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So, last night Sam did something no one else had ever done for me. Thanks to him, I got to go to my first live concert. (Yes, I am almost 32 years old and had never been to a concert outside of all those middle and high school band concerts I was part of.) We saw Rush along with Sam's dad in Charlotte, NC, last night, which when Sam first suggested it a few months ago I was kind of, "Eh, I guess I'll tag along. Sounds like a good night out if nothing else." I mean, they had a few songs I liked, though they weren't on the same level as, say, Nightwish is for me, or even Loreena McKennitt where I might consider giving my right arm to see them live (we've established my musical tastes are all over the map, right? Good.).

I have to say after seeing them put on a live show, they really won me over and if they come my way again, I'll be the one to buy the tickets if Sam doesn't get it first. I mean, they got me to spend forty bucks on a t-shirt, so that says something, and I'm giving them another chance as Sam has pretty much their entire collection (spanning back to 1968) on his computer and shared it with me.

Anyway, they did two sets and an encore, the first set of which was a collection of songs from their extensive discography. The second set they focused mostly on their newest release Clockwork Angels, and the final song they performed from it was one Geddy Lee (lead singer) said was their favorite on this album, and I have to say it's gotta be my favorite on this and a song I really can identify with, though a part of me wishes I couldn't.

The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect,
So hard to earn so easily burned


In the rise and the set of the sun,
'Till the stars go spinning,
Spinning 'round the night
It is what it is, and forever
Each moment of memory in flight

This is, of course, a softer song for them, but hearing it live toward the end of such an amazing show was quite powerful and made the song an instant favorite. Another from the same album was "Halo Effect."

And if you know anything about me and the last few years of my life, you'll understand what that one too hits rather close to home.

What did I see?
Fool that I was
A goddess, with wings on her heels
All my illusions
Projected on her
The ideal, that I wanted to see


What did I do?
Fool that I was
To profit from youthful mistakes?
It's shameful to tell
How often I fell
In love with illusions again

Anyway, my sleep-deprived rambling, fangirlish self realizes this is a strange entry. So the tl;dr version of this: RUSH WAS FUCKING AWESOME IN CHARLOTTE LAST NIGHT!!! Also, Geddy Lee might be 59 years old, but I'd still hit that like my life depended on it.
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