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It arrived today via UPS and it's more beautiful in person than in the pictures I saw of it online.

OK, here's the context: For Christmas this year, Sam's helping me build my own desktop for relatively cheap, except I went rather big for the graphics card. We've been wanting to do this for a couple of years now, but I've been hemming and hawing about spending money like this on myself. I finally decided this will be the year I do it because I want my own computer again (aside from my lovely laptop I use to write and do other things).

With a new desktop we'll no longer have to split our time up when we want to play games, and I'll be able to maybe give Final Fantasy XIV a whirl to play with him and some IRC friends. Furthermore, this computer I'll keep in the living room which means the kiddo can play on it and I'll be able to see him at all times, even when cooking dinner. Sam's desktop is in the backroom and it's his version of his own little digital man cave.

There are so many games I want to play, and I'm eagerly anticipating being able to farm in WoW and watch TV at the same time. Also, I might try my hand at some livestreaming. For some reason people on Twitter seem to think it'd be hilarious to watch me, well, be myself in WoW (like when I run off cliffs or die to elevator bosses). Today I'm going to hit up a thrift shop and a second hand furniture store to search for a desk while taking the kiddo out to get his glasses repaired (did I mention he had to get glasses for the first time this year?) and get a haircut. Also going to be pricing some monitors.

I'll do up a post on all the specifics once I have the parts and the computer is built (processor, power supply, hard drive, etc.). I've been so excited. It's been years since I had a desktop (Windows XP was still top of the line) and I've never built one that could be considered remotely decent for gaming.


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