penny quietly trots outside to tend to her business, and then sun herself. When done, she politely scratches at the door.
Penny: "Oh thank you ever so much. That was delightful. I shall go and nap now."

A typical day with Penny after I return from shopping and/or other errands:

Penny: "OH MY GOD, YOU WERE GONE! I LOOKED EVERYWHERE FOR YOU! I WAS SO WORRIED! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEEEEEEN? ... Oh, might a trouble you to let me outside now?"

Sasha and Penny play:

Sasha: "Hah! I pounce you!"
Penny: "It is unbecoming of a lady to behave in such a manner. I must ask for you to cease and desist this immediately!"
Sasha: "Um, ok. ... I POUNCE YOU AGAIN AND BARK!"
Penny: "Oh no you don't! I pounce you!"
* Sahsa and Penny proceed to wrestle each other and, if outside, chase each other around the yard. Afterward, both dogs drink copious amounts of water and then pass out in their favorite spots.
Sasha: "Wheeeee!"
Penny: "Oh, I'm terribly sorry, good lady. I don't know what came over me. It is so embarrassing. Um, but might I trouble you to scratch my chest?"

Yes, the difference really is night and day between those two.

I'd tell you about Prissy the cat, but there's only so many ways I can say "I could kill you in your sleep, you know," and "Hoo-man, feed me now if you value your life."
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Just so everyone remembers, this was Sasha the day after I found her back in March:

She could easily fit inside both of my hands and weighed a mere six pounds. She was roughly seven weeks old.

Here is Sasha from tonight, sitting on her favorite spot, the back of my couch. (I'm continually amazed she manages to lay up there despite how much bigger she's gotten. This has become her spot while Prissy still claims the other end of the couch for her own.)

She's now roughly six months old and weighs 38.5 pounds (as of two weeks ago). She comes up to my knee now - the same height at my other dog Penny, and one of her paws fills the palm of my hand. So much for a tiny puppy.

Three other pictures under the cut, including one of her tongue. )

Since it hasn't been ungodly hot the last few days, I think tomorrow I'm going to try to get some shots of Sasha and Penny outdoors. If I can get some shots of them together, I plan to get the prints done up at Wal-Mart so I can frame them and hang them up. I'm going to do the same with a picture of Gwen, and then try to get some shots of Prissy where she doesn't look like she wants to devour me. (Easier said than done with her.) I have a wall that needs to be decorated, and I think dedicating one to all the pets would be nice.
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Sasha was spayed today. She's home now, recovering and doing very well. I can tell she's still feeling the effects of the drugs they gave her because she hasn't barked once, and she tends to bark at me every five minutes on a normal day. That and she's not jumping on the couch either.

They weighed her said she's now a whopping 38.5 pounds. That's another ten-pound weight gain since May, and she's only roughly six months old. The vet looked at her chart and at her teeth and said, "Oh yeah, she's going to be over fifty pounds." So I have enough heartworm meds and flea stuff for two more months. By that point she should be at fifty pounds or over and then I can just buy however much medicine I need for that weight range.

When I found her back in March, she fit inside both of my hands with room left over. Now her paw takes up the palm of one hand. And it's so weird to know she's only six months old, but she's now the same size as Penny, who is almost five years old.

What's really funny is watching her run away with her tail tucked between her legs from my neighbor's Shi Tzu, who is also roughly six months old. She's about three times his size, and when he barked at her the other day, she panicked and ran back toward the porch. I nearly fell over laughing because she's big and bad until another dog barks back. They started playing a few minutes later when he wandered into my yard (I supervised until his owner could come collect him).

When she's feeling better later this week, I'll take some pictures of her. She's turning into a gorgeous dog, even if she's going to be huge.
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I realized last night that I haven't posted any new pictures of Sasha in about a month. Anyway, here she is at roughly 18 weeks, looking very pretty and adorably cute.

Three more under the cut. )

Ah, pets.

May. 18th, 2009 12:40 pm
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So, while I was in Atlanta, Sasha broke two collars* (I did mention she's 28 pounds now, didn't I?) and jumped over my mother's fence to escape into her front yard near a busy street twice. She ran up and down my mother's halls on hardwood floorswith the other dogs and the kiddo, and pretty much acted like the big, trouble-making puppy she is. Despite all of this, she didn't get one scratch, one bump, or even hurt her paw.

I bring all this up because last night, after we got home I let her and Penny out into the yard to use the bathroom and to excitedly bounce around going "We're home! Yay! There's a puddle! And wet gress! Grrr, an unfamilar cat has been through here! Andohmygodisthatadeer?!?!?" as a young country dog and puppy are wont to do. Since it was raining, their joy lasted all of four-maybe-five minutes and then Penny wanted in. Sasha lagged behind her and came to the door a minute later after I called, only Sasha was limping and went to hide because she was in pain. She wouldn't put any weight on her rear left leg at all. Not good.

This morning, I took her into the vet's office first thing, the very same vet's office we were at Friday for her last set of shots. He examined her leg and spent a fair amount of time checking for fractures and seeing if anything felt out of place. It seems Sasha has sprained her knee. How? Well, I think she took a tumble on the wet grass last night, or that black dog was loose again and came into the yard and possibly scared her to where she rolled and hurt herself. There's no telling really, and it's just one of those freak things. He gave her an anti-inflammatory shot and gave me pain meds I have to give her twice per day. If she's not doing better by Wednesday, I have to take her back for x-rays.

It figures I spent part of my weekend worrying about Sasha getting hurt or run over by a car and then she comes home and hurts herself in less than five minutes.

* = No, I'm not exagerrating. She broke the first collar by pulling on the chain, and then Mom got her one for larger dogs that was supposed to be stronger, but she managed to break free of that one while out on a leash. Mom got her a choke chain, and while I hate them, I was glad for it today when a large unfriendly rottweiler was brought to the vet's office and Sasha thought "New friend!" while the rottie seemed to be thinking "They provide snacks here?" (Not condemning the breed. The owner was one of those macho men who only trained her in German, poorly, and very much intentionally raised her to be a guard dog who will always be vicious to other dogs I'm sure. And I'll probably rant about this particular idiot later.) I am going to measure her chest today and purchase a nice harness for her later, and also she'll probably go to a good boarding kennel next time I go out of town since I can't trust she won't jump over Mom's fence and enter a busy road. I'm also going to see about enrolling her in an obedience course some place since she's now had all of her shots and could use some training.
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This morning started off with a visit to the vet for Sasha. She received her last set of booster shots plus her rabies vaccination. It'll be one year before she needs another set of shots. I've scheduled her for a spay in July, and then she'll not need to see a vet again until next May, assuming there are no maladies in between then of course.

She weighed 28.4 pounds today, which is a gain of 8.4 pounds in four weeks. I was told today she may stay under 50 pounds, but looking at the size of her paws (which cover the palm of my hand) she could go over 50. It's still too soon to tell. She'll be weighed again in July when she goes in for surgery, and I'll buy more flea and heartworm medicine then just to make sure she'll be getting enough medicine for her size. (I've got enough to last me until July/48 pounds, whichever comes first. I'm pretty sure July will be first.) I'm laughing because when I saw her on the side of the road at six weeks of age, I assumed she was a small breed dog. After all, she fit neatly into both of my hands with a little room to spare, how on earth could she get so huge? That'll teach me to rescue poor puppies stranded in the rain and freezing cold. ;)

This afternoon, I'll drop the kiddo plus dogs off at Mom's house, and then I'll be heading to Atlanta for a couple of nights. I won't be back until sometime Sunday evening barring any mishaps or emergencies. I'm planning to have the kiddo at Mom's by 3:30 and leaving town by 4:00, but I'm really not sweating it too much since Sam doesn't get off work until around 8:15 tonight, and it'll take me roughly four hours to reach Atlanta. (Actually, it only takes me about 3.5 hours, but once I hit Atlanta, I have to get to the otherside of it to get to where Sam lives, plus I have to fight traffic, and on a Friday night, I bet I-285 and I-75 will be fun to traverse. Oh well, at least I have a big-ass truck that people think twice about screwing with.)

Y'all be safe, and if you're going to participate in a flamewar this weekend, remember your flame-retardant undies. ;)


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