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It's been a while since I've talked about WoW, mostly because I've been busy in WoW and doing different other things, like mentally preparing for Sam's little sister's wedding next month as well as fending off his mother's insistence that we get married as well.

First and foremost, I'm raiding again! I'm raiding and doing awesome! After casually looking for a new home for raiding, both Horde and Alliance side, I found a new home in Enigma. This was the guild that resulted after I tried out for a raid team that fell apart the weekend after my audition. They moved to Wyrmrest Accord and asked me to join them there since I was already on the server. Even better, I'm raiding on Folami, so hooray for Warlock butt-kicking.

Anyway, it took us some time to form our team, but man, what a team. Last week we cleared (10-man Normal) Mogu'shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, and then went 3/4 on Terrace in two nights. Yep, we raid only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and still managed to clear more content than I ever did in my old guild. Our raid leaders are awesome, picking only people who know their class, are respectful, and who are willing to put in the effort to learn the mechanics of the fights.

The team meshes well together, and we joke over Mumble while downing bosses. We know when it's time to be silly and when we need to be serious. Outside of raid, the guild itself is fairly active. We do a lot of PvE, and now a few players are starting to RP a little, so that looks promising.

As far as individual stuff, I'm RPing a little on the side, hoping to work my way back to group activities at some point. However, I'm not in a big rush as I'm having a blast just settling in to raiding again. As far as the whole warlock Green Fire thing goes, I'm on the last boss like a lot of warlocks and will be throwing myself at him again when I feel a little better. (I've got a really bad cold.) Also, I've had a couple of gear upgrades since I last attempted it, so here's hoping the added boost will help.

Apart from that, I've been learning how to play a Retribution Paladin, and I'm actually topping damage charts in LFRs with him. I've also got a Hunter I'm doing pretty decently on, would be better if I could ever get his blasted weapon upgrade, but the loot gods love to laugh at me. Blue-side I've got a mage and shaman, but I haven't really played with either of them since joining Enigma. Besides, Horde has always been my home.

So things are better now, in-game speaking, and I'm fitting in fairly well. I mean, I'm still the weirdo, but I'm the weirdo who brings cookies and immolations to raid, so that helps.

Anyway, just an update.


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