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After doing my dailies today for the Order of the Cloud Serpent, I was less than 150 points from exalted. To say I was peeved is an understatement, so I decided I'd finally go looking for one of those onyx eggs for the 550 reputation. I didn't see one on the first pass through and decided to go do my other dailies, and then I came back through to look for onyx eggs. To my utter shock, I spotted one as I crested a mountain peak and I landed next to it, or so I thought. When I clicked on it, it told me I was still mounted instead of automatically dismounting me. So, I decided to click my mount off.

And I promptly slid down the incline and to the bottom of the mountain to my death. Yep.

Fortunately for me, despite being on a high population server and having seen several people wandering about looking for these eggs, no one snagged it in the time it took me to run back to my corpse, resurrect, and mount up to fly and land on the other side of the egg. Then it was a matter of turning the egg in (while picturing an in-character exchange with the NPC that amounted to, "Look, I died to bring you this egg!") and then a little cut scene, and voila!

Isn't she pretty?

One more mount added to my collection, and one less faction to grind reputation for. Now, I just switch to doing the Klaxxi dailies to replace the Order of the Cloud Serpent ones I don't have to do anymore.
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